If you’re talking about having the mini rounds with the main rounds at the same time… Well, the forms and any of the writings are more organized now, so I don’t think there ever been confusion between the rounds.


Even within the same forum? That’s a mystery to me. Oh, well. Is it too late to join?


Yup yup it’s really easy to navigate now, but it took a long time to get used to the new forum.

Sadly both round is closed, but a new mini round will be posted in few weeks, and the new main round will happen somewhere in February.


Aw. Alright, watching should be fun, then. When do you think this will start up again?


It should be immediately.

For now, would you want to read what we got on the current rounds?


Anyway, seems like no one really wanna discuss the Christmas round. It’s like, the most dead discussion among all of EBG boss battle.

The thing is, I need everyone’s input on this, specifically because she’s pretty OP so I need to know what everyone will say about her before I decide to nerf her or not.

(Here’s her character form)


*gasp* crim… IS THIS CANON haha lol but i did suddenly hope that at least gwyndolynn’s ancestors would be remembered by granny


although crim her white goddess form (especially on the ultimate parts) seems a bit too OP although a deeper analysis might clear some things up.


Oh my god are you serious? Yet another coincidence!! o_o

Yeeeeee that white goddess part is OP and I kinda waiting for someone to talk about the boss because I need people’s opinion whether she need a nerf or not.


You realise Christoph can’t do anything about her right


I can totally argue about that.

But I’m gonna nerf her anyway~


I suppose Glenn won’t have a problem with Granny!Hulda, but the Ice Goddess form is very, very tricky with all that speed, especially the Blessing.

Also, the dragon seems OP: castle-level toughness, extreme resistance to heat (volcano equivalent), and flight with super speed. Even though the main target is the Ice Goddess and we can bypass the durability stuff, the flight/speed - combined with the Ice Goddess’ natural speed - will make it very hard to land a hit on her.

Anyway, Glenn will pretty much team up with the fiery people throughout the fight to survive.



Isa vs Golems

Isa vs Knights



Nice evasion, but that means she IS the snow right?

Ice Golems - Oh they make good prey for chief’s more spammable attacks, like Warrior’s Cleave, Steel Hunter and Steel Spikes.

White Knights - Same as for the normal Golems.

Frost Giants - Well they are human, and as you said a well-placed attack will kill them. Chief can use Many Swords to target vital points. He’ll focus on trying to take down the big ones, at least taking away their mobility by attacking their knees to shatter them if for some reason he can’t target their vital points.

Great Wolves - Awe Chief loves wolves, when he hunted he always took a wolf with him. Too bad he has to kill these if they attack him - though he would mostly use Warrior’s stride to avoid them since they’re fodder and he doesn’t really like the idea of killing the big 'ol cuties.

Snow Globe - Well it is Ice, that means heat should do extra damage. He can use one of his heat based attacks - but I think it might be better to use Golden Judgement, if he turns it into gold she won’t be able to control it anymore because it isn’t Ice. Would just fall on her. Ice is not dense like lead so the process should be faster, I would estimate a reasonable portion of it would become gold after one use.

Cold Flesh - Good thing Chief got his trusty barrier :sweat: He is too old to die after coming this far XD

Snowstorm - Alright.

Eternal Ice Tomb - Hm. This shouldn’t bypass the barrier.

White Goddess

I really think now would be a good time to summon Amista's Anger and support it with the debuff moves.

Winter Immortality - So is she made of Ice or wot? Coz my boy itching to turn her into gold - would make a nice souvenir.

If he has to deal with the Dragon his strategy will be to lure it in and defend himself with his shield, then disappear by forcing Null void so someone else can attack it.

My general strategy here for Chief, after Amista’s anger runs out will be to focus on heat-based attacks to keep his general region less cold while also doing more damage. So defend, evade and snipe. Every now and then he’d try to take out the dragon with one of his metalic projectile attacks.


@TheBiologist13 Yeaaaah I might gonna need to nerf the ice goddess, but it’s nice to hear that at least Glenn still could fight back with him teaming with the other fiery peoples.

@blue_jay I’ll make him goes rampage like that. :rofl:

@Logia-senpai As for the White Shift, it’s different than what Jack Frost doing, so just consider her breaking down into magical snowflakes and then disappeared, then reappear somewhere else.

Anyway seems that the chief will be all fine with the granny in her normal form, so let’s move on~

She’s a magical being now, so I’m not sure if she got flesh and bones, but she’s not made of snow. Maybe it’s possible to turn her into gold but I don’t think it would be easy considering her overwhelming speed that so far caused many trouble for the players. Perhaps, if I’m going to nerf her goddess form, then I need to makes sure to add an additional defense so she’s not gonna be instantly turned to gold so easily.

The Chief with his Amista and his other moves seems could deal with the boss nicely, but I gotta nerf the boss for sake of everyone… but that would makes the boss to be too easy for the Chief… :thinking:


I swear Crim i’ll make a strategy for Juxi soon. Tomorrow most likely.


Take your time, we’re not in hurry (I think)


Since the old granny still need a nerf and the discussion barely started, then I’m thinking that I should finish writing the R16 boss battle first, or should I?

I try to prioritize the Christmas round since it’s better to be wrapped up before Christmas far passed the closing date, and so that we can start the next mini round as soon as possible. However from what I seen so far, the Christmas round will not going to finish that quickly.

So, should I still delay the R16 writing until the Christmas round finished? Or should I finish the R16 writing first even before the mini round?

Additional question: Should we start the next mini round even if the Christmas round is still here?

Please pick one of the three options below, thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

  • Finish the Christmas round first in order for it to stay relevant to the calendar, then finish the main round
  • Finish the R16 first because it’s ready to be closed and the boss battle can be written now, then finish the Christmas round and start another mini round
  • Finish the R16 first, then start another mini round while also finishing the Christmas for the maximum time efficiency

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Meh, after a certain amount of blood loss any use would be dangerous to his health. Also Amista’s Idol lasts for I think 10 minutes.

Plus the place is cold and he lives in a warm climate.

Not exactly ideal.


If he chief uses more han 32 ounces of blood overall, counting the beginning of the round - he will go into shock and his body will feel it.

Guy didn’t even get a break to eat my srategy won’t be complete.now, he probably has like 16 ounces left and 6 once he gets out Amisa.

Oh sorry i forgo his vials of blood. He smashes hose into the signatures or splashes them.