EBG Chat Area (XVI) It's already 16th so the thread is legal by some country


Hey you don’t gotta arrive with much. =u=


Not insinuating anything cough cough come live in my closet.


Sorry, he cant. You’re still in it :slight_smile:


No, because I’d have to come out of it at some point.

But I’ll come in your wardrobe


Fine then let’s call it a wardrobe.

Live in my wardrobe.


Happily. It’s spacious, right?


I mean no not really but you refused the bed so


I am considerate. Can’t make you sleep out of your own bed.


; u ;


I’m a master decorator and can live in small spaces.

I’mma make that wardrobe a spa


But you won’t even be able to lie down you sure.


I also took Yoga classes.


Small space can be cozy I can confirm.

Beside, when I’m small, I always dream on living in a van or some ship or something.


February 9th gonna end soon, this birthday cake in my name will begone soon. ;u;


Not for me :slight_smile:


I can only imagine the backache when you wake up in a yoga pose but hey, better you than me.



Living that illegal alien dream


Happy birthday to you… happy birthday to you… happy birthday to Crimson… happy birthday to you!

:tada::gift::balloon::confetti_ball: :partying_face:


True that xD

@MistickMage You’re being too sweet :blush:


Annnnnd birthday cake gone for me! xD