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Witness the journey of three characters, living through the evolution of society, each contributing in their own ways, varying from well-meaning to twisted. Fourteen year old Lillian Anderson experiences a loss that drives her to commit terrible acts of evil. Ten years later, Anna Carter, Lillian’s childhood best friend, now turned enemy, must battle through a loss of her own an plan a form of action. Sixteen years after that, EVALIN-2684, a.k.a. Josie must turn her back on all she has known, in order to do what is right. All three are trying to make a better world, but are they actually making the world a better place?



Rise of The Infected

After an explosion freed Bio and Hope from a testing facility, they knew there were too many questions left unanswered. Why were they being tested on, and how did they gain these unique abilities? Were there others like them? If so, could they save them, and could they take down whoever - or whatever - was behind it all together?

Battle Ground


Sixteen-year-old Bex Ellman has been drafted into an army she doesn’t support and a cause she doesn’t believe in. Her plan is to keep her head down, and keep herself and her friends safe - until she witnesses an atrocity that she can’t ignore, and a government conspiracy that threatens lives all over the UK. With her loyalties challenged, Bex must decide who to fight for - and who to leave behind.

The Battle Ground series is a Young Adult dystopia, set in a near-future UK after Brexit and Scottish independence.

#4 Totalitarian
#13 Political
#36 Near-future
#42 UK

14 parts posted. More chapters added Monday and Friday.

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A nuclear apocalypse. A mutated teen. Will her powers set her sister free or unleash a new era of destruction?

Raven’s heart is set on going to college and dating the boy-next-door. But in a world where nuclear fallout drains resources and mutates genes, she fears her own terrifying flare-ups will brand her as a freak and steal her hopes for the future. When death arrives at her doorstep and her little sister goes missing, Raven’s mind-bending abilities may be the only chance she has to bring her back alive.

Along with her crush, she sets out to reunite with her beloved sister. But with the military clamping down, keeping one step ahead of those who would twist her powers for evil may prove impossible. As dark forces close in, can Raven find the strength to embrace her powers or will she become another pawn in a sinister conspiracy?


“Everyone runs away from me now, and I’m delighted. The only one left is the tall man. He’s trying to stop the blood from coming out of what is left of his arm. He walks backwards as he attempts to help himself and falls to his knees as I approach. I rip a strip of fabric from my dress and tie it around tighter than any human ever could, if only to save the moment. My pretty white dress is torn and covered with a crimson splatter. My made up face, so lovely and welcoming with young skin and perfectly white teeth, has red all over it now. When I smile at him, he can see his blood on my mouth and covering my teeth. I lick it up and smile another carer’s smile. I hope he thinks I’m from hell. I hope he thinks I’m going to devour his soul. I break the other arm.”

Espe and androids like her were made to care for the sick humans during a time of mass illness. 100 years later, and the last of her kind, she lives as a recluse hiding from the microcosmic human enclaves that are left after near annihilation. The new masters of earth are a mysterious humanoid race called the occupiers. After an act of violence throws Espe back into the world of interaction, she begins to reflect upon her past that led her from nursing the sick to vigilantism and the decisions she must make for her future when both humans and occupiers begin to seek her out.

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If 28 Days Later and a CW drama had a love child, it would be Affliction.

The point remains that while the list of zombie stories spans on and on, the theme of zombie-romance is rarer. Luckily for you, Affliction tackles both themes perfectly.
Congrats to Crystal J Johnson for seamlessly weaving together infection and infatuation!
-WattZombie (Wattpad’s Official Zombie Genre Account)

(Affliction is) absolutely one of my favorite novels on Wattpad. This needs to be made into a movie or a television series ASAP"
-AriJenelle for Ari Jenell Reviews on YouTube


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Ten years ago Earth ceased to be a normal place.
Ten years ago something caused Earth to merge with another world.
Ten years ago came the Otherlies and the creatures.
And the dragons.

Ari has lived a life in the shadows since the Merging started, keeping off the radar of GODCA - the organization that caused her father to leave. She knows very well that one small step out of line might mean being sent to a Recreation Centre.

And she’s about to take that step.

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(Chapter 4 is now up!)