EBG Chat Area - Edition XV / 15 - The Fifteenth Council Reunited


Try as I might to keep it together
Why is recovery taking forever
Fool the whole world, just until I get better
I’m terrified I’ll be faking forever
On and on I wonder what went wrong inside my head
I don’t have to have the answers, but tonight I wish I did
All the pain I can’t explain away won’t fade
All the the secrets silenced by the shame


We’re working on getting you hormones so you can stop starving yourself, okay Shaw? <3


When the girl who bullied you in secondary school has a kid already.

She’s 17.

Ahaaah boom go her future prospects.


Guess whose fake, 1000 € fake teeth just fell out?

And guess whose fucking awful “temporary cement” won’t solve this issue?


I’m sorry.


Call me Shaw again and I’ll kick you. :)







Because im sadistic




Anyway enjoy the initials SHR lmao.

You can get rid of the last name later.


Yeah, I’ll switch the middle and last around later. I’m not losing your original last name. It’s like a heirloom. :)


Hovering over the deed poll form like,

“Do I do this?”



Yes you do.


I’m going to get slapped by my parents so hard.


Slap them back. Dont take that shit from them.


Today I started tutoring another special-needs student, one younger than me by three years. He’s extraordinary. One hour with him, and I was blown away. He has significant difficulty speaking, so I read the question and he wrote his answer. It never took more than five seconds for him to solve even the most complex equations. His speech is mostly incoherent, but he can communicate a great deal with the tiniest of facial expressions. And judging by his smiles, I think he enjoys working with me too.


Awww that sounds so wonderful!


But what if I get disowned man. q.q

Aight, I’ll file for it in September. I’m bailing then, anyway.


Then you have an excuse e.e