About us?

Welcome to Epic Battle game (EBG for short), the community for competitive battle game between our character, for their character development, for competition of their power, to know more about each other, to explore the possibility within our character in many interesting situation, and of course for fun!

New round will come each few weeks (depend on how each round last) where everyone could participate by submitting a character to fight each other in many ways, depend on the scenario: ranging from fighting one-on-one, team fight, survival mode, to boss battle fight! Made note that this is a competitive game, similar to Fantasy Character DeathBattle thread, and NOT for roleplaying!

I shall humbly introduce myself as the founder and head moderator of the community. I am @Crimson_Scythe , but you can just call me Crimson or Crim!

This is the new edition of EBG after the old Wattpad forum closed, and now we resurrect here as a new generation with a fresh new game! The system of the game shall be redefined, improved, and we will keep changing for the better. Of course, your input of ideas and thought will always be appreciated and encouraged. We want to hear your opinion about how the game goes, what do you enjoy or want to see in the future, or just your general thought about our community. Everything will be welcomed in here, and don’t shy to socialize, makes new friend, and to have fun here! ^-^

Please first read all our rules before jumping into the game. New players are always welcomed and there’s different game for every rounds, for every months, with different setting. So makes sure to read our rules, and ask for any necessary questions.

All in all, in behalf of the community, we welcome you to Epic Battle Game!

NOTE: This thread is the main thread for in-game discussion of the battles, and not for random chat. If you want to do an “out of topic” chat that isn’t related to the current game, please use our chat thread below!

EBG Chat Area




  1. Follow the official Fantasy club rules of Wattpad, which you can check on the link below:

Wattpad’s Official Fantasy Club Rules

  1. Respect each other, whether they be the players, moderators, or visitors of the community. The golden rule is to treat others the way you want you to get treated.

  2. No trolling! We do allow and welcome jokes, banter, memes, or any silly chat, but an actually harmful trolling will be reported!

  3. No roleplaying! This should be a common knowledge in Wattpad forum, and for those who never knew about it, roleplaying is not allowed on the Wattpad forum, and violation might receive direct warning from the Ambassador. While the general Wattpad citizen didn’t necessarily hate roleplaying, the forum is not for that. The EBG itself meant to be for friendly competition and discussion about our characters, which include getting into their personality and perspective, even creating dialogues and quotes, but not for an actual roleplay.

  4. Be friendly and respectful. This doesn’t meant that everyone must absolutely be cheerfully happy and bright, but the most important is to socialize here with manner. We’ve been witnessing many form of drama, toxic debate, and generally negative behavior that upset the players, sometimes even outright offensive manner that should have not been done. This can happen to anyone, even the moderators. It’s understandable for us to do mistakes, and we should do our best on not to hurt others or offend anyone around for no reason. If you proven to disturb the community by intentionally attacking our community, we will warn you for misbehaving. If your offense is severe enough, we will call the Ambassador to give the actual warning.



For ages, back to date when EBG just created, to years later, there have been an increasing conflict of “science vs fantasy” argument that often create unnecessary conflict.

For example:

  • Those who critique another character for moving at speed of light, either bringing the physic on why it’s impossible, or bring the side effect of the physic that will cause the said character to disintegrate, or cause sonic boom everywhere

  • Calling out another magic system for not being scientifically accurate, such as if they disregard certain laws or that they interact with the said law differently than the real world counterpart of the event. A classic example is unlimited creation of water, or fire mage that didn’t abide by thermodynamic law.

  • Break down the specific aspect of a physical material to explain why the effect described by their foes didn’t work, such as why gold being a bad material for weaponry or body armor, or about diamond being very fragile and easily destroyable despite their hardness.

  • Discredit an a story for using the logic of anime or video games as means to imply that their action isn’t realistic and thus wouldn’t work in the same realistic, normal human body, despite the character form already state that the said character got the strength and speed above normal human standard.

While discussing and brought up science is okay and can be fun, it’s not okay to disrespect an author that got characters who operate on different physic. If they got such power, and explained on the form that it works that way, then it works that way as part of their power.

The bad thing is when there’s those who outright offend a fantasy-oriented author. This is a very often occurrence that brought by certain individuals who over-analyze by demanding scientifically correct explanation behind fantasy powers, and decreed that realistic setting means that everything must abide to scientifically accurate mechanism.

We wish to solve this, prevent this, and we also learned from our old friend, another community, the Fantasy Character DeathBattle (FCDB) where the issues mentioned above (including what listed on the examples) often occur and repeat.

We need to remember that not every stories meant to be realistic and scientifically accurate. While scientific analysis, statistic and real world information can be brought to our discussion, it is not to restrain us. We’re not going to shove an overly-realistic standard to anyone.

We use science to help and support us, but not to dictate, restrict, limit, invalidate, and not to be enforced!

Remember, using any form of science is always welcomed, but enforcing science, and invalidate other characters/stories to even disrespect authors for being scientifically inaccurate is a rude behavior. So, to point out what’s scientifically accurate and inaccurate is okay, to explain how things worked in the real world is okay, but enforcing that things must worked that way is different. You can’t enforce people to adhere and apply realistic science to every story.

