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Prologue to the Final Boss


Note: Round 16 is still ongoing, this is a whole different round.

Additional note: Always remember to the song before continuing reading!


Theme Song: Two Steps From Hell - The Immortals


For what humanity has committed, they stride into them with wrath in their eyes… Modranicht and Father Winter of Northend, also known as Father Frost, the parents of Jack Frost. Despite the fact that he was the one in the wrong, the gods doesn’t care a worth of mortal’s life, and they shall pay for their atrocities!

The joy of this winter holiday ruined by the moment they appeared, the warm light that fills the city seemingly no longer matter now the cold blue engulfed the devastated snowy forest again. The innocent rush back to the city in fear, they keeps on praying, while the soldier strengthen their resolve.

“In the name of the sun, fire!!” Gwyndolynn rally the spirit of her army, and the archer starts launching their magical arrows!

Volley of arrows coming to the two gods, and they stared emptily. Walls of ice erected high, blocking the arrows. The next moment, it shatter by the swing of the sword of Father Frost, and furiously he stabs his blade to the ground, calling for avalanche against the high ground, causing the valley to collapse!

“Cry! Scream! Beg for your life! All is vain now!” The goddess said as she lift her hands, and crystal arrows descend down from the sky like hail of frozen rain. Blood stained the blizzard as they shred through the living.

Golden run of Enre cast, protecting the allies. “Now!” Falcon shouted, and Juxi deliver in fireballs!

In a swing, the father of winter extinguish the flames that block his path! “Fool, you dare to oppose me with little torches?”

Suddenly, he steps on a trap, as cage of flames imprison him! The hunter, Bai Yeti, readied his bow of fire element in combination of his prison. However, the goddess of winter suddenly appeared in front of him, and crystal spike sends the hunter hurled toward the gate.

Blazing furnace of Anna-Belle scorched the ground, and Modranicht retreat into the air, meanwhile the armored knight of ice slam his sword to the ground, resulting freezing gust of wind that frees him from the flames. However someone pushed through the blizzard, and smoldering fist of Glenn hits Father Frost on the face!

“Ughh…!” He flinched, repelled few steps back, and the Aventine of Serrano Kuroriku adds another push as the child bravely rush in, dueling against the sword of the frozen entity, causing resonance of metal.

From above, a gigantic spear of ice summoned by the goddess, and it descend down quickly! An old man, the chief lift his hands, and his golden shower illuminate upward, blowing the spear into fragments. The shockwave keep going, the lady of winter shield her face with her two hands, and when she open her eyes, a dragon is coming! With the wyvern, the queen of summer command a burning breath that causes Modranicht to scream!

Meanwhile, the combined force of the heroes, repelled the frozen swordsman. Glenn and Serrano attacks together, but the strength of their opponent is greater. That is, until the song of Anna-Belle heard, and the deity seems to lose his strength to stand tall.



Glenn and Serrano knocks Father Winter aback! Angered as two kids could threaten him, he swing his sword powerfully, delivering storm that rolls his opponent away! Through the snow, heavy footsteps heard, that is the Bai in his Yeti form! A punch to the chest stunned the swordsman, then as the winter god about to retaliate, someone held him from behind. The howl of Akyvak brought the dead Krampus back!

“Puny little mortals!” Modranicht said, and she lift her hands high. The snow spiral into a glowing white orb that enlarge and enlarge! Her mouth chants endlessly, her eyes closed, and the most powerful magic of hers will freeze everything alive in this mountain!

―Until the deafening silence override her control, and her magic cease.

Juxi is smiling from below, against the confused goddess, and she couldn’t hear anything nor continue her spells!



The dragon of Gwyndolynn smash her down! As she’s out of the range, the deafening silence no longer engulf her, however the roar of the dragon is upon her and its breath comes down, pushing the goddess down to the ground in merciless burst of flame!

Meanwhile, Father Winter is still fighting, his armor wouldn’t be broken so easily, however his arrogance, underestimating mortal so lowly, only brought him unpleasant surprise when they deliver their stronger blow. The Chief of Chamorro brought unleashed three giant swords, and even the father of winter has his eyes opened when it strike him down. The metallic hymn is so loud, the ground shatters!

“I… will not… bow down to mortals!”

His scream erupt, and gigantic arms of ice raise from the ground, punching back the golden swords! Then, in devastating speed, he launch himself to the city, and with a swing of his sword, the enchanted sword cleave through the wall of the city in shining blue!

Civilians and soldiers runs as the artillery welcomed the god, explosion ensues one by one, all in vain against the wrath of the winter lord. However, an angry rabbit is coming to his way, and a whacking of his fist stopped the swordsman!

“Ey mate, ain’t nice to wakes me up this way!” Zee said as he was just recovered, then from his back, a very small child jumped, kicking the face of Father Winter so powerfully, his helmet start to crack at least! Isa is coming to rescue!

“Guh…!!” He hold on to his face, but from his fingers that shroud the visor, he see a glint of light for a moment, before a cavalry crashed on him! Christoph fully recovered and come back with a bang, driving his lance to the abdomen of his enemy, he manage to score a solid hit that cracks through the armor, sending his enemy high to the air.

“Now it’s the time!”

“Yeah, let’s do this!”

Serrano and Glenn said in cheerful high-spirited voice, then the two child take the leap! Smoldering heroic fist and the legendary Aventine crossed against the ice god, shattering his defense at long last!

