EBG Chat Area (XVI) It's already 16th so the thread is legal by some country


Now that Crim’s birthday’s over, I’m starting to get the collywobbles about the next one.


Ohhhh yeah Zac’s birthday is coming


Best not be getting the heebie jeebies just yet.


My birthday is in a week.


There’s a lot of Aquarius in here, eh? xD


laughs in Saggitarius


Wohooo enjoying TWO pack of instant spaghetti for only about half of US dollar.

…Our product are that cheap, eh?

I mean, if they said that Indonesian instant noodle is the top brand in Nigeria, then you know, it must be very affordable for the poor and still taste amazing.


Im Aries


Yep it’s on the 12th, lmao

Aquarius are the best yo.

We have a whole song dedicated to us. XD


Noted :3

@ZacKember And some people believe that we’re currently on the age of Aquarius too! *^*/


I… don’t know how to describe this picture…

Shaggy meme went too far lately and it’s beautiful in its own absurd way :rofl:


wipes tear

It’s beauty in its purest form


Also Crim:


These reactions :joy:


You told me it was the 13th! DAS whas on da birfday list!


Ackkk hard to concentrate writing without my glasses

I’ll rest a bit before continue with the writing


then get yo glasses son


Wha? No it’s definitely 12, lmao.


;^; Are your glasses ok?


When do you think is will be done?