#drawthisinyourstyle - Ashes of the Phoenix

I’m used to make illustrations to accompany my story, turning my book into what japanese artists call a “light novel”. In this thread, every week I will post one illustration I made through the years and a brief description about it. Every artist out there is welcome to redrawn it on his own style, or just to pass and give a hello! XD
The Cover:
This drawing was inspired by Alessandro Barbucci’s SkyDoll (I suggest to check it out!) and I show you all the steps I made to finish it.

> Note: I don't have a great consideration of myself. I spent weeks before deciding to make this thread because I feel like it's very self-focused, but I'm also feeling (I guess like everybody in here) to spread my works around and it's impossible without a bit of advertising. So please no insults (I already insult myself everyday LOL). Hope you may find this idea cute and feel free to make your own thread based on it, if you want.

Nice picture you got here. I think I’ll give it a shot drawing it in my style.

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I would be so happy! Thanks! =D

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Would you like me to upload the work in progress or do you want to just wait until I finish it?

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As you prefer! Thanks again!

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I’m sending the completed picture to you! What do you think? Be honest I can take it. It’s an art style I plan to use for my story about 4 girls who get stuck in a twisted version of their school over and over again. I’m calling the story CVRRICVLVM.

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I find it adorable cause it’s a heart gift. When you do art the most important thing is what you want to express with it and the goal you want to reach. If you want to get better with anatomy you just keep practicing. If you just want to work only on repressing lines go on this way. I suppose you draw using pc and mouse. You can go for a tablet to manage better the lines. The most important thing is never give up. I did it sometimes. I stopped to draw for almost 7 years because some feeling problems (I hate anatomy ahah). I do hope you will go on doing what you like. Thanks a lot.

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Is this message for me?

Yes, we’re only in two in this thread AHA!

Oh, so may I ask what do you think of the style of this art?

You need to improve it, and by this I mean that you need to make it “yours”, give touch of style that ties the style to your person. I dunno if I’m clear. Like when you see a drawing and you recognize the style of the artists. This is what I suggest you to work on =D

Why doesn’t this piece of art do that?

I suppose it’s because you still have to find your own style, but nothing wrong with it. =D

New drawing for today! The three protagonists of my illustrated novel.

Real Name: Jane Merrick
Age: 24
Homeless – Moody – Suspicious
Particular aspects: Scar on left leg; always keeps rollerblades and a knife with her; weird haircut; loves cats.

“There was no way to approach her; she was too hard to follow. She left only a quick red trail in her wake; for that reason she had been given the name “The Fade”.”

Real name: Nathan Obraz
Age: 10 y.o.
Eccentric – Weird – Disturbed
Particular aspects: Pink hair; lab coat; inexplicably rich.

“…something about the child was disturbing and fascinating at the same time. First of all he had pink hair – “Which is rather odd for a child,” she thought – cut in a straight bob and furthermore, he was also dressed in a rather bizarre way. He was wearing a kind of miniature doctor coat which fell widely over a pair of baggy camouflage pants, and finally, on his head he wore a pair of round goggles with red lenses.”

Complete name: Neffen Shaw
Age: 34
Egocentric – Uncaring – Bossy
Particular aspects: Wears a necklace with several pendants (a skull, an overturned cross, an unmarked soldier’s medal, a Celtic snake, a key and a stylized wing). He’s the component of a music band: the Momuht.

“You let a woman into your bed, and before long she’ll be getting ideas about the future – marriage, kids – and by morning? Too late. You’re already fucked!”


Happy Easter!


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Omg! Love!!! Thanks
Happy Easter too

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I enjoy drawing. I’m not great at it, but I’m slowly working on some different styles. I’m using an unfamiliar drawing program (Krita) because the one I normally use (GIMP) isn’t compatible with my tablet. So things like blurs which I would usually use aren’t present here.

I’m not an artist at all (at least not when it comes to drawing) but this has been one of my drawing styles for a really long time. Although I’m usually more exaggerated in features, with elongated faces and big vacant eyes.


My dear I love this! <3 thank you very much!

No worries, it’s good practice for me. It’s a style I want to refine.

Let’s talk about the PHOENIX!
In my book it’s the modern interpretation of the symbol of resurrection. The protagonist of the story combs her hair in a (weird) way to resemble a Phoenix (but most of the people thinks she just looks ridicolous). The meaning of the Phoenix helps her to keep on going in a society that she doensn’t fit in. Also for Nef - the bass guitar player of Momuht - the Phoenix represents the sign of a new beginning; the second album of the band will have this symbol on the cover. How would do you represent a Phoenix? Show me!


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