We’re here to accept every fantasy stories, of every kinds. While critiquing is okay, there’s sometimes those (albeit very rare) who abhor harmful detestation on unrealistic power such as “soft magic system” and demanding logical explanation to every mechanism. Sometimes, there’s those who get hurt from having their stories critiqued for being unrealistic, and that’s often unnecessary. Everyone had their own law and rules on their stories. Each magic system and each universe is different.

The bold point is that you can’t assault, harass or mock people for being scientifically inaccurate. Such offense is more than violation of our rules, ruining the game, and we reserve the right to kick a badly misbehaving player.

We’re done with those few individuals who caused conflict and problems by bringing this up. Those that stir and rile the game by critiquing and throwing toxic behavior just because not everything can be perfectly scientifically accurate as theirs.

And that is the common “ethical mandatory” of EBG as a fantasy community.

You’re welcomed, and we all will welcome you like a friend, and part of our family. You’re free to stay and hang out with us any time at all. However, we got rules that we might wanna brought up if it’s really needed.

As a closing word, I, Crimson, as head moderator of EBG, welcome you to our fantastic game!

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Here is the rules of the game, showing instruction on how to join the round and play the game.

  1. On each month, there’s a different round. Each rounds played differently, so you wouldn’t know which characters best used for the next round until the round opened.Depend on the round itself, things might play differently, so keep an eye on what kind of round currently used.

  2. Read the round intro which will be posted by the mod in charge to introduce their rounds, including about the rules and requirement of the current round. Sometimes, the requirement is about an all-male round, or maybe an all-female round, or perhaps an all-monster round. Sometimes, maybe it’s all about villains, or just the main protagonist. In another time, maybe it’s all about magic, or it could be focused on guns. There’s an endless example on what kind of characters requirement might present in a round, and it meant to be a surprise, until the round intro posted.

  3. The requirement of each round includes a maximum and minimum numbers of players. Once the minimum number reached, we can start the game. It might took a week or two, or sometimes just few days until we can reach the requirement number. Sometimes, we will keep waiting despite already reaching the minimum, in case for more players wishing to join the game. However in no circumstance we could exceed the maximum allowed number of players. The game will immediately start if the maximum number reached.

  4. Each round, there’s what known as the “power level” which determine how high the level of the fighter can go, and you should pay attention to this, because what’s too OP (overpowered) on a round depend on the current power level! For example, in certain round, even blowing a house is already too OP, but in another round, one can even blow a mountain. If you find it hard to measure the power level of your characters, you can ask the help of the mods, or you can just submit them regardless, and let the mods decide whether they’re too OP or not.

  5. If your character is too OP, we will do a nerf. If your character is underpowered, we will do a buff. Both only done accordingly as much as needed, and it’s a bargain that you can discuss if this should be changed to this or that. A nerf means depowering/weakening certain parts of your character to makes them less OP, such as decreasing their offense, defense, speed, adding cooldowns, set a specific parameter or requirements, even removing certain stuff from the character form. There’s an unlimited way to nerf (and buff) a character, so things worked differently one to another. Meanwhile, a buff is to increase the power or capability of your characters, and basically the opposite of a nerf. A buff could also about adding a whole new abilities or makes new effect that never used on the canon story.

  6. Unbeatable characters is usually unacceptable. Depend on the perspective of the round and its power level, one can be pretty unbeatable even if they’re not truly unbeatable. A classic example is happen when one being immune a certain damage type, which is basically invincibility against the said things, or any other method to makes them hard to ever get damaged. On most of times, such defense is alright, but if you can avoid practically any attack on the current round, may it be evading them all, or negating them, or deflecting them, or anything else, then we’re having a problem. Which mean, a character that have unfair power that went too far (e.g able to cancel all known attack on the round, or instant kill even the most OP person on the round) is most likely a material to be nerfed, usually by adding limitations and weakness.

  7. When you’re ready to submit your character, use the character form template that we provide on this page, few post below this post. The character form template meant to be an example on how to do your character form, and not a fixed system. You can tweak, modify, switch places between the categories. For example, if you rather explain their abilities before their weapons, then you can change the order of categories. Or if you want to add some new sections (e.g about their ultimate moves, or about their relationship with the canon characters of the story) then you can go ahead and do so. Watch out for the length of your form, though.

  8. You can submit your character form either right here on the forum (you can use multiple post lined together or just a single post, depend on how much post you need) or you can put your character form on a Google Doc and share the link here. Both are fine and there’s no real drawback between any of them, as it’s just matter of preference. The Google Doc is usually used for better modification, as it allows you to freely choose the font face, font colors, etc. However, for those who new to Google Doc, you might struggle to share the link, as it require permission.

  9. The character that you submitted must be your own original character. Your characters can inspired by popular media such as anime/games/movies/etc, but you can’t blatantly copy a character from a story that isn’t yours without permission of the original author. It’s okay to be inspired by the story that you love, or making reference of popular show for the joke of it, but for the legal matter, your character must be your own character. For example, you can’t just shoves in Naruto Uzumaki here just like that, even if it’s based on your fanfic version.

