EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


It usually only deals with two genders. >.>

NB at a stretch.


I never even knew there’s something called gender identity clinic.

I’m being completely honest, I never ever heard of it.


It’s where all the trans people go to transition. Doesn’t even deal with NB people most of the time. Jfc.


There’s medical service for people to go into transition? o.o

Man, it’s a wild world out there beyond Asia…


Nah, Japan has a ton of those if I recall. So does South Korea. Muslim and communist countries… Tough luck.


Or you know… Countries not stuck in the times of the segregation.


Yeaaaaa that extra super religious country is so Indonesia


Indonesian version of people dealing with LGBT and gender issues:

  1. Your actual family will disown you for disgracing their family

  2. The police or the military will straighten you by force

  3. You get sentenced to prison or other punishment

  4. Choose to stay safe by hiding your true identity with a mask forever so no one will know that you’re not straight (this is what 90% of what people do here in order to avoid being caught in trouble)

  5. Or you actually get accepted to the society by prostituting yourself


Me neither lol


Same, duud.

We’d do what Bob Ross did to his wet brushes.

Beat the devil out of IT


Damn I was gonna make an FBI open up joke, but now I just wanna hug Crim and never let go. ;u;




It’s fine, we’re safe online anyway~ xD


Funnily enough, speaking of bad assessment and treatment of mental disorders…

I’ll have a hard time getting a job being qualified as “clinically insane”. Just because we’re in a black/white kind of system. There’s no gray areas.


That is true. ;u; We should probably still be careful though.

Also I pick option five, we should totally do five.


;-; That’s not fair. They should at least highlight your strengths as well, not just your weaknesses.


I’m serious on this one anyway.

Our government doesn’t really regulate our internet. Child can easily checks on porn and it’s pretty much something normal for elementary school kids to get porn for free.

Because, in a society where the government will ban porn even for adult, censor all porn, then people get used to obtain illegal things easily.

Which mean, the law may ban porn and gay things, but people can easily obtain them online.

(Also, people legit don’t care if kids do smut online because seriously there’s no law about that. The only law is against ANY pornography so basically any porn is illegal, and since everything is illegal anyway then people just do it anyway)


But Zack then he’s doing it with other people as well o.0


Option five is still illegal though.

Yes society accept you, but as lowly worthless people with no human right, basically illegal sex worker among those drug lords and the likes. There’s no legal protection of sex workers here.


Lol we’re both ok with doing with other people, so no worries there.