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Below is the boss of EBG Christmas round!

If you didn’t read the prologue yet, then you must read it before you read the form!

Prologue to the Boss battle




Boss: Hulda, Grandmother Frost, Mother of all Winter, Old Mother Frost, Goddess of Snow, Queen of Ice Age

Offense: Depend on the form. Low on the first, high on the later.

Defense: Depend on the form. Low on the first, moderately high on the later.

Agility/Mobility: Depend on the form. Low on the first, VERY HIGH on the later.

Location: Northend, originally was sealed on the Old Testament, now resurrected nearby Yule.

Description: Grandmother Frost, or Grandmother Winter, alternatively Grandma/Granny Frost/Winter and with many more variation is the first deity of winter in this fantasy land. She lose her old glory as time passed, as the seasons changed, as the ice age vanished, she aged rapidly and now becoming a frail old woman.

Doesn’t matter how you look at it, Hulda looks just like your ordinary granny, from top to down all over. Her hair is brittle white much like any old folks, and she tied them into a bun with a hairpin much like a typical grandma hairstyle. She wear a simple winter brown clothing with furred cape that went through her end of feet. She looks really kindhearted and there’s nothing goddess-like from her until she open her crystal-like eyes that mirrored the starry night sky but glowing in blue gleam.

She’s probably the most plainly designed boss in history of EBG, without any awesome fantastic aspect in her image. She just looks like this.


Different case for her youthful self, when she’s still a powerful goddess, when she’s still queen of the frozen world.

In her true form, she had a beautiful platinum hair that often be described as flawless silk made of snowy white crystals. In combined with her divinely pure white dress and skin paler than the moon makes her always been associated with the color of white. Her eyes however shine in brilliant gem-like blue, sparkling and piercing to the irises. Her beauty said to makes the other goddess to be envious.

(She’s kind of inspired by the White Witch of Narnia, but they looks entirely different, so here’s the best pics that I can find to represent the boss)


Personality: Hulda is just like any granny that you can find around you; she’s kindhearted and caring, watching over their grandchild with smile and only wish the best for them. She really befit the image of Christmas, that is an elder person that will greet you in merry and joy for any families around.

However, Hulda was once an iron-fist goddess of winter, the coldest and most merciless among them all. Despite her being softened as she aged, and as she retired, now only want to watch her grandchild grows up, she’s still the same cold-blooded queen on the inside.

As she aged, she changed. She rather not resort to violence needlessly. She’s done with it, that is unless if it involve her families. Then that inner goddess of winter will surfaced again, like what happened right now on this round. Although she couldn’t be as brutal as she was long ago, she’s still willing to eradicate the whole human race if needed. Because humanity can regrow in just several decades. Her children does not repopulate that fast.

To sums her, she’s not needlessly evil, but necessarily cruel.

…Although she got several more motives that you can see in her backstory.


History: Her name told in the oldest fairy tale in the land known as Northend, where long ago, in a distant past, there’s only one deity of winter, that is Hulda, the goddess of snow.

Known with flawless crystal white hair that makes the other goddesses jealous, Hulda is a primordial goddess of winter that exist before mankind exist, in the days where the giants and dragons still rivaled the deities, in a brutal and cruel age where no salvation nor redemption exist other than in the mercy of the greater spirits that embodies the nature itself.

As one of them, Hulda is a being that embodies winter, and the first among them to ever exist, born when the world is still engulfed in prehistoric ice age. In there, Hulda’s first reign is steel cold against the tyrannical frost giants, that she need to exert an oppressive image of a terrifying queen in order to keep them under control. At that time, Hulda is still a youthful queen and it was when she’s still at her peak of power.

Ages passed, humanity raised as life begin to grow, the ice age passed and now, the glory of Hulda only remain in time of winter. What was extremely powerful began to soften as she aged, unnaturally old for even goddess, as the climate changed, leaving only remnant of her old beauty.

