EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited





Dunno if you even know what edge means tbh.


something/one that tries too hard to be cool


Which isn’t what’s happening here. c:


which is your opiniooooon : )


I don’t see how any of this is trying to be cool. :thinking:


Well, let’s see.

I find it edgy. You don’t. I have an opinion, yours is different. I’ll leave it to this:P


It’s just that the edgy comments are starting to get really annoying—especially to Fodder, who’s far from edgy.


Noted, I’ll abstain in the future.


Ty ty child.



and can’t put just that because “iT’s nOt a ComPletE SentEnCE”


Also, very cool stuff happening atm.

My wi-fi will die in around 30 minutes from now, so will my PC and I’ll be sleeping with my grandpa for 3 nights. Heck yeah:)

I love redecorating in the middle of the school year


Not gonna lie, being a regular is pretty gr8 but I hope Wattpad doesn’t demonitize me. </3


lol how long did it take you spam visiting threads for you to get that?


Lmao it took me a while. I tried visiting as many as I could for a few days, then I started to give up and I only did it occasionally, but somehow that was enough. XD


Yeah it’s like 50 or 75% of threads made in the last month

and there are like 135 threads made a week last i checked xd


I think it’s 25% actually.

Just click all the new threads that show up each day, until you get it. XD




damn im stupid

but STILL thats a lot.


You were close. XD

Ikr. ;u; Now no one’s even gonna be reading the threads, they’ll just click on them to increase their stats.


On the bright side, as a Regular you get more likes per day…so as Lord of Hearts i gotta go and do that :sweat: