EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


True. ;-; Tbh sex work in general can be pretty dangerous, not just there, but anywhere.


Actually, prostitution in general is illegal.

Police raid to any prostitution circle is something very common.



Dx That’s actually really awful, damn.


Nah. They don’t really care about those. Being a smart or tranquil or well-behaved boi don’t need no record.


Terry often throw random memes that isn’t even a politically correct reply.


Oh im sorry i was just browsing and saw that and thought Zack might like to see it i didnt mean it like that! xd


“Thought Zac might like to see it.”

It will obviously makes him felt bad that people are doing horrible things like this.


I’m not feeling bad. o.o


Im sorrryyyyy i feel bad now D:


Yes there is this magical thing called testosterone that makes female-assigneds take on masculine characteristic and estrogen that makes male-assigneds take on feminine characteristics.


Terry’s probably having a big 1 TB folder labelled memes. His parents would look through it and be like :

“These are only memes, where’s the fucking porn, you normie?”

Terry: “I bet you browse instagram for memes, normie”

Whole Dactyl family (yes, Terry’s surname is dactyl, fite me) : “REEEEEEEEEEEE”


I know that you do. I also felt bad as I read that.


Can I donate some, I’d rather not have any left:)



terry feels bad now

i’ll just…leave


Yes do please even though you all have been nothing but twats in the backlog. ^^


Guys it’s ok, no one did anything wrong. ;-; It’s all fine.


Let’s just leave it.


How was I a twat?


I was a twat...



You were my brother, Terry… I loved you!