Hmmm I see… :thinking:

Well I think it’s best to leave it be, since Isa is just a child now, he wouldn’t have understand any of these since he’s yet to understand many things yet. I just find it awkward if he suddenly could do something like this when he’s still such an innocent child.


Just a suggestion :3




Crim you skipped all of Chief’s artisan light drawings… the symbols are necessary - they’re also there for pleasing visuals -_- But you didn’t make him draw his symbols you keep skipping to the attack when he does.


Eh? o.o

All I know is that he just need to draw blood from the symbol them smear it. The form didn’t said anything about the visual other than the ritual procedure.


It did… the ritual procedure for any non-basic signatures requires artisan light to draw the symbol layers himself.

Artisan Light - [Creation + Light] This allows the chief to write with light. In mid-air or on any surface creating a solid interface. Used to do secondary Forgery and onward, when in mid-air blood can still contact it. It takes 1.5 seconds to draw a secondary signature, 4 to draw a tertiary signature.

All forgeries require symbols remember, and this is how he draws when the ones on his body aren’t enough.


Ahh… I forgot about this part… welp sorry then.


Just… you can do it for the boss fight.

I don’t need you to edit.


Sure, of course I’ll write it differently now that I recalled it.


Woah, this really has been doing well. How’s everyone?


Well, we’re been through a lot, so it’s hard to tell… xD

Anyway long time no see! :slight_smile:


I could imagine. Still, you guys kept this place going. That’s got to count for something.


I mean, there’s so much great games going and that I wish I could show to the world because EBG keep going more epic, so that’s what I mean by we’re been through a lot, and it’s hard from where I need to start telling you the story.

Anyway glad to see you again! ^-^/


Ahhh, gotcha. Thank you, i’m glad to see everyone okay. Here’s hoping to being more active from herein. Oh, shoot, i hope this didnt interrupt anything in the chat. Apologies.


You’re welcome and it’s all okay. No one discussed the game right now, so no need to apology.


Thank goodness. Though, i see your english is as broken as ever.


Al least it’s improved much in compared to my English from years ago :rofl:


It looks the same. Eh, it’s not a big deal. What’s going on this round?


There’s two rounds going at the same time. We implement a new system called a mini round, something we first tried this Halloween, then we do it a second time on Christmas. The Halloween round set on Ireland, while the Christmas round set in a fantasy winter land.

The current main round is round 16 with sci-fi theme, and the highest power level that we ever do in EBG so far. Meanwhile the previous round, round 15, is a comedy round, so there’s lots of bizarre nonsense here and there.


That sounds… confusing. Especially trying to tell who’s talking for what round.