EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


Zac never want anyone to be upset, he’s always too nice… ;-;




Wooow. Okay.

Totally isn’t a sensitive topic or anything.


Meh screw it, I’ll just leave too.

Trying to get people in your life to stop fighting can get tiring sometimes.


Sowwy. I’ll drop it. I’l go paint my room.



Zac, I’ll need to talk to you on PM about this.


I’m forever going to remember the weeks spent starving to 45kg, all the razor cut wounds, the amount of money spent on clothes that I could be spending on more useful stuff whilst I give the clothes I receive as presents away for free, and the time spent on the edge of a cliff as a joke and we’re weirdos for trying to correct it. c:


But… Who called you weird?

my father literally ejected me from the room


Because 50%< of the transgender FtM population having attempted suicide is definitely a joke. c:


You should use your money for more useful stuff. Dx


I would cash it in as bail cash but Fodder was skipping too many school days and it kind of became urgent to spend that money to deal with some of the dysphoria.



Now you’re openly talking about self harm and suicide here?


Please. Don’t.

Thank you.


I have a right to retaliate against a serious issue of ours being taken as a joke. :woman_shrugging:


pops back in thread



save me Delta Karrablast!



Run, child. RUUUUUN


Fight song, raising up…


Oublie. Calme-toi.


Ce n’est pas drole.


Je connais.