EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


Alright go away. xD


Bras suck. End of story. And I’m a woman.


Sure sucks when you have to buy from the boys’ section.


I’m sort of remembering how I had to stop referring to Cailen from the prequel as “Cai” because it was too weird to have a brief mental image of you popping up willy-nilly in my story.


Lmaoo. Okay, I probably deserved that.


It’s weirder when one of my MC is named Aaron, and he was made before I even used Wattpad.


Cai and Sean are having a savagery contest.

It’s 1-even for now.

Carry on?


It’s cheaper in the boys’ section anyway.


Yeah, I can see that. o.o’


Five shirts for about £10. Caaalm, Fodder.


Man’s liking a bargain, whatcha gonna do?


The boys’ section is so cheap I can’t. xD






Fking shirts in 11-12 yr old and hoodies in 13-14 yr old godamnit Fodder y u so smol. xD


Respecc, tho.


I can cut a fucking tomato on the edge of that shirt, really.


You see everything as edgy. ccc:


Does that shirt have “Game Change®” written on it?