  10. Once the game started, usually, we will begin with the matchup, that is to pair a character with another for a 1 vs 1 battle. However this is not always true, as how the game played is highly varied and depend on the round itself. In case for the default matchup, we will pair your character with the best possible opponent that’s currently available. We analyze and consider many factors in order to create the ideal matchup, as fair as possible. It’s important to makes sure that both stand a chance, and not just one-sided butcher. Difference of power level is often okay, as long as both still can counter each other, as long as both have chance to win.

  11. In any of the battle, you may discuss to your heart’s content, and you might even contribute to discussion that didn’t involve your characters, although your main focus should still be about your own battle. The discussion is open to public opinion, even to the non-player and passerby that isn’t involved on the game. To discuss, we need to figure out how the battle will go. The discussion can be about how they begin the battle, how they will attack each other, defend or counter against attacks, how to react and solve the issues, how they interract, what the environments do to them, and many more possible discussion points. There’s no limit or standard on what to discuss and how to discuss. Just do it the way you like it. And it doesn’t need to always be about analysis either. Asking questions to your opponents or propose conditions, even going all out to describe how your characters will act, are all valid and good.

  12. Regardless if one meet an agreement on who would win or lose, the game will go on. Typically, after any battle, then the battle will be written by the head moderator in a Google Doc story to later be shared publicly. This writing procedure usually took a day or two, depend on the battle itself. After that, there will be a ruling (match result) where we will analyze the matches and put a conclusion based on both the discussion and the character forms. Same goes for the battle writing on the Google Doc, which is why it’s important to figure out what will happen in the battlefield.

  13. After the matchup, the winner of the matches could proceed to the next event, which could be a mini boss battle, or a quest, or many more choices, depend on the round. The characters that lose might be eliminated, or join a different battle, may it be quest, the Second Chance or the FFF battle. The Second Chance system is to gather all the loser and start another matchup with different opponents. The FFF is a whole new game, like a sub-plot of the round in different setting. There’s more variations and possible future new game that we didn’t invent yet!

  14. By the usual scenario, in the end of the round, the climax and the ultimate battle is the BOSS BATTLE of the round! The boss battle meant to be fought by the surviving characters so far, as everyone band together against the big bad of the current plot. The boss meant to always be stronger than ANY of the players, so it’s impossible to solo fight the boss, or one-shot-kill the boss. Teamwork is important and often the key to victory. How to beat the boss and how you could help with the battle always depend on the round itself.

  15. The boss usually created from the scratch, originally designed to represent the round, and always meant to be the antagonist that assigned for the plot of the round. So, they’re usually not taken from pre-existing stories of the moderator. This means, the character form of the boss is adjustable and could be modified to fit with our need. So don’t be surprised if the boss specifically designed to counter your characters, or to prevent the OP heroes from easily winning the game. There’s many reason and this is just an example of that. Remember, the boss meant to always be stronger than the players. So if there’s a single character that can take the boss, then it’s enough for a reason to buff the boss so they get harder time. However, we will never change the concept of the boss. If your character just happened to get the specific weakness of the boss by coincidence, then that wouldn’t change.

  16. Always read the character form before you discuss! Pay attention and read carefully, may it be the character form of the boss, or another player, or any other writings. They could carry crucial explanations and vital information for your progress. Not just for sake of the strategy, but also the plot of the round, that sometimes connect to the battle, and might be helpful as well.

  17. Victory of the round is a teamwork of all, and your contribution will always counted. However, in each round, we always need to give the crown of the champion to just one character to represent the round as a whole. It’s not always the most powerful character, and not always the one who got the most screen time. The winner doesn’t need to be the one who land the final blow to the boss either, as there’s many factors to be considered. The factors varied greatly one round to another, in order to prevent the outcome from being predicted. While teamwork is key factor, it’s not the only factor. The complete analysis will be given after the boss battle finished, where the round winner will be announced.

  18. After one win a single round, it will be harder to win the next one. This system known as “win strike prevention” that will mark you for a single round after you win the last one, and it will still partially affect you until another round. When under this mark, you still COULD win the round, but it will be just harder and far more challenging. This system exist so it’s not always the same player that dominate and reap the victory. However we didn’t want to exclude the previous champion either, as they deserve the chance to win as well. For sake of fairness, we just stack the difficulty of the game toward the winner. This also to gives better winning chance toward those who never win any round before.

  19. Anything on the whole round is debatable and arguable. You can always challenge the result, but be mindful about your reasoning. Managing the round isn’t easy and the mods took much of their free time to help us. Without them, the round wouldn’t happen. Remember that the game are always FREE and we’re not paid at all. We work hard to deliver the content, the story, and everything so that you might enjoy the game. So don’t let your overly-competitive side to get salty about losing some battles. Think first before you’re going to complain. Shows a nice sportsmanship in any of the game. It’s not always about win or lose.

  20. Most importantly, this is a game. So enjoy the game and HAVE FUN! :smiley:

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In our game, and in any game ever, there’s always a level of the characters, may it be the players, the enemies, and anything inside the game. This include measurements on how much damage can be done, how much high the stats of the characters, and what capabilities they possess.