At that time, her son, Frostenmast (later known by humanity as Father Frost / Father Winter) already reached maturity and married another winter goddess named Modranicht. It was then when Hulda decide to pass the crown and sit back, leaving her old battles and just being a humble patron of winter. Ages passed until the two bear a child that is Jack Frost. It was then when the frozen heart of the winter tyrant warmth, when she could experience what it felt like to have a child to spoil in her retirement days.

However, she reap what she sow, BUT sadly, she need to pay for her deeds when she’s no longer a tyrant. Hulda is actually a pretty tragic character. When she’s still a tyrant, no one dare to oppose her. Now that she’s weakened into an old woman, they struck her down, right at her weakest time.

Hulda is not the only deity that symbolize the seasons. Long ago, she was the most powerful, but now that her strength faded, those who wish to end the cold of winter got the higher ground. Taking a chance, they along with many of human empire rally the war against the lord of winters, fighting against the ice titans with their flaming dragons, believing this is for sake of a better world, dreaming for a land where green grasses bathing in sunlight.

When they almost win, Hulda descend down from the snowy mountains and devastate the armies, a punishment they deserved in her eyes as they dare to harm her family. Full of wrath, the grandmother winter brings in the full force of the frost giants in mission to destroy every single human civilization. In eyes of the mortal, they didn’t see themselves doing anything wrong and keep praying for the gods to save them.

…That’s when one stood among humanity, what they later refer as “The Messiah” among mortal. A young holy man sacrifice himself as he bound his soul to a gigantic cross made of the same crystal that Hulda once created, and thus, become the bane of her as her own soul swallowed into the cross.

Ages passed, the cross still stands, buried deep in snow among the ruins of the old war. This relic became known as the “Old Testament” as a gravestone of both figures. With it, the tale of the ice queen ends…

However, Hulda never died. Her body torn apart, her child seen her demise, but her soul still forever sealed within the cross. Hulda is still sentient, and with little remaining in her power, visited Jack Frost every lonely nights, bringing him bedtime stories and sometimes toys made of her crystal craft.

She later told Jack on how to revive her, which among the requirement is to destroy the starry tree of Yule that weaken their ice power. However unexpectedly, when Father Frost and Modranicht appeared as well, their united prayer is enough to release Hulda to the world. Their bodies sacrificed to the old goddess, so she may reborn again.


Armors: Absolutely nothing. She doesn’t even possess any superhuman stats and is only a frail granny, at least, right now.

Weapons: She usually carry a simple wooden staff, but it’s not even a weapon and only an ordinary wooden stick.

Abilities: Hulda maybe greatly weakened, however she’s still the most powerful winter goddess. After her defeat that result the Old Testament, she lose all her power or even a body to walk on the earth anymore. However with her family became one with her, forming her new body, then her power partially returned, although still less powerful in compared to the day when she curbstomp empires and nearly eradicating humanity if not for the Messiah that stopped her there.

For comparison sake, Hulda at that time could blow through cities easily with help of her army, and when she’s still at her peak performance and youthful beauty, she can cover the whole land with an ice age. After reincarnating on the prologue, she could still destroy many small town, providing there’s no one strong enough to hinder her progress.

Now, let’s explain her power from the most basic…

Floating: As you can see, she can float around indefinitely with no cost whatsoever. Don’t expect her to go high speed though, she’s just an old granny. The best she can do is to fly around the speed of bicycle.

White Shift: Vanished into glowing fragments of snow then reappear somewhere else in the same fashion. Can be done anytime and instinctively happen whenever she’s in danger.

Snowblades: Each falling snowflakes that still in their finest shape (not yet crushed down as they filled the ground) can be turned into sharp blades of ice, lean and sleek, light and fragile, but sharp enough to slice through flesh like razor blades, only they’re thicker. Although dealing small damage, can be used to massacre many targets at once as she can launch them from any direction where the snow fallen down. They’re basically an extra slim throwing knives.

Ice Golems: Construct a simple golem made of ice, rigid and blocky, size ranging between 3 to 6 meters with their strength and durability depends on the size. At minimum they could break a traditional brick walls or small trees, and at max they could break modern walls or larger trees. The smaller ones can be broken with the several hand grenades (or a single, standard bomb) while the larger ones might need to be taken down with several shot of medieval cannonballs, or a single anti-tank rocket launcher. Anyway they’re just some tough walking iceberg, a punch strong enough will break them. The problem is that they can spawn in constant pace, although they moves slowly.

