My submission! I finished earlier than expected. I don’t know if I’ll be able do this much work on all of them :sweat_smile: But I really wanted to use this as an opportunity to work on my weak points, one of which is digital colouring, so here goes. Also, supernatural men with long/messy hair are about my favourite thing to draw so I really enjoyed this one. There are couple of points where I forgot to clean up the edges (oops- I’ll clear those up when I have a minute, heh) but overall quite happy with it? Hope it looks true to character!


I think you captured him really well! He looks great!! :heart_eyes:


I’m glad! :blush: Thank you :smile:


This took waaay too many attempts (and still not what I was hoping). Never drawn someone else’s character before, definitely a challenge. I’ll ad at this point that my far weakest area is hair, which seems to be an important aspect for Vincent. Why I did it like this and not clean line art. you would not want to see the monstrosity that come from trying that.

((Getting busier now this week so might be able to colour it, might not. Will definitely try to by the end of the month))


Lookin so good!


Shout out, yes. Follows, please no. :sweat_smile:


Don’t knock yourself down it’s still really good!! I honestly think anyone can draw if they put their mind to it and you can! :blush:


did someone say guy-liner? No? Oops

Here’s my sketch. Be gentle, friends. Am fragile :sweat:


I was kind of feeling the guy-liner too. Can’t help it lol

I love the fangs!!


how can you not??

Thanks! They’re just leeeeedle lol


Also, @RavenGlimmer. Are we required to stick to only one of our styles? I work with a myriad of medias and design styles depending on my task…


omg noo go ahead and do whatever you’re feeling depending on the character! Also this submission was beautiful and so well done! :slight_smile:


I feel you, the hair was the hardest part for me! That looks so good though!!


Awhh him sleeping, that’s so cute! Props to you for creativity


Paintable, a website, has good tutorials for digital portraits.

Edit: use autodesk sketchbook if you’re drawing on Android or iOS


one of the cons of watching a thread is that you don’t get the replies to you in a separate notif


Thank you! :blush:


Ooooh! Now I get it! We’re supposed to draw @Wren_Parsons’s OC!
Can I get another chance?


I thought that’s what you Submitted?:joy: AHAHAHA go right ahead


I’m so sorry! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: