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@TheTrueTerrydactyl @ZacKember Well you know how my glasses sometimes break and I need to stick it again with glue? I run out of glue today, so I’ll do it later.

@MistickMage It meant to be done yesterday… I kept delaying it, so no telling. Maybe you should sleep first because my schedule is unreliable right now.

@arrietty-noel Thanks! That made me giggled :joy:


So the nausea from yesterday, especially before I fall asleep, actually gave me a new video game story, a horror story that’s unlike my other stories, that focused on… well, horror.

Probably the most grotesque thing that I ever thought before.


dont your glasses come with a 1 year warranty?

cuz mine do




You’re welcome. Those photos were from astro (a kpop group)’s mannequin challenge video and mj is the eldest member. :’)


Terry, some things in Indonesia comes in very cheap price that you can bought many things without visiting an official store, but a small shop beside the road. You don’t get warranty there.

Anyway I’ll decide to share later.

@arrietty-noel He sound like a fun guy xD


Then…why not buy new glasses?

anyway, whatever. its fine lol.


Because it’s cost quite of money, and it’s not cheap.

Anyway I’m making my horror story introduction, please wait.


Alright, so this is a new video game idea that I just received last night.

Keep in mind that this is purely horror, so the description is horrifying, and that I need to put this under clickable spoiler, especially because it’s really, really long.

Introduction to some horror that I seen before I go to sleep today

It’s 10th February 2019, right after my birthday, where I feel pretty sick because my stomach isn’t feeling so well. Because I sleep with nausea today, it gave me a new horror game idea that I never thought before. I haven’t got new video game idea for years, and this one is probably my most horrifying game that I’ll ever able to make.

I used a bubble wrapper for stress release, and I thought that maybe the reason why it felt so good to pop things out, is because that human is naturally violent. We want to crush things down in our hand, and it brings us relieve or joy. Just like when in video game, killing your enemies satisfies you.

This feeling suddenly makes my imagination warped, an in combination of the nausea that I got gives me imagination of disgusting things. Imagine something that inspired by Silent Hill, Dead Space, Saya no Uta, and such games where the world got living, nightmarish world made out of flesh. It’s also highly inspired by the Agony’s trailer as I wondered if in such world, what if we’re unfortunate enough to actually not be the protagonist, but part of the nightmarish flesh world?

This, and the meme that I’ve been browsing gives it a… surreal experience right before I sleep, I must say. I mean, the main characters really looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo? I dunno I keep trying to imagine someone else but it kept on returning back to him.

Ever since I watched the gameplay of Resident Evil 2 remake, where the characters can actually said random comments during the battle, or during encounter, or even just during exploration times, makes me imagine an unusual video game protagonist. ALMOST ALL of my protagonist are reliable somehow, they can handle the situation because they kind of a hero in their own way. However RE2’s comments really immerse the horror element when it shows that they’re actually nervous and stressed over what happened. (Like when Leon often said “what the hell” or “I can do this” before shooting his enemies, which is a great feature that I never seen in other horror games) It makes it felt like you’re not just some strong hero that can tackle this monsters. You’re actually scared, even if the players keep on pushing to advance.

I’m usually VERY action-oriented and that still seen even in my horror game, but this game was never played so it just came out of my imagination as I drift to sleep in a sick condition, which makes me see horrifying grotesque like screaming faces in walls, tumorous flesh in the corner that pulsate, monsters wreaking bloody havoc, but it’s more horrifying than just the usual bizarre horror elements due to two things…

One, that this game seems going to be eldritch horror. The horror that actually aligned with my mindset on why horror is scary… We’re afraid of what we don’t know, and the fact that there’s so much fucked up shit in the game that just horrify you while it’s also unexplainable on what the hell they are, really strikes me as a horror game. Which is different than all my other horror games because they typically focus on the plot and on the story, but like what I said, I didn’t plan this story and it just came to me.

Second, is that it doesn’t focus on jumpscare and adrenaline function. It’s not like those really scary horror face in the dark that once you seen, then you’ll be shocked and enter flight-or-fight response. It’s not like that one. Instead, what if the game didn’t focus on scary things like that? Surprisingly, me and Zac prefer psychological horror much more, because they’re unnerving and leaving long-lasting effect as they designed to be what makes us see them as scary.