White Knights: Construct a heavily armored knights in white steel, actually another ice golem but made of condensed snow. Although brittle and thus fragile, they’re like crystals, and thus harder than just rocks, can be compared to a stone sculpture. They’re typically around 3 meters, with strength that could rip humans like veggies, wielding long swords that can cut large trees easily. They move faster than the standard ice golems, but less durable, to point that their own sword sometimes breaks if they got his back. Just like the usual golems, they can be spawned at constant pace, but Hulda doesn’t usually spam them until needed.

Frost Giants: The primordial humanoid race, the first that inhabit this world long ago. They’re barbaric, brutal and mindless, knows no master other than Hulda that forcefully bend them down when she’s still a tyrant. After Hulda sealed, the population of the frost giants dwindled, and so, she can only summoned few of them here. Their size ranges between 10 to 30 meters, although typically being less than 15, while anything above 20 is the strongest ones but Hulda only got few survived. Consider the smaller ones could break through castle walls and wreck small houses, the large ones could break through large boulders and wrecks large buildings. The smaller one can be taken down with a standard boulder-busting attack on the right place (head or heart) while the large one require some building busting attacks. Right now, Hulda’s only got three of the large giants. The number of the smaller ones can be adjusted later based on our need.

Great Wolves: Large grey hounds, about as large as tigers, and the most dangerous wolves on the land. Hulda always fond of them and they naturally drawn toward her, making a large population of these wolves to run amok against those who oppose her. They’re notably stronger than lions but less than bears. Their actual strength is their speed that rival horses, as they pack heavy weight and can tackle down cavalries.

Snow Globe: If she ever needed, Hulda can protect herself by encasing herself in transparent crystals just like a snow globe that can tank down even tank guns easily. Require LOTS of heavy hits to even cause a crack, that many boulder-busting attacks would be required. She can use this anytime, indefinitely, but once it breaks, then she can’t use it anymore.

Cold Flesh: Just in case you wonder, this granny got no body heat and is colder than a dead man being abandoned in middle of winter outdoor. She can sap your body heat if she grab you, if she ever need to kill someone as painlessly as possible.

Snowstorm: Nothing fancy, not some cool ability with a name, and just a simple snow storm. However can shroud huge area, can be summoned at any time, and can last indefinitely as she wished.

Eternal Ice Tombs: Considering that Hulda is way weaker now, she didn’t fight on herself, and when there’s a strong opponent, she resort on sealing them permanently in an ice. This magical, glowing bright blue ice got the magical property of tranquilizer, and once frozen, put whoever inside at ease, to keep them sleeping eternally. So yes that’s like instant cryogenic sleep unless you’re like those frozen prehistoric animals trapped in the iceberg. The ice is easily as breakable as ordinary iceberg anyway. Size of the ice can be adjusted and can be summoned many at once.


ULTIMATE FORM: The White Goddess

Although her old glory as the primordial winter goddess already fade, the remnant of that power is still alive, only that she never could awaken it until now, not until her family gave her their youthful life.

When you could successfully damaged the old granny, her body will break down and fade into glowing white snow, then that fragments spread through the snowstorm, gathering the power of winter to recreate her in her most prime, her peak of shape, as the beautiful white goddess.

This form is only temporary, and her power is not even half as strong as what she used to be long ago when the world is still in its ice age, but at least she’s now stronger than any of her aged incarnation, even when compared to that day when she bulldoze the empires that oppose her.

In order to sustain this form, she need to sacrifice all her last remaining frost giants, in exchange that if she win this battle, she could keep this form forever, if she could successfully brought back the ice age, and thus return to her full power.

