Is it possible to get a tag when/if this opens to new members? :slight_smile:


We’ve actually had one person drop out, so there’s a spot open if you’d like it! :slight_smile: And this round is still open so you have plenty of time to submit your piece


That would be lovely! Thank you!


It’s not done but here’s a shot of the sketch and rough coloring layer because I’ll forget otherwise oops
Get to lines and colors on my plane ride tomorrow


That looks so good! Great progress!


Here’s the start of my attempt too! It’s pixellated bc I was like… HIDE THE BAD SKETCHING, THROW A MOSAIC ON IT


It’s honestly looking great so far, your shading is so good! :heart_eyes:


Aaaa thank you!! I can’t shade pale people for shiiiiii- :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m at the airport and bored but I got it done so yeet

Also started watching parks and rec and it’s so great for a travel day tbh


Thats so good o.o I love your art style


Lol thanks it changes so much though




I tried, and I learned a valuable lesson: I AM TERRIBLE at men…

It also turned out darker than I first expected bc I was listening to Outrunning Karma as I did it… mustnotdothat


He still looks really good and don’t worry I still struggle with them :sweat_smile:


I’m glad you think so ^^;
I am only good at drawing boobs, like, that’s it. Boobs.


SAME! Boobs are so easy to draw one you get the hang of them :joy:


THEY SO ARE! Like I’ve accidentally ended up drawing nothing but naked women, and tbh no regrets


That’s the problem, once you start drawing them you can’t stop!


they.are.just.so.s q u i s h y