Easy Peasy Moodboards/Aesthetics ~ OPEN

Absolutely gorgeous thank you!

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No problem, glad you like it!

(A) Einar Blodvarg

(B) Seren Carovel

(C) Nafisa

(D) Rania

This is them all together



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Sorry for the late reply! I was at work. They’re gorgeous! I love all of them, especially Seren’s. For Nafisa’s, could you remove the picture of the old lady and the red nails and replace them with an old-fashioned goblet and blood? A little darker, too, if possible? Otherwise, everything else is perfect. I really appreciate your hard work. :heart:

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Okay, and no problem. That will be do-able.

And you’re welcome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Revision (C)


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Amazing. Thanks a lot! :heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome!

I’m not too sure if we’re allowed to post story links here, but this isn’t for promotion. I’ve posted the chapter where I’m using your moodboards and have credited you appropriately. :blush:


If it isn’t allowed, I’ll remove the link!

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Okay, thanks! I’ve checked it out just now, so if it gets removed we’re good. Thank you!

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  1. Story Title: Silhouette
  2. Author: Wiktoria Lajborek
  3. Description of character: (Their personality, looks, likes/dislikes, etc. Just info dump) - The woman, is really sassy, and dangerous. She is really aggressive and a future leader. Assassin, and a great boxer/fighter.


  1. Do you want a face claim/celebrity? If YES, NAME: (or upload pic you want me to use) - Nope But if you want, then it’s less of a celebrity, but if you want to use this then someone similar to her character. 2019-01-01%20(2)
  2. Specific Quote(s): Because It’s Badass
    Font= Block, Retro, Cursive, Other, Don’t Care: Dan’t really mind. Whatever screams dangerous and matches the rest of the images.
  3. More story info: It is a life story of a great mafia leader. She is suppose to marry a friendly mafia, to join houses, but she doesn’t want that. So really big things happen, she is a leader, and won’t marry him, sprouting bit arguments, but then she runs away from that life style, and becomes an assassin.
  4. Color scheme: Maybe Red & Black. Something that screams aggressive, dangerous and evil.
  5. Other notes, specifics, etc: I would trust the artist because i have no artistic talents.(Also If you like cake say YEAHH!!)
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Please let me know if you want any changes.


YEAH! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you so much! If I ever need anymore of those mood boards, then If you don’t mind, I would love you to do them, because I absolutely love the quality. I would also use it in my story, once i get writing again. I’d also mention you because you are amazing :blush:

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Of course, as long as my shop is open, Request as you want.

You’re welcome! Im glad you like it.
Aw, thank you <3

hey can you also do banners?

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No sorry, just moodboards.

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Thank you for your understanding

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