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[ Image is a link, so go ham. ]

Thousands of years into the future, humanity has surpassed all bounds thought possible. The edge of the universe, for example, is one of the former constraints that once baffled the minds of men. The edge, now called the Fringe, now holds the perfect city of 12th Landing. There is no hunger, no illness, no misery, and upholds the four Cardinal values: Temperance, Justice, Prudence, and Fortitude. Behold the daily lives of the citizens of 12th Landing, in all their shapes and forms, and find that all walks of life climb from Acrimony, only to succumb to Unity.

This is the first story I've written on here, so I hope y'all like it! Feel free to leave criticism or whatever, thanks! Love y'all and have a grand day.


It seems like an interesting premise. However, you switch a lot between past and present tense, which makes the story feel a little clunky. A quick editing should solve that though, you just need to decide on one :slight_smile:


Thank you! I think that comes from more, I’m used to writing with my friends in a present tense, but most writing I’ve seen on here is past. It isn’t a huge deal if I stick with present, right?


The world is dominated by a single corporate entity. The human race is enslaved in a tightly monitored and controlled environment, with no reasonable expectation for redemption.

River is born in a company birthing lab. He is placed in a small room shortly thereafter to live in a virtual world of the company’s making. The effects of living in this artificial environment are not ideal for most, but for River they are devastating. He suffers from severe mental illness, and eventually lands on the wrong side of a cost benefit analysis. He is exiled to an island where the company deposits and washes its hands of undesirable employees.

He meets Cassia/Deja and together they struggle to survive in an unfamiliar world. As River’s mental health improves, he gradually transitions from bitterness to an appreciation for what his life of hardship and humiliation has taught him.




Not at all! There is no correct tense to use, it’s all about personal taste, individual writing style, and what feels natural to you! :slight_smile:



A Sci-fi/dystopia retelling of Robin Hood, told from the point of view of a kick-ass feminist Lady Marion.

Aya is Immune. To drugs. To alcohol. To the nefarious plague sweeping across the country. It has always been like that.
So when the train she is on is attacked by a mysterious thief, someone who knocks out the entire cart using the sprinklersystem, someone who only seems to take from those who can afford it, she is awake and ready to ruin his flawless plan.

Robin has been alone as long as he can remember. In fact, he shouldn’t even exist according to the system. That is the same system whose flaws he exploits to make a living though, so he knows very well how easily someone can go around it.
Armed with a chemical mix of chloroform, valium and a timed adrenaline jolt, he steals from entire buildings while their occupants sleep soundly.
Until that train. His concotion has never failed before, and he is beyond surprised to find everyone in the cart asleep, apart from a lithe girl with suspicious eyes.

This is the start of an unlikely alliance between an enigma and a ghost, in a society where neither should be possible.

Can’t wait to hear what y’all think! Have a lovely day everyone!



Will Scott has never seen daylight. He was born eighteen years ago aboard Vanguard, an undersea base where the remaining members of humanity took refuge after destroying the environment. During a botched mission to catch food, the cocky teen discovers that contrary to what he’s been told, there may be survivors on the mainland. More importantly, there may actually be a place on the surface that’s still habitable.

Will makes it his purpose to find the survivors, but not only does he need to learn to trust others (not his strong-suit), but also avoid the nasty results of a depleted ozone layer (easier said than done). Driven by the desire to finally breathe fresh air and feel the sun on his face, he’ll risk not only disobeying his superiors, but also his life to lead the remaining members of society toward a new civilization.

In Progress. Click on Cover to read.




Octavia has almost always been a prominent figure, in essence a celebrity, because of her parents’ powerful positions. So, when the Chrome Rebellion sends Chromies to crash the underground party she had been forced to go to, she’s scared but not surprised she’s taken hostage along with other politicians’ children. And to worsen her situation, she is the personal prisoner of Shard - the leader of the Chrome Rebellion. She learns from him the ransoms for all the politicians’ children except her own. Shard insists keeping it a secret from her and nearly all of his own rebels, too.

