EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


This is Daisy being naughty in my marching band backpack.


Please take care of yourself. I don’t have care if I have to wait a year for the battle writing so long as you take care of yourself!


Awww that’s so nice of you, I really appreciate it! :blush:

It’s okay, I’ll be fine.


He didn’t even fall asleep on the godamn couch he straight up overslept.


Better oversleep, then sleep on the couch.

It’s the correct “then” :slight_smile:


It’s better not to fall asleep at all damnit.


Sleep is good, 'mkay?


Not when it’s the only thing you do man.


Like go to school godamnit Fodder.


School is not good 'mkay?



In his eternal wisdom he’s decided that we’re going to Eastbourne for the day to go shopping. Do not trust this man. xD


Well, I’ve chosen to go to college.

Who’s wiser, huh?

Jk, go to school, Sean, mkay?



Eastbourne is prettyyyy. q.q


Reminds me of the “gentrified” shopping centres we have here. (We have one where all the “avenues” are named after British landmarks:)))


That looks like one of the biggest mall in my current city.


A lanny cootie.

The crap is a lanny cootie.


Yeah this kinda mall is pretty modernised. It’s not a typical British mall. Typical British shopping centres are stuff like Hastings. q.q



Tell Fodder to stop laughing at me k thanks.


Fodder, stop laughing at Cai.


It sure sucks when no one sells AA bras.