It’s the thing that’s actually really fucked up, not just scary monsters screaming and jumping at the screen. No it’s not.

The second part of the element comes from that, sometimes, there’s another thing that scar us deeply other than the scare, but the disgust. Something appalling, something horrifying.

Perhaps, it’s either I was inspired by the Dogscape Creepypasta, or perhaps I was inspired by @iamnotasmartguy and the whole flesh eldritch being thing, or perhaps this is a culmination from knowing stories with such elements, considering that I’ve been a fan of Silent Hill and Dead Space for a long time.

The element of disgust, not just scary monsters under the bed. Instead, we see the world deteriorate into horrifying place. It’s the atmosphere that makes us scary. And why is that?

Imagine two situation;

  • The first, you’re either get terrorized by some monsters or psycho murderer or such thing. You would be scared sometimes, but the adrenaline also pump you up and makes your survival sense kicks in. Like what I said, a flight or fight response often happens to ensure your survival. Beside, if you a fictional story protagonist, there should be a way to survive.

  • The second, is not about death. It’s a situation worse than death, and not about torture or such agony. Imagine if you fallen into pits of rotting maggot and accidentally swallowing them as you try to escape. It’s the kind of situation that you DON’T want to happen. It’s not about survival. Even if you got a superhuman power, you don’t want it to happen because it’s disgusting. And it’s a new horror element that I never thought before.

This shines a new horrifying thing in such “flesh world” story. Unlike in Saya no Uta where the flesh world depress you with sense of hopelessness, this one keeps you on the edge because Jesus Christ almighty everything is unnerving and you just felt uneasy. This is a classic horror game element, but added with the fact that it’s disgusting, it just leaves you a really nasty imagery. It’s the same that once you seen an animal being slaughtered in real life, it just leaves shocking horror for a while.

It’s not disgusting for the sake of disgusting, but the sense that, you just don’t want this to happen. You want to be safe, you just want an escape, you just want this to end, and it reflect on the protagonist. The reason why I choose such protagonist is like when he’s walking in a tunnel of living gory flesh, he’ll whimper, he’ll pray, “oh god why I need to do this?” instead of “what the hell is that creature?”

It’s a cry of mercy, that he just want this to end, he need to take a break. This triggers sympathy and empathy, and it can resonate to some player to put them in his feet even more. They’re scared but they need to keep moving, or they’ll face a terrible consequence.

So how do we apply this to a game? Well there’s many ways to do that, the imagination that I seen shows quite of nice gameplay scenes, such as when he ascend to an elevator (like in mining quarry, also made of normal metal) surrounded by cavern of pulsating flesh. Then he seen how some of them bulging like having stomachache before acid burst. He repulsed in disgust, and he turn down, realizing how the walls from below begin to expand and burst rapidly from down to top, soon reaching him. He’s in panic, trying to find a way to escape, but where to go!? He jump to the roof, he climb the rope that elevate this machinery until there’s a tunnel seen in the distance, finally a place seemingly made of normal building block instead of the disgusting flesh! He’s racing with time before the acid eaten the elevator, or he’ll fall to his demise, perhaps a slow, horrifying death too, considering that he felt the spray of the acid before and he just don’t want to feel it again.

This is the kind of element that made up the game.

Some horrible shit happened, and because of the immersive game, you just felt like in the feet of the person, instead on being scared by jumpscare, you just felt like you’re in such shitty situation and you’re in panic because you don’t want to get sprayed by disgusting bile. It’s unlike cheaply made jumpscare but still shockingly scary because it happen suddenly and it just gave you a “oh god no not this please don’t do this to me oh god save me” moment and you’re just in serious panic as you seek for a way to escape.

This, is just the mere concept of the game, not yet the story or the plot. For now I called this game Fleshmelt, because of horrifyingly distorted everything there, it’s unclear and makes you wonder if these horrifying sight of the flesh world, the people stuck there screaming actually felt suffering or not.

The story seems to set in underground setting, but there’s also the overworld, and sometimes a place untouched by the horror.

