Mine can never be as good as the others… I thought that it was a casual thing until this morning… XD
Whatever… My art is the most… I don’t know… I hope… Never mind… Here goes nothing!


Gotcha, thanks!


Just pencil and marker for now.


Thank you so much!

Yours is amazing by the way! The glow and everything :heart_eyes:


That’s so good :dizzy_face:!!


I like yours. :heart::blush:
I draw in ballpen too so I definitely like yours.


My prof canceled class today because he’s sick so I was able to get this in now instead of next week :sweat_smile:






Here’s my attempt


I’m looking at all of these and I’m gonna look like such a noob compared to all these :rofl: they’re so goooood


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: UPDATE:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

We’re currently 10-9 for submissions!! I’m astounded by how great everyone’s art is and how different and unique all of yours styles are.

Now that we’ve had more than half of the submissions come through, I want to hear your guys opinions on prizes for each round?
I was thinking of having the chosen artist (in this case @Wren_Parsons ) pick their absolute favorite one from the submissions, and that artist gets a certain prize.

I’m just unsure of what said prize should be :joy:


Love that! Shoutouts on your page or follows could work as prizes? Idk…


Same, though.


I like that idea a lot!


I think that’s a great idea! Shoutouts should be prizes for the winner, a shoutout for their Wattpad profile and one for if they post their art somewhere else.

Gosh it’s going to be hard picking one :sweat_smile:


I don’t know how you’re going to choose :joy::joy: I’m over here struggling, like we have some TALENT in this group for sure


I was hoping to see a man bun here. You have done the lord’s work



Several images of variously poor quality in an image that will likely distort. But hey. That’s what I get for refusing to do digital art for this one…

See, the scanner distorted the colors, but the quality of the photos isn’t very good. I just chucked them all in there and hoped you’d get the point.

I kind of DIDN’T nail the whole grumpy thing, but if your vampires sleep, then at least I did that for you :joy:


He does sleep and he looks really good! So far I think everyone has NAILED the character!