Good decision. She’s very fast, so she could try to go out and communicate with the ships while she also avoid the constant attacks.


I mean, especially with the humans.

If chaos was breaking loose and suddenly a unicorn came and told me to leave, I’d go. Then Again, I wouldn’t get involved in the war in the first place…


Good points. :rofl:


Wait…i thought Watcher was in protect Form when the ship was destroyed by Ea…

by all rights his ship should have reverted to Base Form and be okay


Cernul wreck that ship really hard, even on Protect Form it still break apart. And it’s pretty much destroyed by the end of the matchup where the continent blown. It’s now a shipwreck that we need to fix.


I don’t know whether I’ll use this song for the boss battle or not, but I love this song and it’s surprisingly fitting with this boss battle. It sounds like a premonition of doomsday, as if destruction is coming.


This also seems fitting



Ohhhh nice animation~

*guitar plays*


This honestly sounds like what played when the allies start kicking back against something really powerful, but you gotta stand up and fight for what’s right! The determination, I can totally imagine this song for “that” moment of the battle!!

Holy helllll Terryyyyyyyy my imagination


Yeah I’m so using this! :metal:


…I just got hit by a realization that Jackson could do combo moves together with everyone, and when I thought about this… oh boy… o_o

We really need to discuss this later. @Aero_Gottesbesitz

I mean, Jackson already did combo moves on the matchup, but there’s still some combos that we never tried before. Also there’s some characters that MIGHT could be compatible with his combo, such as Jabberwock, providing that Jabberwock willing to help. Perhaps he could even use Ea for his combo, although I’m not sure whether that’s possible or not since it’s just part of History Reborn.

There’s also Mazell, but…

Wait… is Mazell really gonna betray Velcard or not? @Lord_Killen_King In fact I’m not even sure what Mazell gonna do right now, because you haven’t discussed anything yet.


Sorry been busy family and bank stuff…:sweat_smile:

Anyway as for Mazell betraying Velcard that depends on what Velcard would do. Like if Mazell witnesses him doing something that he can’t stomach like killing innocents in front of him. Or if he attacks Drakey. Aside from this Mazell will put his survival above all else…XD

Anyway sorry gonna be busy for awhile…XD


Ahh I see, it’s okay~ xD

Velcard have no problem with slaughtering the innocent, but right now, it’s the boss that’s going to annihilate everything on the planet, including the Mazell city. So will Mazell be determined enough to save everyone that he’ll use his dragon form now?

Anyway it’s okay if you’re busy. You just need to answer this one question. :wink:


i thought the Mazell City was a spaceship…


That’s not really something he can decide like it happens instinctively based on what he’s seeing. Like he’ll first prioritize getting the city out of there but if sees it about to be heavily damaged he’ll probably go into the form without even realizing it…:thinking:


It is a floating city without weapons actually…XD


So basically a spaceship




Yeaaaah it is lol

@Lord_Killen_King The city will likely be damaged really bad, if the boss will ever need to makes sure that no one related to Velcard escaped from the place. So I envisioned that the Mazell city along with their master going to crash down into the planet, but then Mazell went into his final form as he’s trying to survive and trying to save everyone around him.

Imagine that amidst the destruction, he’ll see Drakey around him, then with his two guns in hands, he knew what he must do here.


Well like I said it’s not really something he can decide but instead happens instinctively like he wont even realize that he has that determination. For example if a person sees something shocking and has a heart attack. Mazell instead transforms. Before he even realizes what he’s doing he’s already using his body as a meat shield…XD


Ahhh now I can understand… that’s great! Thanks! :blush:


I’m surprised that no one discussed anything anymore… o-O

Well I guess I can start writing the battle now, and while people waiting for my writing, I could open the boss of the Christmas round so people got something else to discuss.