The first time I seen a “calming” place in my imagination about this world is on the scene where the protagonist seems to be in a… kitchen? I don’t know, it looks like inside someone’s stomach with disgusting organs hanging around, some butchered viscera, and a literally bulging stomach of a person merged with the industrial machinery. Then there’s a huge stomach there with a plug that seems to just about to loosened, acid coming out, and the protagonist guy get in panic again. (Seriously I keep imagining Shaggy, EVEN with the same speech of pattern AND voice saying things like “oh man no oh god no” as he went to search for an exit)

So from there, you climb a metal emergency ladder, the acid flood the kitchen and you keep climbing up. The guy makes comment on how stink it is, his hands burning, he don’t want to breath and he’s feeling sick, his grip loosened, and by god’s sake the game screen (or in this case, my imagination) makes it felt like it’s giving you a whole new meaning to phobia of height.

After a grueling effort and suffering, he reached the top, and it’s so hard to do because both the stairs and the floor are slippery, that he need to literally crawl up, then keep crawling to the exit door. He keep saying that he need fresh air, then here you go…

First time I seen in this world, a forest in night. Just a calming, peaceful forest, nothing sickening, and it felt rewarding to FINALLY reach there. It’s like the “safe game room” of the game. Even the protagonist that crawl there commented in bliss, crying happily that he just… don’t wanna continue, he just wanna lay there in the grasses and flowers.

It’s honestly a nice dynamic to the underground world that’s godforsaken disgusting, that you finally be in open world. Free from nightmare, for a while at least. It’s almost as if the protagonist just wanna settle there, okay with the cold weather as long as he doesn’t need to return back there. It’s like he just wanna cling to the tree and end his life there with a noose on his neck.

This where I first seen a friendly NPC that I called “Ticky” because he’s like a human but made out of clockwork machine from the bottom to the top. He got no legs, instead it’s spider legs made out of machine. He looks like a gentleman but doesn’t looks too friendly. However in comparison to all the horrifying thing seen on the game, he’s downright pleasant to talk. He’s like the merchant of the game that sold you good things before you move on to the next place.

Later on the game, the players get chased by masked murderer called “Donny” that wield massive machete (or butcher knife?) all over a subway building. His mask is featureless, plain and white, save for the circular left hollow for his left eye to see. When he pin the protagonist and they fight, Donny apparently just wanna live, because if he died here, he’ll get dragged to hell. And whoever makes him like this told him that if he killed all the humans here, then he’ll be set free. It’s that moment where he keep screaming “SAVE ME!!” to the protagonist that he rip his mask and kick him down, revealing his face that already undergo transformation into a monster. It’s honest;y horrifying. It’s like his lower jaw into his nose all burst into scarlet mess and opens wide, gaping wound.

The protagonist wins as he impales his shoulders with sharp broken pipes, and they set a bargain that, Donny should stop killing, and the protagonist will find a way to save him by killing whoever makes him like this.

This, this development is the first time the protagonist seen like… he’s not just there to save himself, but someone else. It’s like you can empathize with both of the characters, you can feel bad for the poor guy and you couldn’t kill him, so you persuade him instead to stay the fuck there and try not to die.

From there, it start to get clear that whoever the ultimate antagonist of the game is simply called “Mother” - with capital M there by the way. It’s like implying that she’s some kind of eldritch abomination that birth this flesh world and all its horrifying grotesque, and to kill her is to reach the deepest part of her womb, that is the deepest part of this flesh world. (Reminds me of Silent Hill 4)

Fortunately, Donny keep coming to help on assisting the protagonist, until a certain part of the game where a HUGE deformed red tentacle made of flesh lurch out from an equally massive tunnel from the flesh world, grabbing Donny out of nowhere. This tentacle is apparently part of the Mother and she try to absorb both of them into her. The protagonist keeps on trying to pull his hands, but there’s no use, and Donny convince him to not save him because then both of them will die. It’s there that the protagonist promise that he’ll kill the Mother, he just hang on there.

As the hands released, you (the players, or I, the one who imagined this all as I drift to sleep) Donny being pulled into nowhere, and you just… can’t do anything to stop him, to point that afterward, the protagonist just refuse to move, refuse to run even after the cutscene ends. He keep saying that, maybe if he kills him where he meets him, he doesn’t need to suffer unending agony as he get absorbed alive into this flesh world.

