Drawing therapy. - character drawings (2/2)


First day of work today and I woke up at midnight, so I probably won’t be updating any drawings today! :c I will try to but definitely tomorrow~


I hope your first day went well!


It went well. One of the ladies that works there, her son is someone who used to bully me at school… lol. But it’s easy enough apart from the graphic design aspect (which is surprisingly the reason I wanted to work there… they use machines I don’t know)


Then you get to acquire a new skill set. That’s always a good thing.


Hey everyone!! I’m working on these portraits. I had an issue at work where the job was falsely advertised, and I have wrist problems, so I was carrying 20+kg boxes which has ruined my wrist. I’ve had to put drawing on hold for a few days whilst it sorts itself out!!


Can I try requesting a sketch?

I want a sketch of my werewolf MC’s human version.

Character name: Randy ‘Volk’ Vulchkannov

Description: A man in his 30s that looks like he’s in his 20s. He have muscles like a bodybuilder (six pack must visible!), have a handful yet neatly trimmed body hair on chest and stomach (between ‘letting it wild’ and shaved, hoping that one of the references given gave you the idea). Hair color would be 50% jet black and 50% dark brown. His skin color is 40% tan 60% white (due to indoor activities). As for his face, just give him a light stubble, like one of my references (Zac Efron)

Half portrait or portrait: Half portrait. Just make sure you draw him very sexy.

Photos: Here are some insta profiles for inspiration:

Preferred style: LINELESS!

Additional note: He has a twin sibling. His name is Vladimir ‘Vlad’ Vulchkannov. He looks the same as the character that I requested you to draw, but he’s slightly leaner (Randy’s a wrestler like The Rock/John Cena, thus the bodybuilder-like body stature, while Vladimir’s a mix between Nick Bateman and Sam Asghari). Both of them are on the same height (6ft). If you can make the illustration of Vlad using the same resources that I gave you (with slight alterations), that would be wonderful…


Thank you in advance, and apologies if I demand too much. Take your time making this illustration. In case you need more reference, contact me via DM on Wattpad ASAP.


Hey! Sorry. I only take on 2 at a time so I’m full sadly! When it reopens again I would love to draw him


So… what should I do with my request now?


Leave it up for when I finish up the two I have, or delete and re-request when I open :slight_smile:


Np, your wrist and you come first. I hope it doesn’t prevent you from doing your daily activities, get better!