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Illuminati strikes again


(in Donald Trump’s voice) I just planned out a really great story. It’s gonna be great. It’s fantastic. It’s epic. It will be the best story ever. I planned it. There’s a lot of fighting, a lot of killing, God dies.


Evidently that dog cake thing is actually extremely traumatizing for dogs.


Apparently there’s such a jerk in my book club. -_- This lazy gal indirectly caused my BC to go on a hiatus due to the lack of members (she just went MIA all of a sudden without finishing her assignment, but her WP activity is very active), and you know what?

She voted on the hiatus announcement chapter.

Jerk. Good thing someone happened to join soon after, so there’s no hiatus. And when I post up the assignment chapter, this jerk no longer votes.

I’m considering putting her on the Blacklist.


(Still in Donald Trump’s voice) We will makes horror game great again!

@blue_jay I guess they believed the cake was real… xD

@TheBiologist13 Oh that’s unfortunate. I’m glad that someone else joined.


I think Leidenscaft would be better as a hyena
A hyena murrsuit would do much better xD


. . . Should I start getting my university application sorted?


welp i missed crim’s cakeday q.q


Yes. ;^;


Wow, I like this idea! o.o Coming from someone who’s creeped out easily by body horror and things like gore, I imagine that playing this game would probably scare me a lot, lmao. But I’d also be interested in reaching the end. If it had the right sound effects and such to make you really feel like you’re in a creepy flesh world, it could work well.

Also not gonna lie I totally want to see the Mother fight now. It sounds great. XD (She kinda reminds me of another boss I may have seen before, but I don’t remember).

Anyway yeah I’d definitely play it (or just watch someone else play it like I do with most horror games cause I’m a wuss).


It’s so haaard tho


Awwww it’s okay~


Issokay. You gonna do it well.


I just realized how few Romanian words have little to nothing to do with English and French.

Like, I can say so many things that most people would really understand:)


Strangely enough, I also very easily scared by horror in general when I’m small, but like an Indonesian I am where supernatural/paranormal or such scary stories with ghost and monsters are prevalent and common, I get used to horror genre easily. It’s like I have morbid fascination to the deep sea while I’m also terrified with it. xD

Anyway yeah, I imagine this would require a great deal of high quality graphic and sound, with the right voice acting and cinematography to makes the scene looks great, but I like it and I think this could be great if we work on it someday. :3

The way she called “Mother” somehow remind me of the Mother video game series, especially because the final boss is that Giygas thing… xD

Also you remind me with Frosty because you rather watch someone play horror game than playing it yourself because they’re too scary to be played alone lol


Also I forgot, but this new horror game idea got a nice “continue screen” that I never seen before in any other game, and it’s a really interesting concept.

During that time where I drift to sleep and seeing these horrifying imagination, there’s another place that felt safe outside the safe game area. Instead of a forest, or an old town, or such thing, you’re in a limbo of dark, ruined building in the middle of nowhere, with many homeless-looking people gathering there, having nowhere to go than just to sit there, lay down, doing nothing, waiting and waiting. Apparently, they’re the people that also died in the same world, so this is like the border between life and death. It probably makes sense because the Mother doesn’t have any power over the soul that already lost, but we cannot reach salvation, no Heaven or Hell to go, instead just sitting there in the nothingness, because we cannot escape her world, BUT we also don’t want to go back there. They rather just do anything else than going back there.

This seems to be the place that you visit after a game over screen. At the end of the ruined building, there’s a shining portal back to the nightmarish world, but no one ever care to jump there. You can EVEN communicate with the people in this world to learn about their experience, and they all very badly traumatize, that they rather spend eternity here (which essentially like a prison but no steel bars to hold you down because it’s like you’re hiding in a bunker because you’re too scared to go out) as long as they don’t need to go back to that godforsake world.

It’s… a really impactful game over screen. Because there’s no grotesque gory horror. It just hit you mentally and emotionally, as the game ALREADY really disturbing, with the players keep making wimpy comments that makes you felt bad for him, that makes you sick of that flesh world and want no more of it. Then the game over screen gives you a break to calm down, and to decide for a while, maybe for minutes or more, on whether you still want to continue the game or not. However waiting there did nothing good either. There’s no “reset” button to go back to the title screen. You just sit there until you run out of patience, until you can force yourself to go back to face the nightmare.

I really dig this “continue or not” moment after the game over screen. I don’t think any other video game ever implemented this yet.


Yes. Once I have volunteer work on my record. q.q

Unfortunately Hastings has little in way of volunteer work.

Especially when compared to Manchester.

100+ volunteer roles in comparison to 4.

And we have 1/5 of the population.

4 is not 1/5 of 100+.



Work, Cai, work.

Volunteering is very generous, especially when it’s done for the purpose of resumés.


Cn’t work until 18 tho