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  1. Story Title:
  2. Author:
  3. Description of character: (Their personality, looks, likes/dislikes, etc. Just info dump)


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  2. Specific Quote(s):
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  4. Color scheme:
  5. Other notes, specifics, etc:

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Tis Goddess Tia's Thread o.o

These are old ones, new ones won’t have the watermark in the corner.



Author Title Character Status
Gadsdy A Bus Seat Named Forever Clara
Gadsdy A Bus Seat Named Forever Rufus
TockAC Handwritten Poems Lexi
Tock AC Handwritten Poems Dean
Gadsdy A Classroom Called Everything Agnes
Gadsdy A Classroom Called Everything Roy
Vexful Darkening Seduction Damien
d.l. sanders undying anna
Black Everest what u call an art Kang Su-mi
W.S. Yeo Lazari Isma al-Uzkariah
Michelle du Toit Drowning Kai
W.S. Yeo (A) Lazari Elinar Blodvarg
W.S. Yeo (B) Lazari Seren Carovel
W.S. Yeo (C) Lazari Nafisa
W.S. Yeo (D) Lazari Rania
Wiktoria Lajborek Silhouette MC





  1. Story Title: A Bus Seat Named Forever
  2. Author: Gadsdy
  3. Character info: Clara is a character with a dark outlook on life. She’s an African American woman and the oldest of four siblings. She doesn’t believe in love because her mother is a flaky woman who has abandoned her and her father multiple times. She’s also doesn’t trust people very easily for the same reason. She does have a weakness for sensitive men like her father. She hates bees.
    Color scheme: blue and purple
    Story info: Rufus fell for Clara at first sight, touch, and smell. Clara on the other hand thought Rufus was insane. He was a happy go lucky guy and she was a skeptic. But Rufus’s view on love and romance is contagious. Clara gets caught up in Rufus’s view of the world and falls for him.


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What do you think? Are there any changes you would like to make?


Its beautiful! Thank you!


Yay! You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I liked the first one so much I want another.

Title: A Bus Seat Named Forever
Author: Gadsdy
Character: Rufus loves love and he loves Clara. He falls head over heels, literally, at first sight. He is an only child raised by a single father. His mother died young but he loved her so much. He has a relatively feminine personality and is physically weak. But, his emotions are stronger than anyone’s. He loves rice crispy treats. He is an African American man.
Quote: I would follow her anywhere
Colors: Red and orange


and this is what it looks like next to hers

Again, let me know if there’s any changes you’d like.


Yay I like it!


Story Title: Handwritten Poems
Author: @TockAC
Description of the character: Her name is Lexi and she has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a shy, but fun and loving girl who likes to take on the world.
Specific quote: This Is My Journey


Let me know if you’d like any changes


This is perfect. Thank you.


Story Title: Handwritten Poems
Author: @TockAC
Description of the character: His name is Dean and he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is handsome but at the same time mysterious.
Color scheme: blue


Story Title: A Classroom called everything
Author: gadsdy
Character: Agnes is a headstrong girl who believes that she has a one true love and will have a happily ever after. She’s a 7 year old African American girl. She is head over heels in love with her best friend Roy Chang.
Quote: The child of perfection
Color: hot pink


Let me know if you’d like changes


Here’s the link to the credit that I gave you for the aesthetics: https://www.wattpad.com/668552615-handwritten-poems-character-aesthetics


Lmk if changes are wanted