There’s so many determining factors on what makes one being just strong, overly powerful, or to point of being OP, and maybe even broken. This doesn’t meant that they’re unbeatable, just that what considered being “OP” depend on the level of the current game.

For example, if we’re in the middle of medieval society with no magic or other super power, no dragons and any other fantasy beings, then suddenly there’s a godlike character who can nuke the cities, then it’s obviously very OP. However in another setting, for example, where there’s many who can control natural disaster to point of delivering meteors and break open huge mountains, then nuking towns would be pretty mediocre.

What considered OP in a game, or anime, or any stories, depend on the setting. This setting, the level of power, is what commonly known as a power level. It’s also a measurement on how powerful a character is.

The power level is not a fixed system, and each round might tweak things, modify it with more rules. For example, a round might be more focused on offense, some others might be about defense, or just mobility, or utility, or something else.

Usually, the most typical measurement of power level is via damage measurement. We sure often heard terms such as “planet busting” and alike, but that’s not all. For example, piercing through tanks, breaking boulders, that’s just few among countless options to measure damages. You can compare it to nukes, grenades, missiles, even lightning, volcanoes, tsunami, meteors, and many more disasters that you can imagine. On lower power level, we usually just compare things with bullets, sword slash, car crash incident, and such attacks that are more achievable even by normal human being.

There’s nearly endless ways to measure power level. Destruction isn’t everything. For example, immunity against poison, able to regenerate body parts, supersonic movement, mind control, spawning monsters, manipulate the environment, buffing your stats, weakening your foes, and many more unique ways to be powerful without just physical destruction.

However since destruction of objects is an easy ways to measure damage, and our commonly used standard of power level, then I’ll use them to explain our list of power level.


What listed above are our general division of power level. Normally, we stick around between Low to High, but sometimes we go further.

Each of them are applicable per rounds. Which mean, a round with Average power level would be for those who can cut through buildings, and in such round, blowing the whole city would be OP. Different case with High power level round. You get the idea.

Remember, destruction is merely a simple way to measure power. I’m very sure that there’s much more type of OP powers that isn’t about destruction.

(NOTE: I will further explain our list of power level in details when I finished the Google Doc for this thing)




Here in EBG, many work together for the community. The one who manage the game is not just me, the head moderator, but also the rest of the moderators that’s recruited under the banner of the head mod.

Not only that, but we also got the “trainee mods” system that allow common players to participate in trying the moderator system, as a newly trained semi-mods for the first few months, by given them simple modding, such as asking their opinions regarding the game, reviewing the characters, choosing the winner of the match, and many task alike.

These awesome guys are important members of EBG that have been through many rounds throughout the years with us. Some of them are rather new, while some might joined back to the very first round long ago.

Head Moderator


Senior Moderator






@FutureStories123 (Currently busy)

@thegreatcycle (Inactive)

@ZacKember (Currently unable to visit)

@blue_jay (Retired)

Trainee Moderator:

[ None currently being a trainee mod ]

The job of the team varied depend on the moderator status, although the difference between the trainee mods and the real mods is mostly just about the authority level given to them. Trainee mods mostly just suggest things and being asked to help us with our decision, while an actual mods got the right to do an actual nerf, buff, and other task freely whenever they want, as long as permission given by the head mod.

Meanwhile, as the head moderator, my duty is to manage not just the game, the players, and the thread, but also the community by itself. The head mod will decide most of the things in the game, such as approval of new system, or adding new features, so does modifying them. Only the head moderator allowed to edit the rules, and allowed to start their own round.

However, even a normal mod can start their own round, if given permission by the head moderator. When it happen, they will be the “head mod of their own round” which mean, on their own round, they got the authority level of a head moderator, but it only toward their own round, which will be their territory to manage as they please.

We understand that everyone got their own unique skills, specialty, trains, preferences, weakness, and many more aspects. Our team is not the most perfect council of all-mighty being, and we might makes mistakes, incorrect decision, inaccurate ruling, and it’s something to be understand.

As for the trainee mods system, anyone who played EBG for at least a single round can apply to the mod training program. Even though the trainee mods are not full-fledged mods, they still considered to be capable for the job, just that they’re still on the training.

EBG value anyone, from the mods to the players, even those who are not players. The mod team is also as valuable to our community as much as everyone else, so just because that people got a status as a moderator, there’s in no way a special privilege such as “they win because they got higher status” is okay. The game should always be fair, and even the head moderator himself can get lost in his own game.

Our standard, most basic modding guideline is to manage the game. Reviewing characters, nerfing and buffing, discussing the outcome of the battles, and solving many more task are within our range of job. However, sometimes, even giving commentary and sharing opinions could help. Adding diversity of opinions, to see in more perspective, are essential to help us ensuring that our game will be fair for everyone.




Long ago, EBG didn’t have a battle writing in our system, until one day I start doing it for the fun of it, as a bonus reading to reward the most interesting battle of the round. Soon, it become one of the best part of the round to enjoy.

