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I’m trying to write more of the short story I’ve been working on, and I’m just struggling with writing it.


Well, best of luck to you.


Normally, nausea doesn’t bother me, but this one makes me cannot eat anything at all, so I need to consult to the doctor about this.

At first it doesn’t felt like a thing, but now it felt even more horrible than the infection itself. This is not a normal reaction to antibiotic since I didn’t felt anything at first. It’s probably a sign that I’ve been drinking too much antibiotic that my digestive system ruined for the day. I think, the helpful bacteria is killed so I cannot digest anything at all right now.


Try eating yogurt or taking a probiotic, if that’s possible for you.


Yeah I already get some Yakult yesterday.

Anyway I’m alright now since I already returned from the doctor and already got the right medicine for my issues. I’m feeling way better already. :slight_smile:


That’s great! As my grandmother says. recovery is the rule.


Oh also forgot, apparently the doctor said that it’s MOST LIKELY that the cause of the extreme nausea is not the antibiotic because it’s very unlikely. The one that caused my reaction is the painkiller because it’s some type of acid, so it cause digestion problem on me.


Acetylsalicylic acid?


@Crimson_Scythe are you there?


uh. guess not…

does anyone here know how old zac is turning tmr?


I is being ignored everywhere I go ;-;


I dunno :shrug:

Im guessing like 17 or 18
Im probably wrong


If I 'member correctly it’s 18.

Could also be 19. I forgot what I associated his age with, so that I wouldn’t forget.


Also, I think after Zac’s birthday it’s Logia’s.


We need to make a little calendar with everyone’s birthdays. Mine isn’t until September, though.

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they said it’s 19


Who said?


Something acid I dunno lol

@astrxphoria Heeey sorry for the late reply I was getting my dinner

He’s turning 19 (if I’m not wrong)


you’re not sure either?

I’m disappointed in you smh u-u


My memory is unreliable which is why I’m not sure ;u;

But I really believe it’s gonna be 19