EBG Chat Area (XVI) It's already 16th so the thread is legal by some country


Still though, even if it’s a bit too late, HAPPY CAKE DAY CRIM! Cheers to you and everything about you, and stay forever kinky and a cutie (haha) forever! :two_hearts:


Yay thanks! ^-^

I’ll do my best to forever be a cute kinky boi uwu


We have seen an unprecedented rise in referrals in the last year. The number of referrals has outstripped the number of available first appointments by a factor of 2 to 1. Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of the people we support in our service. We cannot currently give an estimation for how long a new referral will have to wait as this depends on many factors.

We are working with commissioners to address these issues and hope to be able to reverse this upward trend in waiting times as soon as possible.

*insert Cai crying here*

Just give me testosterone and I’ll be on my way. q.q


Time to continue my writing

*blast out Lord of the Castle on max volume*


Have mine, please. I’m out of inhibitors…



EPIC BATTLE GAME Edition XVII - Epic battle for your characters!

Damn ISH Gatekeeper fvck I got reminded I hate having roles and fitting conventions fvck



cyoot doggo




Sulinnadar intensifies


Probably one of Jay’s favorite examples of live-action anime that isn’t actually supposed to be an anime.


Ignis: I’ve come up up with a new recipeh!


Donald: tHiS mIgHt bE a gOoD sPoT tO fInD sOmE iNgReDiEnTs



Saaame. I’m actually pretty interested in lots of horror stuff but I’m a scaredy-cat, lmao

It would be nice. owo I imagine we’d mostly work on 3D games and such later, so it could work.

Lol yeah the Giygas parallels are definitely there (except he’s not actually a fetus lmao).

Pretty much, yeah. XD


Heeeey I’ll not reply these small convos right now because I’m not feeling well, kinda nausea again so I can’t focus on anything at all… xD


Awww. ;-; Hope you feel better soon. ^^


Well I’m already feeling better now :3

I’ll still going to visit the doctor tomorrow anyway (while they still gives the free medical checkup)


I think I figure out why I keep having nausea lately. It’s the antibiotic, they can cause stomachache or even vomiting. I’ll go consult the doctor tomorrow.


Better nausea than horrible infections that can take you out of commission


I finally finished my essay. Thank goodness.