However, the writing is not as easy as it sounds like, and it’s related to the procedure of the game itself. And what do it means by that?

Well, the battle writing is not just a writing. It’s FAR harder than that. And there’s so many reason for it. First of all, we need to consider so many discussion through the week, which sometimes contradict to each author as disagreement often occur, and we need to decide the outcome, or how things should go, without upsetting the expectation of everyone, that also different one to another.

Then, we still need to read the form again and again to get all the information correctly. Not just their list of abilities, but also the visual, also when to use them, their limitations, requirements, and many more to consider, plus based on the discussion as well. Then, you analyze the interaction of the characters, related to the previous paragraph about deciding the outcome of the battle. However not just the outcome, but also the progress throughout the battle.

You also need to understand the personality of characters that is NOT yours. Characters that you never knew before, or maybe, you only ever heard them mentioned before. To gives you the perspective on how difficult this task is, I will quote a good explanation given by one of our player long ago:

Imagine this… We never played this certain popular video game, but we heard about this one popular character a lot. Then someone ask us to write a fanfiction of them by just reading their wikia profile.

Can we truly depict them correctly? Almost impossible.

That’s the daily job of EBG’s head moderator.

…In reality, it might be harder than even that…

This is not a fanfic. In fanfic, you can depict the characters as much as you please, whichever do you want it. In here, the client are ourselves. There’s expectation and demand. There’s standard to be fulfilled. Not only the accuracy of the characteristic, visual, personality, dialogue, reaction and the interaction, but so does the quality of the action scene by itself.

The hardest part is the take care of the length. It’s far easier to write an original book because you can focus on one character per time, or two characters, or just one group, and the action could be divided to many chapters. In here, the whole battle must be fit into a single doc, one per battle.

And unlike ANY other fiction, may it be original fiction or fanfiction, you can’t focus on a single main character, because each characters here belong to each players, and each players want the best for themselves, focus only on themselves. Yet you couldn’t do that. You must gives a fair share of screen time to everyone. If there’s those who get less, complaint could happen. It took much effort to write this, and to focus on everyone, reading forms and discussions, but there’s always those who felt like it was unfair because they get less action, or someone else having more spotlight.

It’s fun to do the job, and it’s fun to read the battles too, but many didn’t understand that this is an arduous task. There’s usually ten to even twenty of characters per round, and the mods need to read them, then re-read the form WHILE reading the discussion, then read the form AGAIN while writing the battle bits by bits, while making sure that you get the discussion right, not forgetting the important details. I need to memorize all the crucial information, writing them down on notes in order to makes sure that everything portrayed accurately and the outcome of the battle is like what being agreed between the players.

You could really help if your form contain all the necessary information regarding the characteristic of your characters. So when I write them down, and then made a mistake as they’re portrayed differently on the canon, you can check back your form if you ever actually explain it.

Imagine it; you never watch this show, or read the book, but you need to write a battle scene about them, without ever watch a single episode or read a single chapter. All that you ever know are from the character form.

That’s just how hard it is to do the job, and we want to explain all of this so you can keep this in mind when you discuss. So when you want to introduce your characters, you did it properly. And when you want to critique the battle scene, read this post again.




Below is the original and old taglist of EBG that used before we move here, so not everyone made an account on the new forum yet. Nevertheless we will keep them here in case if they made an account later.

@ZacKember @Royal_Rebel @mxdnightstar @Tim_the_Enchanter @Bronze-Metal @ImperialSun @BookRight @Yasinthus @R15K3R @Makewarnotpeace @brizingr1 @alternative520 @Knight_AdamThe2nd @FutureStories123 @Shadowdrakon99 @Kyle1029 @TheDonnster @MadHatterAddy @Canislupus54 @Zythe @LifeAsTheMoon @TheFantasyIncentive @Nightgraydawg @princesscamillia13 @GarrettJoe @HisHighnessRicmar @some_aspiring_writer @Sandcat- @Redhairedsniper @9GhostWriter9 @Capitandelasnubes @galaxi- @Nightfright136 @timewinder_ @describethesunset @thegreatcycle @BookRyt @crimson_mystery_cake @iamnotasmartguy @HadianClarke @WyvernShadow @FayfayAhmadi @suanlt @Ramenraged @Chaaruzu_Corner @bloodyrogue17 @emberkitty @crimson_mystery_cake @DarkLordSpada @Leon_desmelenado @Lucky_Lightning @MistickMage @blue_jay @TheTrueTerrydactyl @RealBiWizardGavilan @CMGrey @-Leyza- @user26423447 @Takira_The_Only_One @IJustWannaChange @LxOxGxIxA @superlegend1 @AAJamesOFFICIAL

Please note me if I missed anyone, or tags your username incorrectly.

And don’t shy around! If you’re still not here, feel free to ask to be added! We’ll be happy to welcome you to the community anytime! :smiley:




This is our basic, default character form, which inspired by a thread known as FCDB Lounge back when the old forum still exist.

