Drawing therapy. - character drawings (2/2)


Hey everyone. You may know me as the girl currently on hiatus that makes covers and writes subpar fantasy. I’m not exactly returning, but my therapist has told me to start drawing again to try and get over this bout of depression. I’m pretty average at art, and I will be a little picky, and they may take some time.
(* covers are not being completed right now. Banners, logos, etc are not being completed right now. Not until I’m in the right mindset to do any of that. I’m sorry to everyone. This is just a form of therapy for me, and I don’t consider it work.)
I have these two styles that I do, lined and unlined… I vary between the two. Please, nothing triggering or upsetting or ‘vent art’. I will be accepting two requests at a time. Sorry for no fancy thread…

Character’s name:
Half-body or portrait:
Photo of character if you have one:
Preferred style (lined or lineless):

Payment is a follow, or if you don’t want to do that, just an honest comment on the first chapter of Ashen: Dawn of Ash. :slight_smile:
Again, I’m sorry I can’t return for cover work right now. I really am. Please check my profile to read what I’ve said about it: things will get done, but not right this second.

Queue list:
@/heiress-of-slytherin | post #13 | Elva Andarsan Lineless Portrait
@/vexful | post #21 | Aila Vex Lineless Half-Body


Hey, take your time @KristinJamesx, I understand what depression is like, do what you gotta do girl so long as it’s safe for you! Hope you can kick depression out the door soon once more


Thank you :slight_smile: It was a long time coming, but I just got a new job at a place that wants me to do graphic design, marketing, and customer advising, I start tomorrow. I hope I can do it, because it’s a step in the right direction for me at least.


Sometimes all it takes is a slight change in routine to get out of the depressive episode, my room is a good indicator of whether or not I’ve let myself go or not, a few days ago my room was the worst it’s ever been, it kept waking me up because I was disgusted with it, cleaned it somewhat, mainly throwing clothes in the basket and picking up some of the garbage, but waiting for a time where I have more free time to fully get it in shape


Yeahhh I currently have no floor. There’s bugs too :face_vomiting: If I get what this job was promising, I’ll hire someone to come and do it for me. I physically can’t. I need to get back on my meds but I can’t afford it yet, so I really hope I can do this job properly and they keep me on


I hope so too! Also, I feel ya on having no floor, I have some of my floor now, but only half, like playing hot lava, only the floor isn’t lava, everything else is


Hahah yep, exactly like my room >.< My boyfriend tripped over a pizza box the other day and cursed me for being such a messy **** lmao


My cat looked worried for me and began snuggling with me the night I kept waking up because she knew I was kicking myself over and over in my mind


Awww thats so sweet ;-; Your cat sounds lovely! My boyfriend took a week off work and stayed at mine immediately after my breakdown. He’s a neatfreak and promised to help tidy it, buuuuuut it was too much even for him. It was funny actually. :stuck_out_tongue:


Props to him for trying though! You’ll get there :wink: I believe in ya


Thanks Angel<3 Just gonna play a game of league real quick so slow replies





I’m going to request one for now, please.

Character name: Elva Andarsan

Description: a beautiful young woman (18). She’s a lady in the medieval times. She’s put under a curse in which she’s in a sleeping state, but her eyes are open and they’re like a lavenderish purple. She’s blonde amd naturally has blue eyes. She’s aslo quite pale.

Half body or portrait: portrait

Photo: you could use it as a full reference or just take aspects of her30a1cae052a6998a1a18e5b6663204f5

Preffered style: lineless

Payment: a follow, just let me know when I should complete it!

Thank you, even of you don’t accept it!


She’s so pretty - I would love to draw her :black_heart: You can complete the follow whenever, just before it’s finished. I’ll start after my boyfriend goes to work and may take me a few hours/maybe a few days


No problem, I’ll follow right away and take as long as you need.


:black_heart: Thank you for letting me draw her. ^^


Thank you for accepting to draw her…gosh I’m so excited. I’ve never had any of my characters brought to life like this and I don’t even know what to do right now!


Aww haha well I’m really not that good at drawing, and I’m learning to use a new tablet (I used a tablet before, now I have a massive graphics display. I’ve only drawn 2 things on it so far>.< ) but I hope I do her well! :black_heart:


You’re being too hard on yourself. Your examples are great! You DO know how to draw. If you’re amazing now that you’re supposedly “not good” I can’t imagine how incredible you’ll be when you are “good”.


Ehhh thank you!! I wasn’t looking for validity, I’m still learning but thank you