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Hey there!

This is the chat thread for Epic Battle Game (EBG), and used for basically any topic ever for the player. Including random chat, banter, jokes, memes, discussing our characters, talking about the latest news, sharing your creations, sharing your fave music, sharing pics, and many more!
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Remember guys, this is not the main thread.

While you can chat and discuss anything here, this place is not to discuss the actual matchup battle. You can discuss them if they’re just for fun, just for casual discussion, but not if they contain key point for the discussion.

Once more: As much as possible, please don’t discuss important matches here, because the moderator need to backlog and analyze them later. If you put your points here, we’ll probably overlooked them, and that could be problem for your ruling.



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  1. Follow all club rules. If you don’t know what those are please read the guidelines.

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  3. No roleplaying! Roleplaying is not allowed on Wattpad forum, according to our Ambassadors. This thread meant for friendly competition and discussion between characters in various situation of the battle.
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Ethical Reminder

Sharing anything, from your story, your creation, your feeling, anything is fine. However be considerate and respectful to everyone here.

Another problem are those who only want to talk about their own characters and their own stories.
When people share about their own characters, some don’t usually response as they’re too focused on their own characters or their own stories.

We all want recognition and attention, but isn’t it kind of selfish to only discuss your own characters and stories, and don’t seems to pay attention or interest on others?

If you want to keep on talking about your own stories and continue to ignore others, then we might as well not to listen to you nor willing to read your stories.



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EBG Chat Area[14] XIV ~ Edge-Lord Edition
EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!
EBG Chat Area[14] XIV ~ Edge-Lord Edition

I’m backlogging the previous thread and I found someone asking me for a meme

HERE YOU GO! :smile: @MistickMage



Ahh there’s another stuff there…

@Logia-senpai The Blood Brotherhood? Treasure Hunters?

Well I gotta check this later, thanks!


Ish first


Ich 2nd:)


Yow…XD da 3rd


I ish da 4th




Ping ping ping, pong pong pong
Ding doing ding doing ding ding ding


I thought that my profile pic is too plain and I love it better if it’s more colorful. So I do a simple coloring on that sketch as a fan edit! ^-^/

It’s mainly just plain color, without shading or anything, unless a bit for the face.





Dead Thread already?..XD

Disney theories…:thinking:


God I have the worst hangover of my life rn


I poked at least one hole in all those theories though xD


What’d you drink?






I discovered today that my fish really like to eat squash. It’s so weird. I gave them a hunk of yellow squash just to see what would happen, and two hours later, I pulled out a devoured husk.

In other news, I’m checking out some stories I might be able to read to my cousins at the family gathering.




that’ll probably be me in a few days but I’ve never gotten a hangover :man_shrugging: Which annoys the hell out of my cousins because I can sometimes drink them under the table. They’ll be wanting to kill themselves in the morning while I’m up at my usual time ready for the day xD


Six hours of drinking will kill anyone. Just hard liquor all the way. I felt like puking when I woke up and it stayed like that for the entire morning