Remember, as what mentioned in our gameplay rules, this is just a template. This is not fixed and you can modify it as you see fit, such as rearranging the orders. If you want to explain the abilities of your character before the weaponry or the armor, then go on. Same goes with any of other sections that can be switched places to meet your need.

You can also add new sections, such as perhaps, if you want to explain the unique biology of your creature, or divide the ability section into passive and active abilities. You can also add a whole new section such as characters relationship, or perhaps if you got your own drawings of your characters that you wanna add to the form? Or they got a theme song? There’s no real limit and no one stopping you from tweaking the form to makes it ideal for your characters.

(You also should remove the description of each sections, such as the “optional” tags given beside each of the sections)

If you wish to submit on the forum directly, then you can use multiple forum post for a single form. Try to makes them lined together so it’s easy to manage them.

If you wish to use a Google Doc instead, then create your form in a doc, then share the link by using the blue “SHARE” button on the upper right area of your screen, then copy the link provided right below the “anyone with the link can view” area.

Before you make your form, please note that it’s very important to list all the capabilities of your characters on their form. Especially if they’re crucial to your characters. If there’s something powerful, may it be just an ability, or a natural biology of your character, then you better explain them properly instead of mentioning them indirectly in implied message.

Makes sure to explain them on the right section! We obviously didn’t want to refer an important key factor of their power from their backstory section. What isn’t mentioned on the “battle section” (ability, weaponry, armor, and similar sections if you want to make a new category) will not be considered on the matches! For example, you hide the fact that your character cannot truly be killed as mentioned on their backstory and only can be defeated by this specific item, but you didn’t mention them on the battle section, so we consider this is the version of your characters where they can be defeated normally.

And keep in mind that the form doesn’t need to be 100% canon to the story! You can adjust their power to makes it less OP, meanwhile the mods can do nerf and buff as needed!


Name: (Including alternate names, alias, titles, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where they’ve come from? Such as city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)



Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than armor and ability)

Armor: (Any defensive equipment that they has, or defensive capability such as casting barrier, or natural body durability, etc)

Abilities: (Please explain the capability of your characters, what they could do, an ability may it be offensive, defensive, passive utilities, and any form of their powers)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional)

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One day, on an ordinary day, our daily the daily life interrupted. Some among us, some among those in our world, has fallen asleep and they find themselves waking in up another world…

Floating in a world without land or ocean, a world of pure white clouds where shattered fragments of cities drifting on the sky, is a world painted in colors. As far as eyes can see, there’s many stars, moon and sun, everything seemingly made with oil paint, as if this colorful world is a canvas.

From one side, the world seemingly drained. Gloomy dark clouds brewing, storm is coming as lightning roaring. From the darkness, silhouette comes alive, they comes in torn out robe, without a body, only carrying pitch black smokes, and the only semblance of their identity is the pale white mask that they donned. They’re the shadow of their existence, the malevolent evil intent, the inner demon of someone, as if the negativity within one’s heart comes alive to drag us back to the dark side.

Within them, the painted colors of the world drained, devoured, light vanished and everything became monochrome, dull grey, black and white. As the colors stripped, it is as seems that the world is re-skinned into a whole different texture. The buildings and the cars, the roads and the parks, the infrastructure of the floating cities turned into twisted grimdark realism, bleak and depressing.

Before the creatures can progress further, a knight is in their way. Shining in rainbow, as if the colors within is alive in all its vivid, brilliant spectrum of bright shade, wielding a proportionally shining, epic and fantastic sword, they fought against the masked creatures, destroying several of them before they retreat, leaving the world as the stormy clouds vanished.

From another side of the sky, ray of sunlight shines in rainbow spectrum, illuminating the corrupted cities, and like an illness being cured, the colors returned, repainted again.

Not just one, but many watched the scene and grows curious. The light comes from one of the fragmented city, from the floating chunk of land that drift in this space. Among the buildings, on one of the rooftop, there’s a garden of flowers, surrounded by floating painting frames. In the middle of it, a young man painter with brown hair smiled to the visitor of his world. It’s that time that they realized that this is his world, and whatever the masked beings are, wants get him.

The brunette teenage explained that he’s been here for five whole years, perhaps more. He’s been losing track of time ever since he couldn’t return back to the real world, ever since he’s trapped in his own mental realm.


This is just the preview of the round intro. To join the round, please read the full detail of the round here, on the official round intro!

The Round Intro of The Mini Round




In here, all brave champions and heroes that ever win a round on EBG will be showcased to proudly show their great achievement! Behold, those who reached victories against the bosses!

