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The boss right now:

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Regarding Jarick


Oh boy, two times using the Star Destroyer then the boss will go GG WP for real. That will makes the boss need to prioritize on eliminating Jarick at all cost, unless if he retreat and not willing to fight the boss at all for the time being.

Considering the Valadian are enigma for millenniums, I don’t think humanity can understand them anytime soon, because even the aliens struggle to understand them. The least they could do is to observe and to collect data while making theories. Direct analysis is impossible with all the barriers preventing information from being gathered.

The boss will not stop him from evacuating, but the boss will not cease the attack anyway. Considering that Jarick could escape, humanity might regroup while observing the battle then return at the right time.

That, or he could actually took advantage of the aliens and let them fight first, then humanity strike at the right moment from safe distance.


The Watcher's startegy


Nice strategy and I like how you took advantage of the barriers, but I think his original ship was broken and he’s using a random different ship now? Oh well nvm I just remember that Jackson can just use his repairing power to get Watcher’s original ship back.

Anyway good strategy and I’ll go keep these at my notes for my writing later! :+1:


Cernul and the counters

@blue_jay Oh well dang you got me there! xD

Okay sooooo…

While they’re feeling bad for sure they knew this is what they must do. Beside, even with actual reasoning, if it’s aimed to makes them felt bad, they’ll just knew it. They can even filter out their feeling so anyone outside of the barrier will not feel any emotions from the Viridian.

Yeaaaaah with all of these guys, seems like you’ll get the barriers bust pretty quick~

Hmmm… that could help I think… :thinking:

Definitely not as easy as you said, because not even Cernul’s ultimate moves can bust this alone, but like what I said it can help.

Either way works lol

Velcard can probably bypass this by simply slipping in and use his ultimate form once he’s on the inside, because as long as he shows no threat UNTIL he drag the boss to his own dimension, they could have some ultimate showdown on the inside!! o_o

I don’t think Ea can do anything against this barrier anyway, but she do can help.

…My oh my, seems like I underestimate Cernul… :frowning:

Well anyway I read your more detailed strategies for the weaponry, but I don’t mind on replying things one by one. The point is that some of the counters worked, some can still be countered by the boss, but I’m not gonna reveal the outcome of these strategies until I write the battle so I’m not spoiling the scenario of the boss battle. :3


Jackson's decision


Hmmm I actually like your strategy because you’re on side of the boss, but also could actually stop the boss instead just following what the boss doing. :slight_smile:

Anyway I assume that Jackson will need to defend himself and his allies UNTIL the negotiation actually worked, so your combat strategies will be considered too.

As for the form of the boss, here you go!


I have to admit I’m not sure what to say, or even what direction to go. @Crimson_Scythe a little help?


I’m not sure either, since this is a really messy boss battle. I think Cali will just help Jackson on talking with the boss on convincing them to cease the war?


Probably… Though Cali would also be likely to go with Watcher.


I think Watcher need a ship, so Jackson will go recover the old ship. At that time, Cali could be helpful to relocate the Watcher back to his original ship.

When it’s done, the Watcher can start the battle. What will Cali do then?


Really you got THAT out of it? I saw that as Jackson’s going to fight AGAINST the boss since as you said for my arguments the boss isn’t going to listen and just filter out those pleas. O_o


I put the detailed information on the bottom of the form, on the strategy of the Valadian, that they’ll likely going to negotiate with the Watcher simply because the boss knew that they meant no harm. The boss might said that they will eliminate everything but on the prologue it’s implied that the Watcher’s ship isn’t one of the target.

And they agreed soooo yeah… xD


I dunnooooo xD


The way I envisioned it, on the brunt start of the battle, the boss will go heavy fire on everyone from the beginning to eliminate as much as ships as possible, while also trying to negotiate with the Watcher, communicating with the ship to also talk with Cali, Aquihet, and Jackson. If they agreed to help, their ship will be teleported beyond all the barriers to keep them safe, while the negotiation begin.

Meanwhile, Cernul and Velcard will start countering the boss, while Mazell already run away back to his ship, probably ready to evacuate.

Jarick will most likely escape along with the rest of humanity, but due to the heavy fire, he might need to wait until the boss is distracted enough, perhaps by taking advantage of the alien mothership that will soon attack the boss.

Once it happen, Cernul begin his moves as discussed before, until Velcard got enough control to use his final form, dragging the boss to his own dimension and 1 vs 1 each other there.

Meanwhile, Jackson, Cali, Aquihet, and the Watcher will need to fight against Cernul again, at least until Velcard and the boss returned there. Jackson could help recovering the Watcher’s ship while also fixing the planet. He might even gonna summon Ea back to the planet, or at least a record of her past activity.

(Meanwhile all this happened, Jabberwock will just cause mess for everyone regardless of the alliance, so don’t expect him to have any loyalty)

By the time the boss returned, Velcard will probably be weakened enough or dead, he’s out of the picture and now the boss returned on kicking Cernul out to kingdom come, then a surprise attack to the boss happens! Jarick then fire the Star Destroyer as he find the right moment, then the boss reintegrate the barriers, but all of them blown unless the final one.

The boss is finally weakened enough, and from there… I’ll keep it as a surprise… :wink:


Long as I don’t go out without a fight!

Do I have to debate the others again? Cause I have a feeling fight will be different on both fronts now that both sides understand what the other can do.


Oh trust me, all of us will fight to the last drop of blood. All ultimate moves shall be used! ^-^/

Please debate as you please, because the scenario is still open to discussion. While Velcard smash the boss on his own dimension, Cernul gonna face 4 characters at once, that are Jackson, Aquihet, Cali, and the Watcher himself. That’s assuming all of them survived so far.


Kaaaaaay buuuut I’mma go for kills again that okay?


As you wish, gives it all you got. :slight_smile:


I’ll do that tomorrow I’m focused on finally updating a story tonight lol


Yeah take your time, beside I’m already tired~ xD (And will fall asleep in few hours)

Edit: Jackson will probably bring the copy of Ea into the battle. Since it’s a copy of a past event then I don’t think that you need to eliminate her, she’ll vanish by herself later, BUT you could use Ea to your advantage if you want anyway.


Planned on it




She might go and try to convince some of the remaining ships to leave the planet and give up. With everything going on, some of them might go for it.