Despite not being in her full power, Hulda is still OP for the round, and here’s the list of her abilities:

Tyrannical Strength: Don’t compare her to that weak granny, right now she can pummel down a muscular adult male with little effort. It said that on her full power long ago, her strength rival the largest frost giants. Right now, the fragment of the tyrant’s strength still could one-hit-KO a bear with a single punch, break open thick walls easily, and uproot trees. Even if she rarely ever fight bare hands, she’s capable to CQC someone brutally.

Winter Immortality: The original Hulda long ago is very hard to ever be killed, it would require scorching the world to erase her. Right now she’s much weaker in comparison, but still very resilient, tanking down boulder-busting attacks without fatal damage. High heat can hurt her more, but she still could survive many explosives until she wounded damaged badly. If you leave her be, she’ll fully recover in an hour from dying state, while light wounds heal in minutes. This is passive as long as the winter still exist, but can be stopped by constantly exposing her to high temperature.

Silent White: She can move faster than the wind, leaving trail of snow along with her blurred white image, yet still being nearly soundless as she blend in with the snowstorm to reappear behind her target or to attack from their blind side. She’s particularly skilled at evasion, could dodge even when overwhelmed and shift to their blind spot.

Twin Swords of White Wolves: The swordsmanship technique that Jack Frost and his father got was inherited from her. Hulda however got a graceful style that none of them could imitate, as her body, hands and feet moves in such fluid animation, however carrying such immense strength, she could smash open boulders in each of her heavy hits. Her skill makes her able to slice down rain of arrows, The sword is also unbreakable despite their lightweight design. They looks like this.


Blizzard Blades: Just like the Snowblades, however larger, heavier, stronger as they made by even more snowflakes and can be spawned from any direction, raining down in high speed that could shred peoples easily.

Ice Spikes: Typical burst of ice spikes, can be summoned from any surface, with the burst itself is strong enough to bust houses, but they’re no different than iceberg in form of spikes.

Frozen Breath: Blows in the breath of an ice dragon, sending beam of freezing air that instantly turn most things to ice. From humans, animals, even trees could froze. Will slowly freeze even dragons and titans.

Fangs of Winter: Summon a gigantic head of a wolf made of ice then release it to the world to endlessly feast on her enemies. Although cannot actually eat anything, its strong enough to crush down large targets such as buildings, or even the hull of naval battleship. The ice wolf is stronger than just iceberg but not less stronger than large boulders. Hulda can only summon once at a time, once per ten minutes.

Iceberg Meteor: Create a literal iceberg from the sky and send it down the earth! The sheer weight can break open the surface area, and the impact could devastate several kilometers of the city or crushed down a village. Require 7 seconds of creation, cooldown 30 minutes.

Frostbite Death: Named after the chilling pain that this attack caused before it took the lives of its victim. Hulda charged her sword until it brims with energy, then launch herself like a cannonball to the target from extreme distance, with astounding speed and force, the two swords impaled them and begin freezing their flesh to the marrow, until the inevitable death when their heart stopped beating, then the two swords pulled aside, shattering the target. The attack itself could pierce through titanium armor, the hide of dragon, and such target, while the rate of freezing depend on the physical/magical defense of the person. Normal human is to weak for her to use them as target of this killing move, as their body will shatter instantly that instead of impaling, Hulda just fly past through them. This is a rather exhausting move, require her to get into an undisturbed concentration for at least three seconds. Can be done once in an hour.

Blessing of the Aurora: From the beginning as she entered this final form, the sky of the whole land will be filled with aurora. With the force of the arctic sky, Hulda gain resistance over any magical effect that might try to manipulate or changes her in any ways. This resistance will wear down as time passed based on how much badly wounded she is.

Twin Swords of Eternal Crystal: She can transform her original swords into beautiful weapons made of glowing magical crystals. They’re just slightly more deadly than the original, but right now, they deal extra magical damage to magical target, while the wielder gain extra magic resistance. The cold of the blade also nullify heat to a degree, allowing her to freeze the surrounding water body in seconds of mere contact with the tip. The weapons are unbreakable just like the original.