It’s where the protagonist breaks, mentally, at last. All this time he whimpers in fear and just keep praying to god for this to stop, but this time, he just drag Donny’s cleavers in slow motions into the next room, where a boss fight happens. A gigantic executioner-like creature horribly wounded with nails and other metal objects stuck there. I didn’t manage to see the fight. What I see is that after the fight, the wimpy protagonist born anew as his body already bathed in blood of his enemy, standing upon the giants and screamed:


This, is where I realize that this will no longer be survival horror game.

From this point and onward, it’s a massacre.

This drastic changes in not just the gameplay, but as the protagonist emotionally breaks down and screams in rage, butchering all monsters in his path, is a really impactful development.

Then when the new save game area reached (I think it’s a forest or perhaps it’s some kind of old English-styled city, I think there’s different “save game area” for each chapters and idk what chapter this is) the protagonist meets Ticky again and seeing the determination of the player to end the Mother, he gave him a mask… It revealed there that Ticky helps Donny before by giving him a mask too, in order to enhance his physical strength. So, from this point and beyond, no more wimpy protagonist that keeps running away.

Then when we finally reached the Mother, it’s just…

… I don’t know how to explain this in writing. The visual is way too gory and yet really epic that I can’t put in word.

It’s like a massive, deepest part of the red fleshy world with the gigantic wall lives an eldritch abomination that looks like a distorted fetus being merged with millions of screaming people all over the walls, with a female genital on the wall where the wombs located, where a bloody disgusting (something I don’t know) comes out screaming from there.

But the most epic part is the final boss moment, where the world collapse, and you’re seems in a chaotic red sky, where the Mother shows its full body appearance, where from the huge lump of gory fleshy body rose up many more bodies over and over again, where from each mouth comes many more abomination until everything looks like a bloody red flower blooming as seen from the distance.

This final boss is honestly epic. It’s like the game start out as Outlast, moving next to Silent Hill, then to Bloodborne, and right now it’s Devil May Cry. You’re freaking jumping at high speed over the broken world’s debris that floats in zero gravity of the crimson maelstrom toward the horrifying gigantic abomination at the bottom of the darkness that screams out and fire laser beams made of blood or whatever she’s ejecting there.

The most epic part is where the protagonist seemingly can see the light hovering from his back, it’s like the angels are with him and speaking that their divine judgement is his power, that his determination to never gives up paid in the end, that unlike the rest he does not lose his faith in humanity and keeps on fighting until he’s finally here. The cleaver that he used changes into an epic sword, and with each swing, massive burst of light cleave through the sky, dueling against the Mother with her bloody burst, cutting her down until her true self can finally be seen, that in the deepest of her colossal body, her heart, her true self, is just a gigantic monstrous fetus. And in the final showdown, the protagonist dives there with his sword and impaled her, prompt on destroying the flesh world, and…

…Well, my nightmare just ends there. It’s like I drift to sleep normally after that.

Honestly it’s a really epic imagination before I fully fall asleep, and this could be a really great video game idea.



I’d play that game.


Thanks! That flatters me~ xD


It’s kinda inspired by a new game called Agony that I seen last year. I just seen several of the trailers, but for me it’s pretty terrifying already.

WARNING: Videos contain gore and nudity. Not NSFW for sure.


Today was a trip. I forgot to take my medication before going to percussion rehearsal today. I was fine for the first 5 hours, then it hit me like a train. The instructors complimented me on my performance, saying they loved my passion and aggression while playing. What they were actually seeing was something potentially dangerous, but I managed to channel it into something good. I felt unstoppable.

I collapsed after practice, but it was worth it.


Oh wow… that’s a nice way to coping mechanism that sounds like great for you.


Im left with no words with how amazing that game would do


Thank you and I love this too *bows*

I mean, I was sick in the morning because of this, but it’s worth it

Man, if I already got a video game studio right now, and already makes many games, I could have start making this horror game right now to aim for the GOTY by the end of the year.


Anyway fluffy doggos to makes everyone’s day better


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Sounds great man


Thanks! It’s worth the nightmare.