Drawing therapy. - character drawings (2/2)


Character’s name: Aila Vex
Description: Long platinum white curls | Steel grey eyes, large dark grey eyes, upturned nose, dusting of freckles across her nose (pretty noticeable). ALsooo she’s a half demon and has black blood in her veins. SOmething like this color wise, but obviously not on her palm and instead on her wrists, where the veins would be. If showcasing the veins is too much, don’t worry about it! EXTRA REFERENCE PHOTO
Half-body or portrait: Half body! I was hoping to have it be a little more sensual… I know you’re an active lover and member of the erotica community, and the risque’ drawings you’ve done are beautiful! I was thinking a black choker and a sexy lace bra like this maybe that sort of see through? I was hoping for something a little more sensual and dirty if you will
Photo of character if you have one: blooop drawing done for me by Ciphertext :slight_smile: (except think lighter hair and darker freckles! But this is a good idea of her)
Preferred style (lined or lineless): Lineless! Your drawing of the character coming out of the pool is gorgeousss and close to what I was thinking!

Umm I would also like to note (if you do decide to draw her) that you can absolutely take your time, and as someone who’s been there with depression I think it’s brave for you to even be willing to do this. Finish it in a month, 5 months, a year, never, whatever :wink: I’m not going to be that customer that ever asks for a status update, so please don’t feel overwhelmed :slight_smile:


We’re always learning how to be better at the things we do, no matter how long we’ve been doing them for


She’s gorgeous… I’d love to draw her. When you say sensual, do you just mean in clothes, or in pose? You want her coming out of a pool too, or?? Accepted either way. Backgrounds take a little longer but I do need to get into a habit of drawing them, I’ve drawn like… 2… in my 20 years of being on this earth lmao.

this is so sweet of you to say >.< Thank you :black_heart:


Those are pretty good. Is that a DA watermark I see on one of them?


Yes it is :slight_smile: I have a DA for some of my covers and arts stuff
Link because i have 2 watchers lmao Some of my stuff is NSFW, some of my modelling work is HIGHLY NSFW, so don’t click if under 18


This is my current cover, and I was thinking maybe the same pose? Sensual pose and sensual clothes :slight_smile: ahah and no the pool isn’t needed (although I do think it’s absolutely stunning) … and that is lineless… right? I know nothing about art!
Also I’m dumb and forgot to add one of my favorite refrence pictures blooop

And of course. I’ve been there when requests are piling up, and you start to become stressed out over request s on a website that’s suppose to be for fun? This drawing is more for you then it is for me, and I’m totally okay with that :joy:


Sure that pose is cool! :3 And yes, lineless, lol


I’m WAY past 18 lol. I also have a DA page. I’ll head over there and take a look and shoot you a note so you know it was me. I have a different handle on DA.


Haha you never know on Wattpad :stuck_out_tongue: No problem


OK dropped a note and followed you there. God that sounded creepy… I mean damn…


Haha not a problem, followed you back. Thanks for the fav and really kind comment :black_heart:


Like I said, well done anthro is like common sense. It’s kinda rare. You ought to do some traditional drawings as well. Some of them would make for cool pencil drawings.


Hey thanks :smiley: I’m really, REALLY bad at traditional. Thanks to shoddy hands and weak wrists and constant shaking due to medical problems xD But maybe I’ll give it a try when I get my first paycheck, pick up some supplies :slight_smile: I really like your work!

Plus my colour theory is pretty spot on, but translating it from digital to trad??? Nope. I’m new to art in general tbh


Nice thing about pencils is that shaky hands aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Most of my drawings are pretty loose.


Nice! I’ll give it a try and tag you on dA when I do. :slight_smile:


Hehe, uh I’m confused. You like the deleted comment? I’m sorry. I just noticed that your OP said you’d only take 2 at a time so I deleted it. But your art is beautiful and I hope this therapy helps you either way.


I think I liked before it got deleted :slight_smile: Thanks :black_heart:


I’ve started yours! image




Very nice start. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.