Terror of Ice Age: Summon a gigantic ice dragon that span over 100 meters long, with black scale and glowing blue eyes. A thickly armored dragon that’s strong enough to tackle through buildings with ease while also withstanding explosives even to heat of magma. However for such powerful being, it has rather low mobility, as the creature prefer to stay still while it unleash destructive frozen breath that can rip through buildings all over the city into icy shards.


Song of Everlasting Winter: Together with her dragon, Hulda sings an ethereal hymn that will echoes through the world, summoning the age of ice upon the land again to encase all in endless blizzard. As soon as her melody heard, storm will rip through the forest and villages, the wind will spins around her as she became the eye of the storm, and the cold reached inhospitable temperature that even winter animals could freeze to death. After 100 seconds, even modern civilization will begin to freeze, water bodies become solid ice, and the rest of the world begin to be coated under the thick snow. If no one stops her, after an hour, Hulda will recover most of her true power that she could bulldoze through empires easily again.

When the song played, Hulda is pretty much near death, and so does the dragon. Bring in your final moves to end her once and for all, before she could bring back the ice age!


Pattern of the Boss Battle: Hulda start at her granny form, so even a simple hit can brings her down. However she relies on evasion and the snow globe to keep her safe while using her summons, basically fighting like a “summoner” type of character.

After her defense breached, she’ll show her true form and went furiously brutal on her fighting style, she’ll slaughter all in her path mercilessly. She move really fast, essentially a speedy fighter but also got enough strength to smash down even a big muscular guy with one hand. Be careful, watch your back, and have good teamwork if you want to survive this phase of the boss battle.

When she’s dying, then she’ll use the aurora and just become mindless monster, basically went into berserk mode and try to kill as much people as possible, while also avoiding her weakness. When it’s not enough, she’ll then summon the ice dragon.

Trivia: Hulda is few of female EBG boss, and the only EBG boss that took shape of an old woman.

This is the second boss in history of EBG that an elderly person become the boss, as the only one that ever been, is Dr. Veruckt from R10’s Fight For Fun.

She’s also the second of EBG boss to mainly have an ice power. Ironically, the first ice-based boss is Kravonus, an ice dragon.

Originally, the boss of this Christmas round was planned to be an ordinary human granny with some wish-granting power but she cannot grant her own wish that is to resurrect her beloved husband, however that role then given to the plot character that is Mother Maria and the husband become a whole different person with a brand new role that is Nicholas Carol, in mix of idea from @Logia-senpai where St. Nicholas was involved on the round.

The concept of Hulda, Father Winter, Modranicht, Jack Frost, even Maria and Nicholas are all theme related to either winter or the Christmas.

Hulda is inspired by German fairy tale, Frau Holle, which is a granny that also a winter deity of snow. However Frau Holle is entirely kindhearted and benevolent.

The reincarnation of Hulda meant to represent the second coming of Christ, because Christmas meant to celebrate his birth. Additionally, the whole “Messiah” savior of humanity and the “Old Testament” giant cross only add more Biblical symbolism to the round.


Alright done, now I desperately need to sleep… xD

I’ll consider nerfing the boss later if needed. She’s probably kinda too OP at some parts, but I’ll wait for the players to respond first before I changed anything from the boss.


Why do I feel especially targeted by this one? :laughing:

Anyways she’s fun :3


@Crimson_Scythe hmmm so since Isa is a Source he has it in him to grant wishes thanks to his Celestial heritage…

Thing is I didn’t put the key abilities that would do this on his form so dunno of you’d want me to say he can grant some of the harder wishes. XD


Maybeeee :3

Celestial heritage eh? Lemme think on how to utilize this on the round hmmm… :thinking: Idk about the mechanism of this and it’s not on the form, so perhaps it would be better if I heard how this worked before I decide about anything.


Well remember that Celestials can rewrite the ways of the world with Genisum? Since Isa is a Source he can use it too (though in canon he doesn’t learn about this all until he’s 24) But with it he can “create” a version of the world in which someone’s wish comes true.

Isa COULD access this knowledge though from his past lives (he has 14 lives of experience he can draw on) it’s kind of like what Aang does in Avatar the Last Airbender.

Of course I won’t ask these be applied to battle but for post battle so some wishes can be granted.