Alright, I add the one final monster type: THE VAINGLORY!

Also changing the population of Griefer from 70% to just 50% so we can have more type of other monsters instead just the black wraith.

As a bonus, I made a pie chart of their population. :slight_smile:


Bio will stay away from the fight if possible, providing support. If she really has to, then she’ll use Telekinesis (lifting and throwing nearby objects) to hold them back, but she can just deal with Scums and Bullies. She’s useless against Grievers, Manipulators, and Vainglories and will avoid them.

However, Grievers’ power is an interesting case.

If Grievers sap positive emotions to the point that a character is dying, Bio will have no choice but to use Hallucinogen (which is supposed to be an offensive drug). The happy hallucination can help prevent someone from running out of positivity.


Ohhhh I didn’t expect using hallucinogen for combating the negativity! :astonished:

Bio could be a nice support to some of the fighters, such as my character, that will definitely going to rush in and get wounded a lot. Let’s see what that painkiller do to him.


Also, both of us have Tranquilizers. :smiley: Possible stack effects?


If there’s anyone that could be their guinea pig, then maybe :rofl:


I am Ricy, and I approve this message.


I could totally see Sharzahad falling for the Grievers, if what my initial thought of them checks out, as he’s still traumatized from all those things he had been forced to do with the bandits and those that he was given to. What he experienced was far from what people call sex, but instead, it was a form of torture for him. It is very hard to get out of one’s system.

oh oh i’m also thinking about sharzahad’s molesters materializing out of nowhere to haunt him

But of course, Tammouza will be there to provide support. He’s one of the very few people that Sharzahad has opened up to and trusts whole-heartedly, and he knows Tammouza’s advice wouldn’t fail.


I’m all in for some fluff between cute neko bois

As for the Grievers, yes that’s possible but oh gee poor Sharzahad, I hope he’ll be fine


I’ll reply to all the stuff later :3


    Vermilion’s strategy & condition

Without a doubt, when he first arrived here, he’ll be in the colorful world, probably floating somewhere, or woke up atop one of the roof. (Honestly I’m still not sure if you really could freely float in the Positive World without a flight-based ability but I guess I can makes it possible when it’s needed for convenience of the plot? I guess?)

If he could meet A9 and Sharzahad then bingo! They’re gonna go along very well. And I’m sure the other two boys would enjoy being with Vermilion too.

Ogichi and Free Bird seems like in the same wavelength, so they’re probably gonna get along, especially because both seems going to respawn on the colorful world.

Kameko seems gonna be with Orlando.

Lonely, Help, Bio, Kol, Leiden, Saitchi… I’m not sure about them.

Damien and Carnage without a doubt will spawn on the dark side.

That means, Vermilion got a lot of allies, but he’ll just focus on A9 and Sharzahad because of his personal interest on them. However, he’ll not hesitate to dive into the dark world and fight the bleak mask once he understand the story behind Oliver and the risk on having his dark side running out of control. Vermilion will aim to set things right for sake of the world.

That being said, he’ll also want to spent some time to cuddle A9 and Sharzahad, so there’s a potential for character development between them. :wink:

@ZacKember @litericy We’re gonna do fluff here bois


You’re gonna make Leidenscaft jealous cause he wanna cuddle is wife xD
Passion Ultimate all over again xD


YAASSS break the wall of distrust Sharzahad has built all around himself and make him a squishy friend (as well as Tammouza)!

Also, babe’s Ogichi can totally help Sharzahad in cleansing those evil spirits


Also i’m showing how Sharzahad would deal with the enemies of the current fight starting with…

Mindancing as it, basically, channels the thoughts and/or emotions of Oliver’s mind. Sharzahad could utilize this ability to the extent of spreading Oliver’s positive and negative thoughts, either to devour one another and gain a balance of it.

And he could also affect the other players a well with this, so it can be helpful in giving motivation or supressing fear or other things.

Next would be…

Miragedancing as Sharzahad is given the ability to create illusions that he can fool enemies with whatever he conjures and thus have a better chance of avoiding and attacking without being seen.

Next would be…

Souldancing if everything is either chaotic or if Sharzahad’s enemy is close to winning, Sharzahad will begin commencing Souldancing to affect that enemy and defeat it however it would greatly affect Oliver’s mind as well, sadly.


I’m sooooo gonna write these bois doing fluff

As for the strategies, lemme check the form later :+1:


So explain how this strategy works please? Again, I’m new, sorry for all the bother :0


Okay so a strategy is basically how your character deals with the enemies of the round. It is where you can put how well they can fight against certain enemies, what abilities does your character possess that might give him/her/it/them an upper hand against the fight.


Thank you! :slight_smile: Will work on it.


Basically, there’s battles happening, so you put your strategy for your characters. Example, how they’ll deal with the danger, how they’ll react, what course of action would be the best for them, and there’s many more possible things to discuss including the character interaction.


So we can add in character interaction, like how our character would react to others’?


Yeah, that’s one of many possible thing to discuss :3

You can also wait until more people discuss to get an idea on what to discuss