EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


Ooooooooh, snappity snap.

Like a grand scheme or like a half-winging it half-getmethefuckouttahere.avi?


Nah I got a plan.

Just need the cash.


I would like to thank Fodder’s actual name for being so accessible.

Tyvm Fodder.


Well… You got a plan for that as well?

And yeah, Sean’s name is fantastic. So universal :slight_smile:


Yes I do.

Actual name.


Good, good, good.

I may know that one too, not sure, tho


Wat how.



No idea, just tell me the first letter tho:)


Still S.


accessing data

file is corrupted

No clue, then.


Whaaa? What did you think it was? q.q






Honestly, I have no idea what I’m thinking on a general basis. Hence why, my messages have poor comma placements, random paragraphs, little to no shit to say and are genuinely idiotic sentence structuring.

Plus, I’m like not good at storing information for effective re-accessing. I remember shit on the fly:)




It’s not actually much different y’all can calm down with guessing you really don’t gotta. xD


Yeah, it’s the corrupted drive.

It’s Sean Seanson, the Seanening, isn’t it?


Fodder just has a semi-different name here ‘cause they get confused with each other anyway and ‘Sean’ is more common so he kinda just uses both. @.@

@GrouchyPotato Lmaoo I wish.


I suggest you choose living, personally. ;u;