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It’s fine, many are busy too.




Well alright then~

I already started writing the battle scene since few days ago, and it’s only matter of time before it finished. Hopefully it would be in few days.

Don’t worry, the Christmas round will be published immediately afterward. :slight_smile:

(Although the voting can still change. I can finish the Christmas round first if anyone want)


Mattie’s strategy: With limited moves, a small size, and a ninja persona, Mattie will mostly just assist and strike at appropiate moments. If she’s attacked, she’ll reflex by either releasing grenades while dodging or swing an ice hammer outta of nowhere to smack em. These will be effective for fending off Grandma’s minions.

Since she can fly, she’ll use it as a means to manuever for good grenade/hammer drops from above or marksman shots. If there’s plenty of trees, she’ll move from branch to branch, depending the best course of action. If things get extremely dangerous, she’ll flee temporarily from battle while carrying any allies away to saftey till its right to attack again.

Ground Freeze will be good for catching the Grandma of guard, giving Mattie’s allies a chance to assault.

Mattie is a Support role in this fight. Constantly moving around to help others while keeping a low profile. Stealthy as the Night and Deadly as the Dawn, Mattie will flank and shatter any enemies who aren’t expecting death. If an enemy is highly confident and ready to kill one of her allies, she’ll be there to kill them and rescue you


Alright, nice strategy! :3

With her doing the support role, we should be fine against the minions. Now just to add several more characters plus the army of Christoph and Gwyndolynn, then we got the early phase of the battle completely covered! The part when she became young again, that’s a job for someone else.


Isa should still be able to track her movements by following her life force via Aether Sight.

For Isa’s skin these would probably be more like an itch.

Already went over the Golems, Knights, amd Giants

Any chance Isa could talk these guys out of it? He doesn’t like hurting things especially animals unless he absolutely must.

Give him something to swing and Isa will crack this thing open.

Think he’ll be able to fend this off for a bit, but dunno if she’d want to risk grabbing him.

In her Ultimate Form i think Isa is still physically superior to her but he won’t be able to actually do anything to her. He could destroy her ice constructs and want not, but he doesn’t have practice with magic yet so he’ll be forced into a defensive role seeing as any hots he does get in she’d just reform.

That being said if he’s still around when the dragon comes around that’d give him one hell of a big target that he can actually hit.


Hmmm interesting~ :3

Well, strategies and capabilities aside, I’m sure that Isa would just do what he could think of, and it’s probably something instinctive such as protecting the people around him, and I doubt that he’ll be able to think of any particular counter, so I’ll just makes him doing his action spontaneously, especially with the possibility of Lunar Rage happening on the later phase, then it’s just mindless rampage.

As for the wolves, sure Isa can talk them out. I would personally prefer not killing the cute wolves xD


Finally starting my god damn strategy XD

Juxi will probably be using Screaming Demons to the best of his ability here. Anytime the cooldown for it is up, he’ll use it again, along with the other Screaming Demons already present to boost their numbers. Granny’s gonna be tough. They will most likely start with using Base Ward and spamming fireballs at Hulda’s minions (especially the ice golems), while using Wind Blast if the giants come too close. The wolves i’m not too worried about, they’d be killed rather easily by the Fireballs.

Juxi would also use Blade Rain to try and damage her army or at least distract the Frost Giants. The Frost Giants and the Ice creatures she summons will defo be Juxi’s focus.

Juxi’s base ward will be super helpful for this one, since they’ll just bounce off while it’s up and give Juxi more time to charge up Screaming Demons.

These could probably be dealt with by Juxi spamming a bunch of fireballs at them, melting them and making them smaller so they’re more easily destroyed and become less powerful. It would also make them easier to melt the smaller they are.

These will be the 2nd biggest problem besides the Frost Giants (and yeah, Juxi ain’t fucking with Hulda yet. He’d steer clear of a God). Juxi and his Demons will focus their firepower bahd uhm tss on the White Knights anytime they appear. They are strong however they are also brittle, so they might be dealt with using a Rock Blast if they decide to get close. Alternatively, Wind Blast could also throw them back and might make them accidentally slice through a frost giant or shatter on impact.

These guys here will be the biggest problem. They can easily smash through Base and Advanced Ward with a single hit, so anytime they come close Juxi and his Demons will either use Wind Blast or Master Ward to protect themselves. They will focus on the smaller giants, spamming them with fireballs and using Ice Blast on the larger ones to freeze parts of them (i.e. their legs or arms, maybe the head). Once all the smaller ones are dead Juxi will shift his focus onto Hulda.

Again, these arent exactly that much of a problem for Juxi. They’d be burned to a crisp and would probably run away from Juxi and his demons in fear seeing them throw fire willy nilly.

Once Juxi is done with the giants, he’ll shift his focus onto Hulda and her minions as a secondary. While he wouldn’t be able to do much to it he will be able to whittle it down over time and provide support by taking care of her ice minions.

Something tells me that a snowstorm would make his Blade Rain much worse, because the winds would be whipping the daggers down like nobody’s business o.0

While this is indeed a problem, my strategy wouldn’t be too affected by it considering the Screaming Demons can literally do everything that Juxi can, including summoning more Screaming Demons, so if he’s taken out of the battle he’ll be fine. In fact, he’d basically get free protection XD

And now…for her mega form :scream:

Yeah Advanced Ward would come in very handy here, and if Juxi doesn’t have Advanced Ward ready he (or one of his Demons) could use Wind Blast to knock her away.

Haha! This is where Juxi shall shine! Him and his demons will be constantly spamming her with fireballs anyway so her regeneration shall be rendered moot >:D

Good thing Juxi and his demons will be sticking together and watching each other’s backs, so her moving into a blind spot would be nearly impossible.

Just another reason Juxi will stay far away from Hulda. Master Ward would save him, and although i am a bit sad Blade Rain wouldn’t be able to hit her i wasn’t planning on using it against her in this form anyway.

Again, Base Ward would be able to protect Juxi fairly easily from these…hurrah!

Big oof. Juxi would try to dodge this or use enough fireballs to melt it if he has a large group of Screaming Demons- about 30 or so.

Jokes on you grandma, your freeze would be stopped by the Wards and the ice would melt from Juxi and his Demon’s fireballs! hA


Jesus. Juxi would a Ward to survive the impact since it would most certainly break it but not pass through it to hit Juxi. Aftershock would be a problem. If he can, Juxi will use Base Ward since this would almost certainly shatter through even Master Ward, so Master Ward would have a much better use.

But I guess if everyone AND Juxi’s demons somehow focuses their fire on the iceberg meteor they could break it apart which would make it easier to melt. Looking at Glenn @TheBiologist13 since he’d have Inferno Torch Form :3

Good luck being undisturbed when you have Juxi and his Demons spamming fireballs at you constantly cackles evilly

So during her base form this does not apply? Good. He could use Sound of Silence against her if she decides to mess with him since he’s attacking her Frost Giants. With the Screaming Demons already present and soon to be, I bet they could get a continuous Sound of Silence going on if they take turns casting it when it disappears. She won’t be fucking with Juxi until she’s in her final form, that’s for sure. If she does she’d get rekt since she wouldn’t be able to teleport out and the Silence would prevent her from summoning her Snowglobe.

Interesting. So with enough Screaming Demons Juxi will be able to melt it fast enough for it to actually matter. Rock Blast would also at least crack it’s body a little bit, so with him and his Screaming Demons doing it they could create a big area of cracks and maybe even make a weak point :triumph:


Mwuahahaha! Juxi to the rescue! His blade will prevent the dragon from being able to sing, and since all his demons have this, they’d all go and try to get a hit on the dragon, therefore interrupting the attack.

Sound of Silence would lessen the effect but since they can still speak (just not hear) when in Sound of Silence then it would still happen just a lot slower.


Oh you wanted Lunar Rage strats okay it is as follows:

All Hulda’s abilities: Attack. That’s it really. When he’s in this state Isa as the form says attacks anything on sight and is unable to distinguish friend from foe.


Monkey boy…

Is vry strong…

Transforms because of the moon?

Is unable to distinguish friend from foe in this form?

Knows how to a do a spirit bomb!? (JK that’s not there)

Frieza Voice: sniff sniff I smell a Saiyan. :nose:




He’s clearly inspired by dragon ball z tho?


Looks like I can expect Christoph to die again


Not at all. He’s inspired by the Journey to the West’s Monkey King. The “transformation” of the full moon comes both from the concept of weres and the superstition that the full moon causes people to go crazy.


Well that’s what Dragon Ball z was inspired by as well so that should be why they’r similar.


I could have responded one by one, but…

Terry did you seriously thinking Juxi actually stand a chance on dealing nearly all of this alone?

Are you seriously thinking the boss cannot easily deal against bunch of fireballs?

And you seriously thinking Juxi can even land a single hit with his blade when Hulda is in her final form and especially against the dragon form?


I forgot that I didn’t share any preview of R16 boss battle scene yet, so here’s the intro.

I think it’s a pretty chilling intro.

Click to read

It begins, the bells of destruction rings.

Humming softly, the green colossus float above the gigantic crater at the middle of the planet, to where the mantle burning behind the black armour.

All over from the sky, creation of humanity fallen down in flames, coloring the night sky with torches of doom, explosion ensues when they break down against the mother earth, their smoldering smokes fume high in ashen grey.

The people of Valadia returned back to consciousness, emerging from the deep slumber after over seventy thousands of years, finally, the long lost civilization that once thrive on this green planet reveal itself to the world, with one goal;

Complete eradication of humanity, and anything else in this war.