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I’m interested but hmmm I might ended up get shocked and terrified… xD


It’s not THAT crazy his attacks in the series aren’t humongously dangerous unless you meet certain criteria.

Like having divinity for example or if your characteristics are that of a jerk


Hmmm interesting :thinking:


Lol I’m here and willing to share if you’re curious :3


*browse Karna on the wiki first*

Now I’m ready



Okay welp I’ll just say his abilities then.

He has 3 Nobel Phantasms and 2 “Personal Skills” which you can just call passive abilities. And rather than get into a long thing I’ll just give the bare bones about what they do.

So first for his passives:

Discernment of the Poor: So due to Karna being raised as a peasant he has more world knowledge than those of nobility (others that grew up with the life he was supposed to have). Because of this upbringing he is unable to be deceived by words or actions meant to hide the true nature of a person.

Uncrowned Martial Arts: Also kinda deals with his peasant upbringing. His skills and traits will appear to be lower/weaker than he really is so long as he himself does not reveal his true name. (But considering how honorable he is he tends to do this a lot) Think of it like him being able to hide his power level.

Now for the Noble Phantasms:

Kavacha and Kundala: The armor given to him by his father to mark him as the true son of a god. Golden armor and earrings that decrease all damage done to Karna by 90%… Yup Karna passively only takes 10% of all attacks.

Brahmastra Kundala: This is technically his final attack because he can’t use this until after he uses his big attack. But it’s basically him channeling his power into a giant energy lance (or arrow depending on which class he is). He can fire multiple but each one is supposed to be about as strong as a nuclear blast. (labeled as Anti-Country Nobel Phantasm)

Now for the big one…

Vasavi Shakti: This was given to him by the god Indra who gave it as a reward/apology for screwing Karna out of his deserved victory against his brother Arjuna. (so the fate series says) It’s a spear that not even Indra could master but Karna managed to do it. It’s considered Anti-Divine so if an opponent has divinity in them they will receive bonus damage. It’s kinda implied that this has the ability to impose death on those that can’t die as well since it can kill actual gods, so there’s that. ALTHOUGH considering what it does to a certain other Noble Phantasm it’s kinda accepted that this one is on par or at least on the tier directly below as Gil’s Enuma Elish. This one can’t be used without Karna sacrificing his armor though, and he’ll get very tired afterwards, but he can still spam the second NP if he needs to.


Ayeeeeee he’s as OP as what the wikia said but your explanation makes it easier to understand xD

Anyway there’s no telling on how truly powerful he is anyway. Even with 90% damage reduction, we don’t know how much damage he truly can withstand because the game rely on HP bar which cannot be translated by literal means. And whether Vasavi Shakti can kill immortals or gods or not, it’s matter of lore, not to be taken as literal instant killer, and the actual damage are not mentioned on the wiki, so we can only makes assumptions.


yeah but his armor is ignored in the game otherwise the dude just wouldn’t die xD as a servant though like in the manga/anime where he appears you need to hit him REALLY fuq’in hard for him to be damaged by it. Tbh the only times I’ve seen him take damage is when he actually gets tagged by another Nobel Phantasm otherwise things literally just bounce off of him.

He’s shown off pretty well in the anime Fate/Apocrypha where he tanks a LOT. His armor has a pretty big flaw though in that it can’t protect against internal attacks.

As for his spear, yeah it’s not a guaranteed kill but if your in the vicinity you’re getting fuq’d up by it at the very least xD

ummmm hmmm I could post the spoiler about a pretty good measurement of how strong it is but idk I dun wanna be a spoiler if people want to watch the show or read it Dx


I guess the wiki didn’t lie to call him an invincible hero xD

Anyway yeah now I understand, thanks for explaining everything :3

Also no need to brings a spoiler (beside damage measurement per series/games tend to deviate one to another (this is true to any series/games out there), just like how some people said Gil’s Enuma Elish to have power equal to three galaxy being smashed together)


He’s not invincible but he’s damn hard to hurt lol.

As for Gil… Okay so Enuma Elish is supposed to be like exposing everything around it to the original truth of the universe which kinda just deletes everything around it. From what I gather it’s like throwing a blackhole at someone in laser form. Buuuut that black hole is supercharged with magic and doesn’t have the heavy gravity it just reverses the existence of something…er… something along those lines xD

Anyway I won’t post the spoiler then but I WILL post this quick little vid with Karna :3


Hmmm… so it’s something to return something to the beginning… :3

Anyway will watch soon, as soon as my roommate go to sleep


Yup Gil himself is an awesome servant but what grants him the title of “the strongest” isn’t really him it’s Enuma Elish since it’s pretty much a delete button.


Now you makes me did a research on Gil’s Enuma Elish and it’s waaay more OP than what I thought that it was long ago… xD

All the animations displayed on the wikia are really awesome though


Okay so I was going to use Lu Bu as some kind of “bad guy” on the next round, but apparently Wikipedia said that Cao Cao is more like a chaotic evil villain. So I can use both, but I don’t have deep understanding of Three Kingdom’s history, so I’m afraid I’ll be so badly historical inaccurate if I ended up using both of the characters as a bad guy… :thinking:


I could just makes a new fantasy world, easier for me and everyone, but that’s honestly kinda like just mixing round 10 with round 11 with the whole “fantasy land with kingdoms in war” then just added some oriental theme on it.

There’s an easier option, that is an oriental fantasy world without the whole war thing, and just focused on the lore behind the Chinese new year, but not sure if that’s a better idea…


Well, meanwhile I figure that (or until someone suggest something) then I’ll just going to do anime fanart or something else


If I remember right Lu Bu fought for Cao Cao for a little while (or it may have been Guan Yu that I’m thinking of). But yeah generally speaking Cao Cao despite having the title of Hero he is generally regarded as a villain.

OR you could use Sima Yi who kinda… You know ended the 3 Kingdoms era :3

Or Dong Zhuo or Zhang Jiao both were big in that time for being jerks during that time.


Hmmm so I think Lu Bu is more like a rogue warrior than hero or villain, something like, he’s just all about war and being powerful based on what I seen on the game :3

Sima Yi… yeah he looks like a villain mastermind xD

My roommate mention those too, but I gotta learn deeper about them first


Yeah Lu But was mostly about war and proving himself. But make no mistake he did betray people. Though mainly to get land for his people.

Cheng Gong (Lu Bo’s strategist) was also pretty treacherous. Lu Bu just didn’t listen to him very often cause “Strategy is for the weak.”


Another one could be Zhuge Liang since he pretty much started the 3 Kingdoms era by saying fuq you to their allies and betraying everyone xD