Easy to say, hard to portray [Description Game]



I can’t believe I came up with a game idea :open_mouth:

Easy to say, hard to portray is a game about things that are really difficult to show in writing. For example, if someone has never fallen in love, it’s really hard for them to show their MC being in love with someone.


  1. Post something you have a hard time showing. A feeling, an action, scenery, anything that’s far easier to just tell than show.
  2. Try and describe what the above person has posted as best as you can! it’s okay if you struggle, but give it a try! Get out of your comfort zone, consider it a short writing challenge :slight_smile:

First person has nothing to describe :wink:


I’ll get it started then with one that I know a lot of people struggle with:

Showing someone is cocky without resorting to them smirking.


Amber effortlessly sunk the ball into the basket. She threw a glance at me and whipped her hair over her shoulder before running back to the other side of the court.

Show someone’s crush giving them butterflies without mentioning their eyes meeting




Keira tried to keep her heartbeats steady as Alex walked toward her table at lunch. His arm gently brushed her a for a moment and she could swear she had goosebumps. He sat down next to her, giving her a courtesy smile before talking to his best friend sitting across from him. Though Keira hardly cared about him going back to ignoring her. He had chosen to sit next to her and it was enough for her stomach to erupt with butterflies.

Show an untrained human acting smart and not completely useless during a werewolf vs vampire fight that started because of him/her.




She was human, but not a complete idiot.
She’d clumsily clambered to the top of the short tree to watch the battle from a distance. The vampire, her friend, was putting up a valiant fight under the night sky. The werewolf smirked at his weak defense.
She threw a stick at the werewolf’s forehead. It didn’t hit, but it caught it’s attention.
“You!” It lunged towards the base of the tree, before it slipped backwards in the leaves as the net underneath tightened around the struggling wolf.
“You… were actually right.” The vampire rubbed his forehead, looking severly stressed out.
“I know.”
(what even is this oof)

Describe a bloody death scene without using the words: blood, metallic, crimson, or red.


(It’s a great idea though! Smart human. :grin:)

Yana walked into her home, though for the first time feeling as if she was in a stranger’s house. Nothing was in its usual place, forcing her to open her cane.

Moving her cane left to right and back, she made her way to what she knew was the living room. Her cane collided with something and she prodded the object with it further. Unable to guess what it was after moments of inspection, Yana bent down and touched it with her hand.

A hand! A chopped off hand!

Dropping the hand, Yana fell backwards, her own hand slamming down on the floor for support. There was a splash as her palm connected with the floor and Yana gasped. There was a thick liquid covering the floor.

In her panic, Yana brought her hand to her wide open mouth, hoping to cage in a scream. She tasted iron and copper on her tongue as her fingers, soaked in the thick liquid, connected with her parted lips.

Already having guessed the situation, an anguished cry left her lips as she crawled forward, her hands searching the wet floor till she found a man’s body. She tried to shake him awake, unable to find her voice as she sobbed silently. Her hands went to his face, finding his neck instead. There was a gaping slit on his throat, through which was seeping the thick liquid covering her floor.

(Wow. I am actually a bit proud of myself for this lol. I always forget to include other senses. Thanks for this great writing exercise!)

Describe the mentality of a man who has just accidentally murdered his daughter’s innocent teen boyfriend and then had chosen to bury him so no one would find out.


[I don’t know if I did this write but I tried]

I can feel myself struggling to hold myself together as I attempt to drag his body to the backyard. It was an accident but no one will believe me, I can already feel my hands shaking as I move to grab the shove from the garage, moving back over to the trashbag that now held the young boys body.

Why should I go to jail for this? I didn’t do anything wrong- the thought of prison makes me feel sick to my stomach; it felt as though the life inside the air had been sucked out by a vacuum cleaner and then was replaced by water.

I was drowning; Drowning on air and there was no escape from this but the only thing I could think of is if I went to jail how my children would have no one- My wife is dead- They’ll put them into fostercare… No one needs to know this happened.

I finish hiding the body and then go inside the clean up the blood but I can already hear the sound of his last words echoing through my mind “Please help me”

Maybe if I go to sleep I’ll wake up tomorrow safe in bed.

describe depression without using the words numb or sad


A demon sat on my chest.

It snarled fearfully, causing a storm of ashes to swirl around me. If the sun was happiness, then the storm clouded around it, causing the spark of joy I had kept so tenderly to flame out. I had once found pleasure in the company of others, the laughs and smiles of others fueling every step. But what happened after it disappeared, after every step felt like pains.

The storm only raged, smothering me as tears pricked at my eyes.

That day, I drowned.

[this was a good prompt @PurelyAliyah]

A father talks with the daughter he left years ago. They sit together Describe this tense conversation without using: tense, ____ feeling in the air, nervous, scared


Um, I don’t get it. What’s the prompt?


i clarified it. tell me if this is good enough,


ok, that’s good.

“Father, why did you leave me?” There was electricity in the air as both father and child stared into each other’s eyes, looking for answers.

Prompt: Describe a tingling feeling down your spine without saying that words nervous, anxiety, scared, and creepy.


At once the feeling of millions of cyanide butterflies burned into my stomach, the blood of dead unicorn wrecking my digestive track. The feeling of cold steel exiting out my under regions at light speed.

Actually I might use this new description.:smiley:

Prompt: Describe the feeling of bittersweet.


Umm wow I don’t think I would have gotten the meaning of that right in the first try, if it weren’t for the prompt. But I definitely love the imagery.

As she watched them kiss by the doorstep of his house, the house where they had made love together for the first time, her facial expressions were at loss at what to display. She loved him, the key word being, loved, as in, in the past tense, or so she thought. Yet, the sight of them together bought about an undecided feeling of nostalgia shrouded in a cloud of satisfaction at seeing her sister finally finding the love that she had deserved after being sexually abused and exploited by her devil of a husband for ten years. If anyone deserved it, it was her sister and not her. Her sister had nearly lost all hope when he had rescued her from her well of insecurities, when she couldn’t even help her own sister, and merely watch from the sidlelines. He did it in such a knowing and caring way, that she’d never seen before being directed to her. She was caught in such a muddle of emotions and felt the tinge of sweetness flavored by bitterness flow down her cheeks as she watched him carry her into the house, her tears undecided just like her face.


Since there’s no new prompt, I’ll add one.

“I am not your driver,” she said in annoyance.
Remove the words “in annoyance” from the sentence above. Instead of telling how she was annoyed, show it through your description. (No dialogue tag.)


Oops sorry I just realized that i’d Forgotten about the prompt.


She drove of, her mind full of words like idiot, stupid, and retarded, all of which she felt like using to describe the man.


Add another one please puppy eyes


Gladly! :smiley:

Describe someone having a panic attack.