EBG Chat Thread XVIII 🔶 [ Fantasy Battle Community ] Episode: "Yes we haven't made a new thread in years but 2020 sure coming like a rough storm!"

Hey there!

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Haaaaa accidentally locked the thread


I got the last post though mwahahahaaaa


New year, new thread!


Oh yeah, I said that my Twitter is suddenly gets super lively. Crim sure know how to pick the right profile pic to gain the most of attention. Cuteness is really OP after all.

Seriously though, this is so adorable. Look at this.


This character named Hibiki from anime/game Kancolle. I used this pic because when I showed it to Choco (my best friend from the high school) he then said…

“Hibiki is just personification of a Crim”

I dunno what gotten into his mind but whatever, I love it and I’m using this pic now! :rofl:




Guess Tekeshi’s mom got feelings of power often xD

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Loved by a cat makes we feel like we’re the chosen one! xD

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I AM HERE! (Bleh.)


All this kitty talk reminds me of how heated the neko bois event in A3 is. :rofl: So many people burned up their dias to get all the cute little nekos.


Hibiki is definitely you, this is true. uwu

Also lmao that reminds me of that one comic where a cat sits on a guys lap and he’s like “I am chosen”. Having a cat sit on my lap would be a dream come true tbh. XD

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I'm Here


Kylan has arrived ~ start le parteh.


Also I haven’t watched the latest episode yet so NO SPOILERS

btw does Quetz kill Merlin for backstabbing her wait NO SPOILERS


Excuse me sir did you just compare me to a neko loli again you- FITE ME! ono

You never have a cat sitting on your lap? Oh my god I’m telling you it’s just heavenly and you really should have tried it! ;u;

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Lmao Zac’s comparing Crim to a neko loli and the next line is “have you ever had a cat sit on your lap” like wheeeeeeeew


Spicy :eyes:

Crim just being Crim lmao


Slow down there boys :rofl:


Also no spoiler for FGO Babylonia but today I’m crying before sleep thanks to me accidentally seeing a certain video about Ana

Seeing her smile just make me shed my tears and the tears refuse to stop until I finally fall asleep… ;u;

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