From the other side, an army of snow emerged with Modranicht brought in another powerful magic. Ten thousands of soldiers is in her allegiance, and all rushing to the city!

The queen of sun descend from her dragon gracefully, and she smiled.

“Falcon, support me.”

“Yes mam!”

Side by side, the two girls lift their staff, the golden of Enre and the glory of sunlight became one! In magnificent display of magical talent, heat wave exploded, blowing through the land of winter, halting the snow soldiers as they melt.

Father Winter get back to his fist, and now side by side with his wife as well. However, all goes according to the plan. The song of Anna-Belle is playing, and the moment it hit the crescendo, explosion blows open the ground, sending the two gods away!

Crashed down with smokes, the two deities are truly ashamed, enraged, in disbelief how their combined force couldn’t bring a single city down. Is this the power of Mother Maria and Nicholas Carol? The warmth in this city, the light, the prayer, they’re filling the heart of mankind with bravery… the thing that the two winter gods hated the most!

Ahead the two wounded winter lords, their child stands in their way, protecting them.

“You goddamn humans! Just you wait, the REAL winter god will be here soon!!” He taunted, a taunt that no one taken to the heart, however, the two gods behind him, his own parents, are actually mortified by his words.

“Son…what did you said…?” His father asked.

“Jack, you knew that my father is already dead, right?” Modranicht said.

“That’s right. Your mother is the last descendant of her bloodline.” Father Frost added.

Their child shook their head. “No, not them… it’s grandma.”

At that moment, even the two gods became speechless.


Theme Song: Gothic Music - Ghosts of Winter


“Son, if this is just your prank, then I’m going to be REALLY mad!” The father raise his voice.

“Jack, did you know what you’re talking about? Hulda is gone!” His mother hold on to his shoulder and look at her son worriedly.

“She’s not! She still visit me every night!” Jack denied.

“When will you grow up, son!? You act tough, but you’re still a crybaby for your granny!”


“Hulda is DEAD! I seen it, THEY KILLED HER!!”

The voice of Father Winter cease their arguments, while the crowds are watching the inner conflict of the gods.

“The heck they’re talking about?” Jake Snow, that still paralyzed at the moment and leaning against the city’s walls, wondered.

“…Huh…? …Did I miss anything?” A girl just woken up. Mattie finally get back after her narcolepsy knocking her down.

Meanwhile, the shouting of the winter child continues.

“Lies! She’s still alive and I got the proof!!” Jack Frost open his palm, and there’s a glowing crystal, a toy modeled after Jack himself, with words engraved on the panels below the sculpture:


That silenced his two parents, as if they seen that their child just received a Christmas present from a ghost…

“It… can’t be…” The goddess steps back, feeling cold crawling on her back, even for a soul as cold as hers.

“This… only mother could… but…” The armored god shook his head, and slowly, he touched the crystalline sculpture.

“Granny said that if I could destroy that starry tree, she could return back to us…”

The arms of Jack is shaking, no one responded, until finally, a whisper heard from the child’s toy…


“My, my…”

“Everyone is here at last…”

“At last… my son and my grandson is here…”


At that moment, even the almighty winter god is shaking, and he held the arm of his son, looking at the glowing crystal.


“Yes, Frost, my child…”

“How could you…?”

“It’s a long story… But I always been watching…”

“…After all this time…?”


Now, even the winter god kneeling down weakly, his head lowered to the earth.

“Now… Should we do it again…?”

“The winter prayer for me…”

“Once more, together…”

“…Yes… Let’s do it…”

And so, he pick the little toy and held it to his heart. Blue light as bright as the sky shines, and the ground begin to shake.

Together, all the three sing a song against the song of humanity, of the song of winter that once blessed the land.


“O mother of all winter, hear us…”

“Let us see your light, the aurora, your beauty, in this sunless land…”

“The one, the old, the first that sings in the grace of winter…”

“Grandmother Frost, Hulda…”

“The winter is yours…”

“…And will always be, eternally…”

“Together in everlasting ice age, your name…”



Theme Song: Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Tempest


The blue light arise into pillar as the winter gods pray upon their mother, and the sky light by an enchanting aurora. From the horizon, another pillar of light emerge, and the gods open their eyes, while the citizen of Yule stare in awe.

Immediately, darkness blanket the world, as the moonlight and stars vanished, eaten by the cruel snowstorm. In the darkness, a ghost from the past returned to the side of her family, with the gentle touched in their shoulder that they missed.

“Together as one, we shall never be separated again…” She said, as her ethereal white image sway by the wind.

“And now, we shall be one… again…”

As if their suffering released, the gods fade into glowing snow and start to circle around the ghost, absorbed by the mother of all winter as her body reborn from her own descendant. Dressed in pure white, as white as the snow, the first deity of winter finally able to return to the world as whole.

“At last… I’ll be remembered again…”

And as her eyes opens, the pitch black eyes glows in blue, as the old woman grinned and laughed.

“Now… who’s the naughty boys and girls that shall be sacrificed this winter!?”

Her lunatic laugh echoes as she ascend to the sky, and from behind the white lady, from the deep darkness within the snowstorm, the old titans, the frost giants awakens in command of the primordial winter god.

And at the center of this storm, the light of Yule shines…

This is no longer a battle to protect the city, no longer a fight to keep the holiday spirit…

This is no longer about Christmas…

It’s a fight to death.

It’s a fight to determine the future of this land.

A fight against the first god in this land, the one that rule superior over the ice age long ago…

…And the one that desire to bring that age back to the earth.




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