EBG Chat Area (XVI) It's already 16th so the thread is legal by some country


Hey there!

This is the chat thread for Epic Battle Game (EBG), and used for basically any topic ever for the player. Including random chat, banter, jokes, memes, discussing our characters, talking about the latest news, sharing your creations, sharing your fave music, sharing pics, and many more!
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Epic Battle Game, latest thread for our current round

Remember guys, this is not the main thread.

While you can chat and discuss anything here, this place is not to discuss the actual matchup battle. You can discuss them if they’re just for fun, just for casual discussion, but not if they contain key point for the discussion.

Once more: As much as possible, please don’t discuss important matches here, because the moderator need to backlog and analyze them later. If you put your points here, we’ll probably overlooked them, and that could be problem for your ruling.



Rule of the Thread (General rules)

  1. Follow all club rules. If you don’t know what those are please read the guidelines.

Wattpad Cafe Rules

  1. Respect each other whether they be the players, spectators or moderators.
  2. No trolling! Violation against this rules will result a report.
  3. No roleplaying! Roleplaying is not allowed on Wattpad forum, according to our Ambassadors. This thread meant for friendly competition and discussion between characters in various situation of the battle.
  4. Keep this place friendly and welcoming! Pay attention before you post something that could possibly disturb, trigger, upset or sicken others. If you think your post is inappropriate, then either don’t post, or post with a warning!



Ethical Reminder

Sharing anything, from your story, your creation, your feeling, anything is fine. However be considerate and respectful to everyone here.

Another problem are those who only want to talk about their own characters and their own stories.
When people share about their own characters, some don’t usually response as they’re too focused on their own characters or their own stories.

We all want recognition and attention, but isn’t it kind of selfish to only discuss your own characters and stories, and don’t seems to pay attention or interest on others?

If you want to keep on talking about your own stories and continue to ignore others, then we might as well not to listen to you nor willing to read your stories.



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For EBG later

First or naw?




Yup yup




I also updated the link (of this thread’s first post) to the latest EBG round


And now we migrate


Saved by the bell honestly


Hey there.


Hello there


Actually gagging rn.


What’s wrong?




Oh, that…


That went from mildly annoying to comedy gold in about two seconds.




Meanwhile I’m trying to write again and honestly feeling good that I can be productive with my actual stories from my actual book at last. :slight_smile:




So Jay’s classes had him reading 120 pages a week for one class, 110 pages a week for another, 50 for a third, 40 for the 4th, and finally 40 more for the 5th


That’s awesome!

I’ve started my major IG Part 2 revisions. Oh. My. Goodness. I forgot how much of a trip it was to write it the first time.