No bruh


Hold a min, how far are you in the backlog?

From where you should start catching up? After the matchup? Or FROM the matchup?


I am at the end of the boss of Valadia or… what it’s named.


Ohhh okay


Awesome prologue! Can’t wait to get down to business. I’ll see if Akyvak can contribute more, assuming I don’t get bogged down the day I go back to school.


Oh yeah great prologue for the boss!

Though it has no reason to destroy anyone except Cernul and their Ancient Enemy.

Why are they attacking everyone for the stupid aliens attacking?

Other than that, Idk what Aquihet would be up to when the war is legit already over - what was happening before was meaningless, but what the boss is doing is meaningful.

I see no reason for Aquihet not to side with the boss. The reason he came here was because these lifeforms were a disgrace to the gods anyway.


I actually think Aquihet would go right after the Alien Mother ship coz those dumbasses made everything worse and are a source of aggression for the Hive mind apparently.

If he wants to gut anyone it’s them.


Yay thanks! ^-^/

Nah they’re smart enough to figure out the reason why everyone’s here (I mean, everyone who’s going war on each other) and that is for the viridium. Once they figure out that the REAL material is actually far more deadlier than viridium then surely people such as Jarick would wish obtain it for themselves. Meanwhile the rest are allies of Cernul so it can’t be risked.

Anyway yeah, Cali and the Watcher already siding with the boss and their strategies already discussed few days ago, meanwhile Jackson will still side with the boss but taking a unique decision on trying to convince the boss to stop those warmongers. He basically promise a peace treaty and will recover the planet for the boss and use his status as a Guardian of Time and Space to protect the planet from those who wanna mine the resource.

Aquihet can go gut the alien mothership but first try to check my scenario here :slight_smile:


Grandmother Winter should have a broom stick as a weapon because grannies always smack your bottom as punishment


Oh wait i just realized this is gwyndolynn’s metaphorical wet dream. To fight a god/dess of winter haha




Granny coming this Christmas to smack the bad boys and girls with the traditional ways! :rofl:

Oyeeee this round surely coincidentally befit Gwyn so much


She’ll either feel angry or euphoric or b o t h


Oshit shiiit I just realized that her wish can become real now oh ohhhh


dun dun dun


Well you’re not wrong, Aquihet would wish to communicate with the boss first.


Just to note, I expect all of Aquihet’s fire from the previous fight to be there.

Is this so?

It’s about time he entered his final form - “The self-absorbed slug needs to learn the value of honour.”

Eagle screech into the horizon.


I’m not sure how that worked, but if he can absorb his flame and store it within himself, then sure.


Coat: When a battle is finished and Aquihet still has lingering flames they attach to his body like a coat, and are available for recycling.

He would be in human form, and also not inside the ship - he’d be too hot.


Well he was on the ship, on the prologue, but that’s not a problem anyway.