Alright, thanks for the info. I will try to nerf the boss accordingly so she’s not too easy for the chief, and not too OP for him either.


Thanks on behalf of my fellow players lol


Hulda is now nerfed accordingly to our need. She’s still pretty OP, but no longer needlessly OP for the round. She’s beatable and easier to handle, but still challenging and not easy to take down.

Here’s the list of things that changed from her. The aurora no longer buff her and it’s now a passive blessing that happen immediately after she used the form. Meanwhile, her swords no longer being too strong, and the ice dragons get nerfed by a ton.


Blessing of the Aurora: From the beginning as she entered this final form, the sky of the whole land will be filled with aurora. With the force of the arctic sky, Hulda gain resistance over any magical effect that might try to manipulate or changes her in any ways. This resistance will wear down as time passed based on how much badly wounded she is.

Twin Swords of Eternal Crystal: She can transform her original swords into beautiful weapons made of glowing magical crystals. They’re just slightly more deadly than the original, but right now, they deal extra magical damage to magical target, while the wielder gain extra magic resistance. The cold of the blade also nullify heat to a degree, allowing her to freeze the surrounding water body in seconds of mere contact with the tip. The weapons are unbreakable just like the original.

Terror of Ice Age: Summon a gigantic ice dragon that span over 100 meters long, with black scale and glowing blue eyes. A thickly armored dragon that’s strong enough to tackle through buildings with ease while also withstanding explosives even to heat of magma. However for such powerful being, it has rather low mobility, as the creature prefer to stay still while it unleash destructive frozen breath that can rip through buildings all over the city into icy shards.


i FeEl TaRgEtEd :3


Want me to plug my controller back into him? At the very least it might help out @litericy (Gwynodlynn) who is apparently dead set on manipulating the little guy xD


That actually targeted the chief but it seems to help against many more as well. xD

@blue_jay You may discuss if you want, but Gwyn ain’t even interacting much with Isa because all the mess and she have so much that already took her attention.

I wanna see how you counter them though, even though I know Isa wouldn’t strategize at all. :3


Also, since this is the final boss, it’s time to grant ALL the wishes! ^-^/

Unless your wish specifically meant to happen AFTER the round, then it will be granted now.

(I even considering giving Glenn an actual “hero form” or something)


So, uhh…



…It’s a draw… xD

Anyone else wanna vote on this?

Nevertheless, I might start writing the R16 battle scene, but I’ll decide later whether I should post it before or after the Christmas round finished.


@TheBiologist13 So, assuming you’re fine with me granting your wish this way…

Then his wish…

Be a superhero in the state, so that he will be showered with fame and recognition. It is to prove that one can be a superhero in real life if one tries hard enough and refuses to give up.

Will gives him…



The alien blood within Glenn is given a super buff that allows him to sacrifice all his blood to transform him into a whole new form, different than his Human Torch or Metallic Torch, as the smoldering metal that coats him evolve!

This form is only usable once he’s dying, and nearly, almost, very likely going to be killed. This is because his sheer determination, and his belief that people can truly be hero if they tries hard and refuse to gives up.

In this form, Glenn can tank attacks up to building busting scale with severe wounds, but his body will constantly regenerate as long as the form last. He’s as hot as molten metal now, with his flaming moves get twice more powerful, and his melee attacks can now destroy a large hill.

During this form, none of his moves cost blood, as his blood already burning into magma. The form last for 10 minutes, but the duration could be extended if he receive enough flaming power from his allies. The form will end quicker the more damage he received, or the more he use his special moves.

Blaze Eater: Unlike the normal condition of Glenn, this version of him can eat fire even beyond 1000 degree Celsius and could convert up to 30% of them into his blood, depending on the amount of fire and heat. The hotter, the better, but beyond 1500 degree Celsius (almost to melting point of titanium), it will begin to hurt Glenn on the process. However right now, he will not receive side effect from eating too much fire, although he still cannot eat his own fire.

Volcano Breath: Upgraded version of his average fire breath. In this form, he can breath his flame as intense beam, burning through large radius and could blow through houses. Last for 10 seconds, cooldown 1 minutes, shorten the form by 30 seconds.

Rocket Punch: Launch himself to a direction in explosive speed, delivering destructive punch that could blow through hundreds of large buildings, or could blow through naval battleship. Cooldown 2 minutes, shorten the form by 1 minute.

Inferno Burst: Unleashing the remaining power in him as he cause explosion outward from himself, releasing scorching flame and heat waves that could burn through 2000 meters area with shockwave that could shred through buildings of a large city block. Can only be used once per battle and end the form immediately.

Once the form end, Glenn will be in severely exhausted and would require some time until he can regenerate his blood again.


This is just an idea anyway, so whether @TheBiologist13 wanna use this or not, it’s up to them.


I also consider giving Gwyndolynn something but her wish can be interpreted in many ways… :thinking:

I think as long as she won against the winter gods, her wish is fulfilled.


That’s a fitting one for Glenn (especially the reason behind it: the power of sheer determination)! :smiley: Would definitely like to see how this comes into play. Likely used as a last resort because the exhaustion after reverting can be extremely dangerous.

Due to Glenn’s melee-oriented nature, he’s more likely to use Rocket Punch than other techs.


Nice! Glad to hear that it fits him! ^-^/

Yeah I also think he would likely use Rocket Punch more than anything else. I even consider on giving him another punch but I think this is enough.


Just give her sunlight or the sun itself lol crim during the battle she can make miracles with those


Too bad Amista can’t.join the fight XD :stuck_out_tongue:

Her ability makes eveything she does silent.

Granny Frost: arrow pokes her in the eye out of nowhere

Amista: Yes! I did it daddy I got a shot in!

Chief: clearly terrified Honey no no go back to the town it’s dangerous out here!

Amista: No! I’m going to help you.

Chief: cries I’ve failed as a parent. Honey why does our daughter not listen to me? Especially when it came to that Logan boy!


lmao this is the middle of the night, no one on this round would be powerful enough to rotate the planet to another direction to face the sun :rofl: but if it’s just the sunlight then I guess it’s possible to summon it by using some shalalalala dingadingdong alakazam magic lol

@Logia-senpai this gonna be hilarious :joy:


O_o so Isa going to be going nuts confirmed? XD


Maaaaaybeeeee~ :3


Isa’s nuts confirmed.


He’s 5 >.>

Calls FBi and Interpol