Round 1: Lan Lei by @ImperialSun

Round 2: Mary Tanaka by @Makewarnotpeace

Round 3: Zentaro Okano by @alternative520

Round 4: Skia a.k.a Deep Shadow by @Shadowdrakon99

Round 5: Oida, the Blind Prophetess by @FutureStories123

Round 6: Fen and Eden by @ZacKember

Round 7: Samantha Asura Walker (Daywalker) by @thegreatcycle

Round 8: Braum Torsfill, A.K.A Boogeyman by @Leon_desmelenado

FFF Round 8: Serena Aeterna, the Rularian Seraph Guardian by @ProjectMyst

Round 9: Kaosaan, the Destroyer by @Sandcat-

FFF Round 9: Miraclia Lisenthe Diana by @emberkitty and Set-Korim, the Blight, the Enigma of Corruption by @HisHighnessRicmar

Round 10: Frey Gavriel, the Archangel of Justice by @DarkLordSpada

FFF Round 10: Sable the Archer by @blue_jay

Round 11: Ventus Rios and Xian Ya Zhi by @ImperialSun

Round 12: Mattie Simmones by @R_U_Okay

Round 13: Siren by @MistickMage

Round 14: Adalyn Rosaline Halstead by @BookRyt

To access the link to each champions and the boss characters, please click the link below:


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Round Zero: Town Square (The very first mini round for a little test)

Round One: Rocky Valley (Boss: Meganite Guardian)

Round Two: Fantasy Rainforest (Boss: Thalia, the Forest Fairy)

Round Three: Land of Blizzard (Boss: Kravonus, the Elder Dragon of Ice)

Round Four: Volcanic Zone (Boss: Iblis, the Imprisoned Ifrit a.k.a Shaitan)

Round Five: Floating Islands/Continent (Boss: Vajrayana, the God of Sky and Storm)

Round Six: Dark Lord’s Castle (Boss: Onyxus, the Overlord of Shadows (a.k.a Wraith King, Lord of Darkness)

Round Seven: The Endless Desert (Boss: Cleora Amenhorus, the Immortal Pharaoh)

Round Eight: Flooded Planet (Boss: Mal’zagub, Predator of Primordial Blue Abyss, the Tyrant of Abyss, Eldritch Leviathan)

Round Nine: Cosmic Continuum (Boss: Xerome, the Cosmic Guardian, Will of the Universe)

Round Ten: Mainworld (Scarlet Realm) (Boss: Eve Scarlet, the Second Sinner)

Round Eleven: Palace of Destiny (Boss: Chitose Haruka a.k.a Shirokami, Fox of Thousand Years, The Ageless)

Round Twelve: Novae Terrae (Boss: Pytharis of Numerus (Codename: Zero), the Gamemaster, Philosopher of Ascension and Reincarnation)

Round Thirteen: Qamaris (Boss: Hubal al-Asnam, Lunar God of Divination and War)

Round Fourteen: Sector Deadborne (General David W. Garland, the Dead-Hearted Soldier)

To access the link to each page (both the round and the bosses), please click the link below:


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Wanna know where we all begin? Our progress? Want to backlog or just to recall our past glorious battles? Here’s the list of all our threads for any reference, for you to see how our little world go progressed and expand larger and larger as time goes!

First Thread (The very first, original thread)

Eleventh Thread

Twelfth Thread

Thirteenth Thread

Fourteenth Thread

Fifteenth Thread

Sixteenth Thread (The previous thread)

Seventeenth Thread (You’re currently here!)

Since the post is limited to only 2000 characters, we remove some of the links to the threads, other than the recent one. To access the other threads, please click the link below:


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Oh boy, yes! We got our own memes here!

Here’s the compilation of our inside jokes, both old and new, both that are still used and those that already forgotten throughout the years. Some of these are so absurd and vague, it’s unclear whether they’re really memes or not. Some however, spawn so much ridiculous jokes that they’re worthy to be called the dank memes of EBG!

The list below might be incomplete, and I will update the list regularly.

  • Epic Yuko Game: Begin between round 2 to 4, which ascended to memedom when the Peanut Butter used

  • Peanut Butter: Happens at round 4 when people battle who shall be the lord and savior, Yukos or Peanut Butter?

  • Team Isaac: A counter team that happens at round 5, challenging the Yuko team

  • Black Hole Math: Happens at round 5 when Oida by Futurestories got black hole and her opponent ended up making a whole doc to discuss the whole math regarding black hole and many more things regarding her power

  • There’s Always Cycle: You know you think you go too OP already, then Cycle comes, and we often react super dramatic to her entrance

  • Cycle’s Betrayal: when her characters keep on betraying the other characters, twice in a row of two round

  • The Nerf Hammer: No one know when it start to become meme, but it become our trademark already

  • Fen and Eden are Cinnamon Roll: When the ending of round 6 happens, everyone write their prologue, then the round winner, Fen and Eden by @ZacKember ended up making us awww over the cuddles

  • Trap Master Race: When round 7 meant to be female only but we allow androgynous characters, and we ended up having loads of traps

  • A Plank of Wood / Drifting Wood: When everyone in round 8 got many cool ships, and Reginald only got a piece or wood that drift on the ocean

  • Water too OP: Actually originated from FCDB, but adopted here when the players between threads joined. Based on an FCDB round where three match in a row ended up being won by the exact same water user, and the said water isn’t even OP at all

  • Kaosaan ate the Moon: Our beloved EBG round 9 meme when I decide to make a comic about this, read it now!

  • Alastor Troll Face: Another EBG comic featuring Alastor by Makewarnopeace and you can read it here!

  • Silver and Golden Blade: Another EBG comic when Silver the fairy meet the gigantic golden blade, check it out!

