EBG Chat Area[14] XIV ~ Edge-Lord Edition



Weirdly enough, I remembered EVERY single one of those names. xD

I really suggest to wait. One or two among them are great on the round, but I really would not pick any of them because that will gives too much hint to the round that’s still far away.


You know what they say.

Smoke fireweed every day. owo


Also weirdly enough that took me way longer then it should have been to write.


You makes M E M E S everyday, memeing even this. Beautiful. ;u;


Well anyway I’m going to read it now. :3



  • Publish that as a short story
  • Burn and hide it below a rock

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Mistick is that a weed? I’m calling da police!


Lol giving me a laptop was a mistake. Now I can unleash memes at warp speed once I kick into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!


Actually Fireweed is a plant. It isn’t poisonous, but it my dream somehow I thought it was.


Goddammit Zac look at what you’ve done, the steamed memes become AURORA BOREALIS

Okay but seriously you gotta sleep. xD


Anyway I finally finished the reading and whoooo nice one! ^-^/

I feel like reading a report or a lore of a fantasy forum, like those in D&D style. It fits you well.

Also the Fireweed ended up saving them, a tragic irony since it caused her to failed the exam! :rofl:


HOL DA FUQ UP?!?! :anger: :anger:

I see a familiar name :blush: :smile:


Thank you!


Lol yep.


Anyway since it’s too soon to talk about the upcoming round of January, I instead want to give a little hint for the Christmas round that will be opened in about a week or two.

As promised, finally, another low power level round, but not too low.

Actually, the power level is flexible in here due to our special system.

As a hint to the special feature: Secret Santa!


Hm…I think Shionyx will be perfect.

FYI he’s a candy-themed villain with a lollipop chainsaw and peppermint grenades


Well, maybe~ xD

Instead on deciding based on Christmas-themed character, you just go ask this question: Which person among everyone in your story that deserve to got their wish granted?


This question goes for everyone, not just to Terry alone.

That’s all the hint that I can give for now. :wink:


Crim… ALL of my characters are tragic af how do I choose???


I knew that many people would struggle to choose a character for this round… xD

Well, let’s just wait until the round happens. You’ll figure it out later.