EBG Chat Area (XVI) It's already 16th so the thread is legal by some country


Lol yeah I’m turning 19

Dun worry Crim you were right all along. XD


My boi is getting big~ uwu *pat pat*


Think he’s turning 18-19


Btw I actually have the birthday list I just never actually did anything with it xD

Crim - Feb 9
Zac - Feb 12
Mistick - Feb 16
Terry - March 29
Jay - April 23
Bae aka Ricy - April 30
Bio - July 6
Anne - July 9


uwu Yes. I is big and you is smol. <3


The important thing is that I’m legal, lmao


*saves the list* Thanks. owo


Yes, and our size different is beautiful~ uwu

You already legal even before this year anyway


There are…people missing
If you care enough of the living
Make a better list, for you and for me.


Is it bad that I instantly recognize the song reference there? xD


List was made up awhile ago I had it on here that I was making it and asked everyone to pitch in.

Not sure if you were on at the time though.

Edit: Wait… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: hmmmm






I used to sing this song shamelessly, around five or seven years ago.

I used to be one of those Muslim guy that screams “FREE PALESTINE!!”


Y’all should join SH

Jus sayin’


@Crimson_Scythe Btw did I tell you I got my favorite servant yet?

Edgy boy in a skin tight onsie xD



Is that

Idk his name but I heard he’s the most powerful servant in the whole verse? o.o


He’s definitely considered one of the strongest by the Fate fans. His name is Karna

But if we’re going by the lore he’s based on then yeah he’s probably the most over powered character in the entire series. As a servant though he definitely has his shortcomings.


Yes, now I remember his name! xD

Yeah I heard he’s the most powerful thing in the verse, but of course because this is a video game then they gotta balance his in-game capability so he’s not breaking the gameplay lol (Same thing can be said to any game ever, and I know the feeling since I makes games stories)


He’s considered one of the servants that could take Gil in a straight up fight.

Want Jay to drop some knowledge? :3