Also, finally reached the scene where Aquihet use his full power, and in my opinion, the Phoenix Dragon King is the most badass thing on the whole round! ^-^/

@Logia-senpai Hopefully you’ll like it :wink:


Oh my god, it’s really happening…

Velcard 1 vs 1 the Vessel of Valadia…

This is Crim vs Crim


Also this battle is genuinely really epic. Usually, what I written often doesn’t turned up as epic as what they meant to be, unlike how I imagined it… but this one is a success, and boi I seriously love how epic this one turned out, even if it’s just me vs me anyway.


Nothing big, just returning to school, I have an outdoor group I’m planning the next trip for, we have a puppy who loves to go hiking, and I have a D & D adventure I’m trying to finish planning.


Ahhh sounds like everything goes well there. I hope you’ll have fun then! :blush:


Ohhhh boy I actually felt chill crawling on my skin, the goosebumps is so real! o-o

When the most epic part begin, and the song played…


It’s like…

*the heroes get kicked down really hard by the baddies*

*suddenly, this song played and everyone get back again*

Villains of the round:


Also, it’s ironic that I keep on repeating Hikari no Will Power for Jackson because it’s unexpectedly really fitting for him, and not just because it’s a song filled with determination to fight for righteousness, but also because the song belong to a certain time traveling teenage swordsman with platinum hair and blue eyes, which can also accurately describe Jackson.

…Coincidence? o_O


Come on nigga stop busting our balls alr


It’s coming real quick in an hour or two.


Alright, I need a 30 minutes break to eat my dinner, then I’ll continue this.


FINISHED! :metal:

The editing and publishing is done, so just give me five minutes to collect the songs!



It’s here, the final boss of EBG Round 16!

Honestly, I lose my motivation few weeks ago when the boss of Christmas round published, and everyone also shift their focus to the mini round at that time. However in the end, my passion returned, and so I gives in my best for this.

Truly, from the beginning to the end, I enjoyed this boss battle. There’s not even a single part of the boss battle that frustrate me, unlike the usual battle scene that almost often stress me out as I need to repeatedly read characters forms to memorize them. For this one, everything just slows naturally and the inspiration never stops, the scenes are all imagined in such vivid, epic, breathtaking action, in such beautiful visual in my eyes.

So, in my opinion, this might be one of the best boss battle EVER in history of EBG, from the plot, the writing, the characters and their interaction. Everything is perfect for me, nothing went badly or happened awkwardly. It’s just… really entertaining to write. I even hyped myself during some of the scenes! :astonished:

Well, not to praise myself too much… just saying that I think this is pretty good, and I hope that everyone will enjoy this! :blush:

The length isn’t outrageous, pretty mediocre for a boss battle, but for a reason, I think there’s just so much things happening, it’s by far the most intense boss battle! The plot isn’t going to let you catch a break and it will be a roller coaster! So be prepared!

EBG R16 Final Boss Battle Scene!


Tagging all players:

Cernul the Dominator by @blue_jay

Velcard, Incubus of Cosmic Void by @Crimson_Scythe

Mazell Nexus by @Lord_Killen_King

Jackson Stirling by @superlegend1 / @Aero_Gottesbesitz

Calihedra Camilia by @MistickMage

He Who Watches (the Watcher) by @TheTrueTerrydactyl

Aquihet, Phoenix Dragon King by @Logia-senpai

Jarick Wurttemburg by @iamnotasmartguy

Ea, the Deep Behemoth by @litericy

Jabberwock by @ZacKember

Dashnek by @Sandcat


One last thing…


Protip: Right click on the video and choose “Loop” to keep the song playing, so you don’t need to press replay. This way, even if the video is short, you can keep reading because the song will automatically replay once it ends, until you stop it manually and switch to another song.

Audiomachine - Legions of Doom (A song that fitting for almost every part of the round when there’s purely despair and dread. When you start reading, plays this song for the intro, it’s perfect for the mood)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Avalon (This is actually the theme song of Velcard, but recommended to be played from page 6 when the red font is seen, and ends it at page 8 when the scene switched)

OSTER Project - Supernova (Another theme for Velcard, plays this exactly from page 8 to page 11 when his battle ends)


From there and onward, there’s various songs that can be played, listed below…


Two Steps From Hell - Impossible (Can be used for the whole round if you prefer soft, emotional music, that gradually become intense and epic)

My Hero Academia OST - You Say Run (Also a nice music that can be played for the whole round)

DBZ Hikari no Will Power (Another anime music that could be played for the whole battle scene, especially the best for Jackson)

Dragonball Z -Hikari no Will Power | Epic Rock Cover (A remix of the same song as above, just without the vocal, if you just liked the music but you don’t like the Japanese vocal)

Mechanical Rhythm - Xenoblade Chronicles (One of the recommended song to play from page 11 and onward when the battle of Cernul begin)

Infinity Chasers by Fractal Dreamers (Another music that can be played from page 11 and onward during the battle against Cernul)

Vacant Interference - Ys Seven OST (Literally the most awesome music for the whole round, can be played from page 11 and onward, until a certain scene finally happens, then switch to the next song…)



Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia ► Twilight of the Gods (The recommended song when Cali unleashed her true power at page 18, right at the middle of the page when she has made her decision)

DragonForce - Ashes of the Dawn - Crimson Edit (Play this at the end of page 20 when the ultimate combined move executed!)

Dark Chronicle OST - Battle for the Future (Alternative song to be played at the end of page 20 if you prefer a video game song without a vocal)

(Alternatively, you can just use any version of “Hikari no Will Power” at the end of page 20 instead the two songs above if you liked that better)


"Destruction" by Keiichi Okabe & Monaca™ (This can actually be used for any of the battle scenes, such as the very beginning of the writing, but this song is totally recommended to be played at the end of page 22 and until the battle truly ends)

Rise Against - Tragedy + Time (Ending music, to be played immediately after the battle ends at the middle of page 25)

(All the song above are only recommendation! Feel free to use your own music if you found better song that could fit with the battles)






Not gonna lie, this is probably the best boss battle scene that I ever written! ;u;


I’m ready to be blown away. owo


I was on edge with excitement the entire battle. Then the ending happened, and I flipped. That was AWESOME.



@Sandcat Also YEAH! I’m so in love with the ending! Thanks and I’m glad that you enjoyed it.


So what happened to all the viridium in the end? Everyone just packs up and goes home?


Forever wiped along with the Vessel of Valadia, as it is part of them.


Oh dear, looks like everyone had to pack up and go home


They does, the one that survived at least.