I’ve been waiting but no one’s brought anything worth discussing with for Watcher so :lobster:


Alright I’m going to reveal some hot topic then…

Inked and I decide to open the next round on February.

It’s still pretty long, because R16 will surely end in a week or two. However there’s not enough time for another round until February, so the only thing that we could do between the period is opening another mini round. That also means, we can finish the Christmas round now.

And so, the Christmas boss will happen immediately!

Are everyone ready? :wink:


Heck yeah!


*writing the intro now*

People isn’t going to expect this… hehehe… >:3


is expecting Santy Claws


I googled that, and I find a furry Santa… xD


Lmao I got it from Nightmare Before Christmas


Oh wow, that exist. xD


I’m wondering if you realize this isnt the chat thread


Epic fail.




Ik i am late. But is it too late to give a strategy, how much time do i have?


Actually my friendo, a new update is here:

Since the new round isn’t gonna be here anytime soon, we’re gonna shift our focus to the Christmas mini round, because we’re gonna do another mini round in few weeks while waiting for Inked to get ready.


I have a better one on my insta, wait


I see, i think i can manage to read the christmas round start tonight. I have been very occupied



Please tell me that you at least already read that Christmas battle scene that I post last week.




No i ain’t read that, when i say busy i mean it is hard to find time to breathe. I think i read like 3 paragraphs.


God help you now, there’s so much for you to catch up…

You know, you worried about me not being able to focus on EFCDT because of the mini round, and now instead you’re the one who got overwhelmed.