Easy Peasy Moodboards/Aesthetics ~ OPEN



So cute! I’m using these pics at the beginning of my chapters. I give you credit at the end of the chapter.


Title: A Classroom Called Everything
Author: gadsdy
Character: Roy is a 7 year old Chinese boy. He’s new to the United States. He’s a loyal friend but is unsure about love. He doesn’t understand how Agnes can be so confident in love.
Quote: The new kid
Color: green


Sorry it took so long! I couldn’t find what I wanted so I drew the shoe myself. Let me know if there’s any changes you want


The two characters next to each other:

  • Also- Fun fact, I’m a quarter Chinese
  • Also- The Chinese character means “love” (threre’s a caption underneath it) but I had to Google Translate it because I actually don’t know any Chinese :grimacing:


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Boop bop

  1. Story Title: Darkening Seduction
  2. Author: Gracie Lynn
  3. Description of character: (Their personality, looks, likes/dislikes, etc. Just info dump): His name is Damien Hawthorne, and he is next in line for King. He’s stubborn and a hardass, but extremely noble and kind. Here is a character card that was done for me https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2d/2c/92/2d2c92566fa327c23274a3eca06a9ca7.gif


  1. Do you want a face claim/celebrity? If YES, NAME: (or upload pic you want me to use) Matthew Daddario!
  2. Specific Quote(s): I am not a cruel King, but do not mistake me for a weak one either.
  3. More story info: He’s a king/prince, so crowns, thrones, lions etc are all pictures that could be used
  4. Color scheme: Very Gryffindor, red and gold, also House Lannister from Game of Thrones
  5. Other notes, specifics, etc: https://discourse-cdn-aws1.com/wattpad/original/3X/a/d/ad74633ebfa62c00e7b6062a1c952015c0eaf2cd.jpeg I really like this layout! HERE is a moodboard/aesthetic that I did for him as well for reference, but I need a new one as he no lomger has “lightning” powers


Do you want me to keep “King” capitalized?


yes please!


Let me know if you’d like any changes.


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  1. Story Title: undying
  2. Author: d.l. sanders
  3. Description of character: her name is anna. she’s a dark but loving character. she’s a vampire and 100 years old. she’s black, has slicked back wavy blonde hair. her aesthetics are black smokes, dark churches, a noose, upside down crosses.


  1. Do you want a face claim/celebrity? If YES, NAME: yes. tati gabrielle in the chilling adventures of sabrina.
  2. Specific Quote(s): “There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Nova.”
  3. More story info: She’s a vampire who recently turned her girlfriend. The mood board I’d use this in is a flashback of her sister being killed in 1919. So an old church and a noose would be perfect. A regular noose is fine but if it was hanging from a tree would be even better.
  4. Color scheme: Every_Night_I_Burn
    Color by COLOURlovers
  5. Other notes, specifics, etc: Here’s some pics of Tati. here here here here here

Delivery **TriggerWarning**

Let me know if there are changes you would like.


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Hey! I’m half Chinese!


Let me know if you would like any changes.