  • A Fabulous Encounter: Another EBG comic featuring Valach Luciferina encountering the mini boss of round 9, Cherubinel! Read it here!

  • Life vs Death: The last EBG comic for round 9 featuring Kaosaan and Lita by CrimCake who fought on the round, and this is the in nutshell version of them.

  • Tekaosarome: When Kaosaan ate both Tekeshi and Xerome, essentially becoming super OP universal eater in the prologue ending, causing the one and only ever cliffhanger ending in EBG… round 9 is the craziest thing ever

  • President Dotar Tramp: The “secret boss” of Round 9 FFF, a president of alien planet with dream of building wall through the space

  • Snowball vs Sir Vivor: A rap battle between two animal with human intellect, and higher than man ego

  • Beholder Potion: When a shaman named Akhenaten gather disturbing juicy gory recipe for his potions and makes everyone ewww

  • McMoron: The fake boss of round 10 FFF named that get called with many weird names such as McMoo

  • Chitose Cheetos the Overgrown Peacock: The boss of round 11 that get called as overgrown peacock despite being a kitsune, and also got the pun name as Cheetos

  • Chitose’s Meme Awareness: When Chitose LITERALLY aware of internet trend including meme, making reference Ugandan Knuckle’s de wae and Simpson’s steamed hams

  • Chitose Best Waifu: I always like to joke that Chitose is legitimately a perfect waifu, but the joke went further evolve when one of the character, Fraen, ACTUALLY try to get Chitose

  • Fraen the Sex God, Lord of Thot: The most perverted playboy of all EBG submission, the harem king

  • Clarence Card: When Mal got an upgrade card and he instead use it to summon three headed camel, accompanied with the Spongebob meme “is mayonnaise an instrument?”

  • Zero Two / Zero Zero Zero: The boss of round 12 that got joke song of him singing the word zero many times, and his reincarnation get called as Zero Two

  • Just Zero: When Zero remind us of Monika from DDLC because their sociopath tendency and capabilities of deleting things

  • Bromance in Server Room: When Wei and Zero chat and then later get joked as being bromance in the server room

  • Expansion Pack: A new modding mechanism that invented in Round 13 which is different than nerfing or buffing, since this is basically expanding the characters, reworking and giving them characters development. It sold like hot cake, as we have about five or seven expansion pack in a single round.

  • Permaban: The first time a character literally get permanently banned for goes beyond OP and just straight out being broken with godmodding, featuring Morgaina by Ricy

  • Tea Party too OP: When the goddess of life, Siren, can summon tea party at will, and it gives lots of healthy benefit, especially the comical description that include “unlimited usage” then we meme it as tea party too OP

  • Neko Shota Priest: We literally got a neko shota priest and he’s super adorable)

  • You Must Be an Iron God Reader: If you’re getting nightmare from Sulinnadar, we joke it with a dog wearing scumbag hat meme, and say that you must have read Iron God

  • Holy Light Brothers: When Thaddeus and Mahdi both have power of holy light and use freaking many lasers

  • Itzhak is Jaban’s Dad: The hateable, pure evil and heartless mini boss, Itzhak Yahalom, the so called “Prophet of the Holy Land” is evil to the core… but Ryan say it remind him of Jaban’s dad

  • Team Lumina: Yet another time when many different author coincidentally has character with the same name, creating a new team to challenge Team Yuko

  • Big Birb Mom: When we got a freaking huge phoenix known as Myris, who also represent nature, and a caring mother to all life, then we begin to call her this

  • Cardiac Azazelation: When the head mod, Crim, is so defensive on his character, Azazel, that he can easily get triggered. Then Crosskaiser/Logia meme it like a heart attack

  • Rosa Team: Right at the beginning of Round 14, we already got three characters with Rosa on their name; Rosaline, Rosalba, and Ann-Rosa, who started this

  • Adalyn Is Already Dead: One of the character named Adalyne Rosaline Halstead, who is human, already died, ascend, and now entering a world of zombie where she called the zombies to be dead, but she too already died

  • Happyland: Literally a meme round. It meant to be a comedic round for gag characters, comical stuff and everything is just silly nonsense.

  • Yukonyan: A cute catboy but he’s more than that. He’s Yukonyan, an online idol, and a trap! He’s born from the “Yuko meme” but evolve further into his own character, gaining power from literally cosplaying.

  • Peanut Butter’s Yeet: Finally we have the Peanut Butter submitted, and he’s as wacky as what people expected. He’s incomprehensible random old man who yeet and do whatever the heck that he want.

  • Example-kun: An embodiment of example, he’s like a template for an example character form, but then he just become a character of his own with the Meem of Foerchon (Meme of Fortune), with each of his form embodies each rounds in EBG itself.

  • MemeOverlord: Literally an embodiment of meme and chaos. Seriously this is the most memetic character that I ever seen. I can’t even start to explain. His whole form is JUST meme!


(Will be continued later)


Also in case that you want the raw file of the neko, his name is Bellezza Felutia and these are some of his WhatsApp stickers. And yes that’s a boy. Anime traps are the best of neko waifu.

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