EBG Chat Area (XVI) It's already 16th so the thread is legal by some country


Yeah, but I gotta find a Uni, too.

And a job. The demand may be big, but if no one hires me, it’s futile.


There’s always the shite ones. =u=

Unis tend to be kind of open to international students anywho since I’m fairly sure they get something out of taking them on.


Well, we’ll see. Atm, I need to finish my year here. And see if I can sort of skip the first year of college. Since… I will have finished it.


Also, idk if they’ll have as many incentives after Brexit.


Hm. . . when does your year end? :thinking:

Have you checked out UCAS?

You’d be surprised following the whole fiasco over Oxbridge universities taking on high numbers of American students regardless of qualifications because it boosted their international student intake and they didn’t have to teach them English.


I haven’t where is it?

Also, July. Oh, there’s that. I gotta retake my language proficiency thingy. Because it expired…


July is a nice month to end. And oof, that sucks.


Do you know why it sucks the most?

It costs. A fuckton of money.


I’m aware. ; u ;

First there’s all the legal forms, then all the transport costs, then accommodation and job hunting and aghhh.


Exactly. Which is, you’ve guessed it, unfortunate. Since I need to do it covertly as well.

And hard on its own, either way.


Buuuut, on the other hand, I could visit the UK in the summer.


I’m nearly 90% sure you can get some sort of funding for this, however. I know there’s accommodation funding, but I’m not sure about the rest.

Indeed. It’s a lot of stuff to go through. :thinking:


I’ll have to look into it. But not now. I took 5 exams, got my GPA, don’t have to repeat any courses.

Gonna enjoy a 1 week break.


Gl, gl.


Also I’m fairly sure that you’re already smarter than 95% of UK citizens so dw about that.

That tends to be the case with most international students. No wonder 50% of students at a university are international, lmao.


I still need to prove it, though. No one is going to take my word for it.

But yeah, my friend in London has like… 2 Brits in a 380 people year


Can always bust all your cash on getting over here and just couch surf I suppose. :thinking:


But I don’t wanna bust all my cash…


Hard times call for desperate measures. =u=

But yeah preferably don’t do that. I just know that accommodation can be expensive as heeell here.


Yeah. The UK isn’t very cheap. Especially since 1 GBP is like 5 RON.

I ain’t starting with much is what I’m saying. But it was my dream to visit the UK.