Little does Octavia actually know about the Chrome Rebellion and her government until she discovers her ransom price.




The Global Fellowship --> https://www.wattpad.com/story/167703608-the-global-fellowship

Arthur Mallorey has reached the end of his rope after the death of his parents. He’s lived his whole life in pain, struggling with his family to get by in the Dregs - a section of town the Community now chooses to ignore. If his only shot at a life worth living is to join The Global Fellowship and get wired into their Global Reform Interface and Database - the GRID - he’ll take it. What will it cost him to join?

Ranked as high as #4 in Genetics and #9 in Global, this piece is a prequel short story for my upcoming 2019 SciFi Dystopian novel - Infinitus.

All rights reserved. © 2018 Christiane Joy Allison


I have written a short story called “All A-Drone.” I know, I don’t like the title either, but it’s what I’m calling this completed, eight-part little project.

It’s about two kids in a wealthy New England community who find themselves alone after some apocalyptic event occurred. The really weird thing is, they can still order stuff from Amazon, and they receive their orders by drone! (Hence the goofy title.)

I’ve divided the story into eight parts to represent eight episode treatments of a hypothetical streaming series. In a sense, you can consider this a pitch for that.

I link the story below. Being probably older than the usual Wattpad suspect, I don’t know how to place the cover image here, but it doesn’t matter, since I just used a generic cover. I’m not an expert on marketing, apparently.

Anyway, if “All A-Drone” (cringe!) or anything else I’ve written entertains you, let me know. Thanks! (And hopefully this concept hasn’t been used too much already…)



Wattpad Story Link: A Pet’s Hatred

- Dystopia - Science-Fiction - Romance - Mature - Slave - Love/Hate - Strong Female Lead -

Nayt is a Primal girl living in year 4054. She is one of the few non-enhanced and non-genetically modified humans left on Earth.
She struggles to survive in a chaotic time when the Newgods - a sect gathering the powerful, the rich and the elite and are enhanced with robotic limbs, brain implants and genetic mutated bodies- lead the world.
After a fortuitous meeting with Reo, a handsome Newgod, her life will take a dangerous turn. Forced to become a Pet to Reo, member of the elite of this shattered civilization living in utter debauchery and luxury, she will be witness to the most hideous sides of her world.
Will she be able to escape her fate of slavery and death?

The story unfolds in a dystopian future after Earth population had been reduced to a tenth due to two successives world wars weakening the governments of countries all around the globe, the Newgods won WWV they had waged against non-enhanced humans.
The world is now separated in three casts: the all powerful Newgods, the Believers - partly-enhanced humans who pledged loyalty to the Newgods for survival - and the Primals, only communities of non-enhanced humans who fled to hide away in the desertic zones crippled by radiation following the nuclear attacks of WW III and WW IV.

Fresh from the oven a steamy dystopian tale!



Clickable cover! Fancy.

Every year, one hundred girls are chosen to marry a member of the royal family. Of course, not all will make it to the wedding. They are subjected to the grueling Eventide. In the daytime, a competition of beauty, and in the night, a competition of life and death.

Sixteen year old Abel Bradbury is well aware of these facts, and knows that being chosen for the Eventide is a death sentence.

Her older sister, Malia, got out by the skin of her teeth. But the poison she ingested ruined her body and made her incapable of performing her role as a policeman.

Bitter and angry, Abel’s sister intends to use her as an unwitting pawn in her revenge scheme. Abel has no intention to kill anyone. But in the Eventide, she may not have a choice.

*Disclaimer: please don’t comment “This is a ripoff of The Hunger Games/The Selection/some other YA dystopia book!” It’s like that on purpose. I wanted to write a parody of dystopia novels but things got off the rails, and now I’m writing a real book. If you read The Selection and said, “hm, this just doesn’t have enough manslaughter,” give this a shot.