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Hi! I’m offering a quick read for read service. Basically I currently have a poetry book with 3 poems (7 parts) which are really short and in exchange I’ll read 7 parts of your book regardless of the length of each chapter.

If you want me to read more, I can do so later but for now the maximum is 7 parts. All comments will be from my second account (@finite-) and will be done once you’ve done the comments on mine (it’s called forever rain and can be found on my account @ruination-)

Don’t forget the form:

Link -
Number of parts you want read -
Have you finished commenting on the equivalent parts of my poetry? -


You don’t have to necessarily read mine, votes will do, since it’s an anime self insert and it’s not really everyone’s cup of tea, but I will definitely read and upvote yours since I love poetry!

Hi! I’ve recently started publishing poetry as well - I wouls really appreciate some votes as I only started writing on Wattpad at the end of October :slight_smile: Don’t feel like you have to read everything, just read as many poems as you like! I am looking forward to reading yours. I will leave comments on yours in the next 15 minutes or so.


Hey! Make sure you are careful asking for votes, your thread/ posts can actually be shut down over it! I know how hard it can be to get people to check out your work. Read for reads are such an awesome way to get traffic on your work and raise your chances of being noticed.

I am happy to check out your work but I write horror/zombie thrillers. Let me know if that isn’t your cup of tea.


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Link - https://www.wattpad.com/801738858-twenty-four-author-note
Number of parts you want read - I only have three parts so if you are up to a zombie thriller let me know.
Have you finished commenting on the equivalent parts of my poetry? - I will happily check out your work once you let me know if you are open to reading my work. Not everyone is into zombies or horror!

Link - https://www.wattpad.com/742711431-city-in-the-sky-chapter-1
Number of parts you want read - 7
Have you finished commenting on the equivalent parts of my poetry? - Yup! Just finished!

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/203894553-sealed-by-destiny
Hi i’m offering a read for read. I have uploaded only one part of my story so you can read that

I’ll read 5 parts of ur story for now (any length). And will go back later to read the others.

@Meraki78522 @JanaHabok done thank you guys for the comments they were so nice and your works are amazing (: good luck with them

@MclaineMoran i’m up for anything lol xD lol let me know when you’re done (:

@saniya25shah hi. please read as much as you want and i’ll do the same in return just let me know when you’re done

@Carloswashere where did you comment?

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The only way is up IMG-20191026-WA0000
8 parts
I have read and upvoted on all 8 chapters

TITLE: Artifice of Love
LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191577701-good-boy-bad-boy

will finish readings in the next 48 hours (: