EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


Wanna hear a good British meme, since they’re excluded from Article 34?

The phrase, “smoke a fag”, has wildly different meanings in British and American English:))



Plot twist; Britian knew about Article 13 the whole time so they were like fuk this shiet I’m out.


In Soviet Russia, fags smoke YOU!


Ey I got a GIC referral.


. . . ‘Cause she figured out Fodder’s starvation was to prevent feminine fat distribution. c:


Eeeeey, estrogen pratfalls. And starvation perks, I guess.

We sprinkle a little “too much” and we’re done.





*is eating chilli Doritos*


These memes are spicy


steals a couple Doritos





Ace Chancho is the real MVP


I’m still freaking out over the GIC referral. q.q


You should be more freaked out over the reason


Why would I be freaked out over the reason?


Should I know what GIC is, or is it one of those hard to translate acronym-thingies?


Gender Identity Clinic.

So yeah dont guess you’d know what that is.


Oooooh, well… It’s hard to know what something that doesn’t exist in your country is:))

You’re pretty much burnt on stake if you’re bent… Out of any straight shape


It doesn’t exist in Indonesia too.

Beside, for Indonesia, there’s only two genders anyway.


Yeah im pretty sure it only exists in weirdo countries like mine and Cai’s :eyes: