i neverrr said that


im sorry if i came across as that

i just…idk i was saying he could offer support. I never said he could handle it alone. He’d get rekt.

Im sorry just…write it however. Juxi cant do all that much anyway so i guess i overplayed his fireballs a bit much. Just…ignore that i guess


@Logia-senpai @TheTrueTerrydactyl Sorry my reply sounds rude at that time, I was sleepy and was in hurry to type that before I go to bed.

(Well not exactly in hurry but my brain never worked correctly when I’m sleepy)


I’m going to gives a proper response now.

The Screaming Demon is one of the best ability here. Not the best. Because we already have pretty huge amount of army in here, and those that specialized in the army (Christoph with the tactic and Gwyn with the heat weapons) outclassed Juxi drastically, unless that Juxi got his own unique spells to compete with those armies, but, in much lesser numbers.

Truthfully the best role for Juxi is the tank. He got the highest defensive ability among everyone, that is his ward. Other than that, his silence is his unique thing, but not always helpful considering that his enemies isn’t relying on casting spells.


I’m afraid that Juxi cannot kill any of the Frost Giants. He could definitely help by dishing damage with fireballs, but definitely not killing. There’s a POSSIBILITY of him killing the smaller ones, but even the smallest one would barely could be damaged by a tiny basic flame spell. Not even the wind or rock spells of Juxi can kill the large one.

Juxi could definitely kill some of the golems, knights, and wolves though.


This loophole is not allowed, sorry.


Nope, your fireballs isn’t going to hurt someone who can withstand MANY explosives without even receiving fatal wounds. Terry, you’re using basic fireballs without even any damage measurement on your character form, so we put the damage as low as possible.


Unless that she has far greater mobility, agility, sensory, and the visibility is very low on the snowstorm, to point that she could just assassinate a lot of the players.


This is instantaneous impaling burst of spikes from the ground, you don’t even need to melt it, nor would you have enough time to melt it.


Your fireballs cannot even kill a single ice golems without it need to be spammed a lot repeatedly. Even if you brought 100 Screaming Demons, they wouldn’t even do significant damage to this one.


…You don’t think on tanking this down, don’t you? No you can’t and not even with the Master Ward, all that Juxi could use will be demolished to pieces.

Really tho, we got 14 CHARACTERS!! If a single character like Juxi can tank this down, then there’s no way the boss can kill anyone else.


Your. Fireballs. Cannot. Even. Hurt. Her. That. Much.


Are you serious?

Not even Glenn and Gwyn can solo this one, and you think Juxi could do that with enough copies of himself launching rock cannonballs? A single breath of the dragon will wipes out your rocks along with all your demons if you ever dare to solo this one.



Juxi, with just using his sword, having no capability to fly or moving at super speed, think he can hit a dragon that rest above the sky and blasting ice breath that can wipe him in mere seconds?

Closing words: If anyone think I was being rude yesterday and today, I’m sorry. But you can now see my reasoning on why I was being like that, because the whole moment when I read Terry’s post, I’m just quietly sighing and making this face


Im sorry. I said i overhyped his fireballs. I know he cant do much. I see why you were like that and idk i was being stupid. Just write it however. He wasn’t meant to be super strong anyway. Im sorry.


I haven’t been able to really involve myself in this battle due to school and all that crap (sad!) but I feel like Akyvak would have quite the time with the wolves.


Sorry as well if I sound harsh, I just need to knock the bitter fact that Juxi wouldn’t be able to beat the boss by himself, and not that easily.

@Sandcat That’s something I never thought before. You think Akyvak could deal with them? There’s also Isa who will talk to the wolves. (And the chief that would rather to not kill them)


Akyvak IS a wolf. He knows all about dealing with them.


He could pretend he wants to join them, and maybe they wouldn’t realize he’s the one flinging the dead at them and the rest of Granny’s forces.

Or he could sweet-talk them into joining him. If neither of those work, they might still stand beside him…dead as doornails.


I know. I never meant for it to sound like he could solo the boss ;=;


Maybe Akyvak could initiate some kind of plot twist as well. If someone is fatally injured, they might not know it, because Akyvak is keeping them on their feet. Then, if Akyvak is defeated, or when the battle ends, they’d fall and it’d be emotional.


Of course he is :wink:

I think Akyvak could do any of them, but with little help of another animal talker (Isa) then we could have gather them together as our ally.

The most terrifying thing that Akyvak could do is to resurrect the giants… o_o

Also yeah, that plot twist sounds pretty good actually. Imagining the realization that you’re fighting among your allies that should have already dead, and when the dead realized that they already died, then they could have gives everyone the one last words before they depart.


It’s all fine now, I’m not upset about it anymore.

This is actually a common mistake that anyone could do, nothing really new. Sometimes we just ended up making it sound like we could deal with everything (or almost everything) by ourselves. Something that would be frowned upon in a boss battle that involve many more peoples.


Resurrected giants would be epic. Probably hard to pull off, though.


It will definitely be tough, but it’s going to be something very helpful.


Honestly, Gwyndolynn will almost always be in the frontlines with her army, and with her fire powers as well. On how she’ll deal with Granny Winter’s attacks, her flame powers might suffice as well as her fighters. There is a big problem with Granny’s speed though when she goes White Goddess. Also dragons. And giants.


Another thing to consider is that Akyvak will only be able to speak with the other wolves or with Isa. He can understand human speech, but he needs a translator if he wants to talk to them.


Yeaaaah even Gwyn would struggle to deal with everything by herself. This is why we got Falcon that will amplify the heat, and Glenn that do the heavy hitting. Together, they could empower Gwyn a lot, and added with many more flame user here, this could be great.

@Sandcat Akyvak and Isa gonna be friend confirmed. :blush:


Sorry Crimson, my life suddenly got really crazy.


Oh my… what happened? o.o


Meanwhile everyone discussing the Christmas battle, I was writing the R16 boss battle with Valadia since yesterday, and it went pretty smoothly so far.

I’m mostly satisfied with how I portrayed the doom that humanity witnessed at that day, right from the beginning of the writing. But what even more terrifying is the retaliation…

Finally, I reached that scene that many of us been waiting for, and needless to be said, it’s unbelievably epic in colossal proportion, when the Star Destroyer finally unleashed the earthshaking apocalypse the world. I genuinely love this scene, especially with the dreadful music.


(Anyway, I will put this under clickable spoiler because many would likely avoid reading it and prefer to wait until the battle scene truly published)

Preview of the battle scene

Red, the color of annihilation, intense dark energy charged the wonder weapons of Jarick Wurttemburg, and the masterpiece of his Wurt brand…

…The Star Destroyer.

“Let us show them what humanity can do, what WE have achieved! Let us show them that humanity shall not be crushed, not under the Orions, not the Pleiadians, and not under the Valadians!”

And in red color of doom, the ship opens itself, revealing the futuristic barrel that sparkling in red, brighter and brighter as the dark energy swirling onto its core. Then, humongous quantity of Wurt condensed and launched in thundering boom, faster than the descend of lightning, bright red star pierced the atmosphere, deliberately destroying, obliterating even the gravitational field of Viridis!

Apocalyptic scarlet exploded just above the surface, detonating against the quantum fields and rip through its atoms, shredding their composition beyond recognition, that every single one of the barriers shattered at once!

Blitz of red death turn the continent to dust, the ground devoured by the dark energy, everything colorized in crimson light that dyed the atlas out of its green.

One last barrier stand, refusing to gives in, with all the function from the Vessel of Valadia, the final sanctuary protects the life within from what would have destroyed the planet!

The carmine flash sign the end of the apocalypse, tremendous shockwave pushed all away from the planets, sending heavy ships spinning to the outer space. All the spaceships within the vicinity receive the shock, even from over ten thousands of kilometers, the dark energy siphon the rest and causes every single machine to be rendered useless.

When humanity crawl to reach the windows of their ships, terrified eyes gaze to the scarred earth…

A crater larger than our homeworld, the Earth, is carved to the crust of Viridis, exposing its molten mantle, leaving less than half of surface left in what meant to be a planet five times the size of our original home.

Only a small circular safe spot survived from the massacre, under the final barrier that managed to endure all the damage. This is the final defense of the Vessel of Valadia, the one that protect the harmony of peace itself.

…At this point, those that watched the show aren’t sure whether they should be amazed on which; that terrifying destruction, or the one that couldn’t get beaten even with such overwhelming force…